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Cam comes home and finds his mom asleep on the couch. He asks if she’s okay and if she’s sleepwalking again. Liz promises she’s not, and she was waiting for him. Cam says he’s glad she waited up because he’s got the news. He reveals he’s going to be playing soccer for Stanford on a scholarship next fall, but they want him to start training with the team this quarter. She is so proud of him and they hug. Cam asks why she waited up. She explains she did something she regrets and has to tell him.

Cam gets a shock GH

Liz confesses her part in Nikolas keeping Esme locked up. She says she already went to the police and told them everything. She hopes Cam can forgive her. He says this is a lot to process. She’s sorry to let him down, especially when he should be celebrating. Cam tells his mom he loves her and is proud of her, and going to the cops took guts. He says she is a good person. Liz cries she doesn’t know how she got so lucky to have a son like him, and they embrace.

Liz is sorry GH

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At the hospital, Laura visits Esme, but Esme doesn’t want to talk to her. Esme says Liz told her what her son did, and she doesn’t trust any of them. Laura says she only recently found out what Nikolas did. Esme rants all the Cassadines are horrible. Laura says she is not a Cassadine, and she is on the side of this baby, her grandson. Laura asks if she’s ever given her a reason to believe she’s lied to her. Esme says she hasn’t, and she’s been good to her.

Esme sick of the lies GH

Laura promises Esme to make sure she is treated fairly. Esme wonders why she cares especially since everyone says she’s a horrible person. Laura explains she is her grandchild’s mother, and she was her age when she had her first child. She knows how scared she is, ands she was separated from her son for many years after he was born. Esme fears that is what is going to happen to her and Ave. Laura reminds her she hasn’t stood trial yet, but she must put her son first. She wants Esme to think about whether prison is the right place for a baby. Just then, a guard enters and tells Esme she’s going to be transferred back to Spring Ridge shortly, and her baby will be going with her.

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Curtis arrives and finds Marshall with Portia. Marshall suggests they talk, but Curtis says, “Not now.” He turns to walk away, but Portia begs him not to go. Marshall heads to his doctor’s office to give them privacy. Portia asks Curtis where he’s been staying. He answers that he’s been at the Metro Court. She begs him to come home, but he says he’s not ready. Portia says he can’t keep avoiding her forever and asks if he and Trina want a DNA test. He tells her Trina isn’t ready for that yet. He says he’ll think about coming home and turns to walk away. She cries, “I’ll do anything to fix what’s happened between us.”

Portia and Curtis talk GH

Trina runs into Spencer at the hospital, and they both think about their kiss. They embrace, and she says she came to support him. She got his brother a baby blanket, which she gives him, and he thanks her. He breaks the news that his father kept Esme prisoner and got Cam’s mother to help him. He also hopes his grandmother, who is talking to Esme, can make her see reason. He relays that Esme wants to take the baby to prison with her. Trina wonders if Esme knew about Ryan and Heather. Spencer thinks she knew about Ryan and explains Ryan sent Esme to get close to him to use him to break up his father’s marriage. He vents that everything Esme told him was a lie. Trina feels him and says it’s the worst. Suddenly, Portia appears. Portia asks if Trina came to see her, but she says she came to support Spencer.

Trina Spencer embrace GH

Laura leaves Esme’s room, and Trina suggests Spencer go talk to his grandmother. Portia tells her daughter she misses her and asks Trina if she has something to say to her. They sit down, and Trina says she talked to her dad, Taggert, who will always be her dad. She’s surprised he’s not more upset with her. Portia calls him a good man and says she knows she spoke to Curtis. Portia asks her about school, but Trina says she’s not there yet. Portia hopes that means maybe she will be ready someday. Trina simply tells her, “We’ll see.” Portia has to get back to work but says it was good to see her. Trina tells her mom she misses her too.

Portia talks to Trina

Spencer asks if Laura got through to Esme. Laura relays that Esme is wary of all Cassadines right now, but she thinks Esme still trusts her. She also hopes they can find an amicable solution to this. Spencer seethes that woman wants a fight, and he will take her to court. Laura breaks the news that Esme and the baby are being taken to Spring Ridge tonight, and there’s nothing more she can do.

Looking for a fight GH

Portia brings the baby in to see Esme, and Esme thanks her for being kind to her. She knows she’s been horrible to her and her family. Portia says she’s just doing her job, and she leaves to check on her release papers. Esme holds her boy and promises to protect him with her life.

Later, Esme is wheeled out with her baby by the guard. Trina, Spencer and Laura approach her. Spencer gives her the baby blanket, worried the baby may be cold in the transport, but she initially rejects it. Laura encourages her to take it as she can never have enough. Esme hopes Laura will visit them in Spring Ridge. She says she’d like that. Esme and Ace are taken into the elevator, and Spencer vows he will get his brother back and do everything he can to keep him away from that lunatic.

Esme off to jail GH

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Curtis and Marshall meet with the doctor, who says his tests show he has none of the genes associated with schizophrenia. She explains they’ve come a long way in understanding schizophrenia, but he’s no more likely to develop schizophrenia than anyone else.

Curtis gets shocking news GH

Marshall and Curtis leave the doctor’s office. Out in the hall, Marshall tries to wrap his head around being misdiagnosed and why.

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Victor finds Obrect stewing at the Metro Court. He sits down, and she orders him to leave. He knows she likes telling him off, so go ahead. She insists she really does just want to be left alone. Victor is sorry for the loss of her daughter, but she should cherish the fact she had the love of both her children. He says Valentin hated him, and he is gone now. Victor offers to keep her company until Scott arrives. She says he’s not coming and he’s the last person she wants to see. He jokes he’s feeling better all ready. She says that’s because narcissists love other people’s misery.

Victor tries to cheer obrecht up

Victor jokes there is the fire and spirit he knows. Obrecht tells him she’s sorry about Valentin. Victor asks what Scott did to upset her. She says he lied to her and put someone else above her. Victor touches her hand and thinks they can comfort one another. Obrecht swears to him that she’d rather be alone forever than be with him, and he will never touch her again. She storms off.

Obrecht still hates Victor GH

Robert brings a blindfolded Eileen to the safe house, and when he removes it she’s stunned to see Valentin is alive as well. She asks about Lucy, but Valentin says they’ll tell her when they get more information from her. Valentin asks why Victor wanted a mole in the mayor’s office. Eileen says he wanted her to keep tabs on Laura, and undermine her at any chance. He also wanted to know if the PCPD was investigating him. She says she knows nothing else. Anna asks why she worked for a man like Victor. Eileen reveals that Victor promised to back her political aspirations, but she had no idea he was going to be killing people. She says it was only when she started working for Victor that she had her eyes opened to him.

Anna asks if she knew who shot Lucy, and she admits it was Holly, and Victor loved the idea of using Holly against them. Anna realizes Victor has confided in her and asks when he does this. Eileen admits, “When we are in bed together.” She explains it was a casual fling, but after the explosion that destroyed the necklace, he’s been distant. Valentin inquires as to why he wanted the necklace. Eileen explains Victor only said the necklace would lead him to a place he was looking for. She knows nothing else, so Valentin suggests she find a way to learn more.

Eileen meets with Anna and Valentin

Later when they are alone, Anna and Valentin think Victor killed Luke for the ice princess, but Luke has already sold off the pieces with the code Victor needed. They believe the codes they have are coordinates to this place Victor wants to find.

Back at the Metro Court, Eileen sits down with Victor. She says she’s sorry they fought, place a key card down, and asks if he wants to make up.

Eileen charms Victor GH

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