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Sonny meets with Nina at the Metro Court. She hasn’t heard from Obrecht yet, has been swamped with work, and hasn’t been able to get to the hospital to be with her aunt. They spot Ava throwing back drinks at the bar and approach her.  Sonny hopes she’s not waiting on Nikolas again. Ava says she’s celebrating, and Nina reveals her reasons to celebrate too, and that Obrecht is a match for Willow. Ava is happy for her and hopes she and Willow connect one day.

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They all grab a table, and Sonny suggests Ava hit the jackpot with taking over Wyndemere, divorcing Nikolas, and Nikolas leaving town. Nina decides to get back to work to keep her mind occupied while waiting for news.

Nina Sonny Ava dine

Alone, Sonny asks if Ava is afraid of Nickolas returning and if she fears she may give him another chance. Ava says that won’t happen and she’s learned her lesson. Sonny admits he doesn’t like Nikolas, but between Ryan using Esme to ruin his marriage, and the birth of his new kid, it’s odd he hasn’t reached out.

Sonny questions Ava GH

In the corner, Mason invites Austin to join him. Austin explains he’s meeting with someone. Mason says if it’s Ava, he should join him for both their sakes. Mason gloats he followed Austin that night to Spoon Island, and he saw everything.

MAson threatens Austin GH

Austin asserts he and Ava have done nothing wrong and he has no idea what Mason’s talking about. Mason says that the stable, and tack room, at Wyndemere are gorgeous. Austin asks what he wants, and Mason says for him to know his place and keep doing his job. He also suspects Ava’s been around the block a few times in matters like these and knows when it’s time to negotiate.

Austin tries to play dumb GH

Austin heads into the restaurant and runs into Nina. Nina assumes he’s looking for Ava, and why they’ve become inseparable lately. He explains they connected at GH. She gives Austin some advice and says Ava acts tough, but she’s vulnerable inside. Nina walks off, and Mason approaches Austin. They both see Ava with Sonny.

Nina runs into Austin GH

Ava assures Sonny she has seen the last of Nikolas. Sonny asks if Nikolas threatened her. Ava says he didn’t threaten her, he threatened to take Avery away from her, which was ridiculous. Furious, Sonny vows to find Nikolas no matter where he is hiding. He also offers to help her if Nikolas is holding something over her.

austin watches Nina and Sonny GH

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In The Invader office, Alexis confronts Gregory about lying about his teaching gig at PCU, where he no longer works. She explains she talked to the dean to try and work out a deal for him to work here, asks what is going on, and feels she can help him. Gregory says she can’t help, no one can. She asks if it’s that bad.

Ava confronts Gregory GH

Gregory tells her as a friend, to let this go. Alexis can’t do that, because friends trust one another. He asks her to trust his need for privacy, and tell no one, not even Chase or Finn. She’s surprised they don’t know whatever it is he is hiding. He says they can’t know. He states if she is the friend she says she is, she’ll respect his wishes. She says she is his friend, and she is sorry she upset him, but she’s not sorry about being concerned.

Gregory tells Alexis back off GH

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Michael wheels Willow into the hospital. Obrecht sees them and tells Willow that she didn’t need to be here for this meeting. Willow says it’s the least she can do for what Obrecht is doing for her. Obrecht feels she owes it to Britt to help save her life, and Willow is one of them now. Obrecht assumes they’ve been wondering if her donation comes with strings. Michael admits he’s wondered. She says it’s an honest question and they deserve an answer. They are interrupted by Terry, who says they should go to her office to talk.

Obrecht sees Michael Willow GH

Willow, Michael and Obrecht sit down in Terry’s office, and Terry explains they still have to run tests to make sure there isn’t something that could disqualify Obrecht as a donor. Terry leaves to start setting up some of these tests, and will return when she’s ready for Obrecht.

Terry's news GH

Alone, Michael brings up their prior conversation. Obrecht explains losing a child shapes your world perspective. Willow says she still grieves for her son Jonah, and she can’t imagine losing two grown children. Obrecht says that’s why she was happy to find out Willow was part of their family, and that she could help save her life when she couldn’t help her Britta. Michael still feels there is another reason she’s doing this. Obrecht simply wants Willow to try and imagine a time when Nina wasn’t her enemy. If she can do that, that’s all the thanks she needs from her.

Willow hears out Obrecht GH

Willow feels it’s impossible for her to forget what Nina did to her, Michael or Wiley. Willow also feels Nina’s change of heart about her is more about Nina wanting to be a mother than it is about her. Obrecht explains the same could be said of her. Obrecht reveals she made Britta’s childhood about her, about impressing her father and molding her into who she wanted Britta to be. Obrecht later asked for Britt’s forgiveness, and in her last years, they became mother and daughter, and friends. She can only hope the same can happen for her and Nina someday. Terry returns to get Obrecht for the next round of tests.

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As Michael wheels Willow towards the elevator to head home, she admits she’s giving a lot of thought to what her aunt said. She says she needs to decide if she wants Nina in her life, and in what role. Suddenly the elevator doors open and Nina steps out.

Elsewhere, Diane informs Spencer that his baby brother is going nowhere per his mother’s request. Janet from child services arrives and reveals Esme has filed a motion to keep her baby when she’s taken back to Spring Ridge. Janet explains a mother can keep their child for up to 18 months while incarcerated in this state. Laura asks Janet what happens now. Janet explains the baby will remain here until Esme is taken to Spring Ridge. Spencer is upset, but Diane tells Spencer he needs to comply with this until they can take this to family court. Spencer hands the baby to the nurse, who takes him away.

Dian drops a bomb GH

Laura promises Spencer they will do everything they can to support him and his brother. Victor vows to do everything within and outside the law to secure Spencer custody. Victor walks off, and an upset Spencer storms off as well. Later, Diane tells Laura she did some checking, and there is nothing to stop Esme from taking the baby to Spring Ridge. Laura asks what Spencer’s chances are of getting custody. Diane says Michael was able to get custody of his sister, but it would be easier if Esme cooperated.

Laura tries to help Spencer GH

Liz goes to see Esme, who asks to see her baby. Liz says she’ll bring her the baby, but first, they need to talk. Liz believes Esme needs to know how she ended up in the hospital. Liz confesses how Nikolas locked her up at Wyndemere, and she found out and helped him by keeping her and the baby safe. Esme asks how she escaped. Liz says she jumped from a turret, which stuns Esme.

Liz confesses to Esme GH

Liz doesn’t blame Esme for being upset with her, but she doesn’t owe her an apology. Liz explains she thought she was protecting her and the baby at the time, and that she could be a danger. She reveals she’s already given a statement to the police. Esme wonders if that is why Nikolas fled. Liz says it’s possible. Esme asks Liz if she wanted her baby or if she was she trying to get rid of it and that’s why Nikolas locked her up. Liz honestly doesn’t know, but there was a time when she only thought Esme was capable of loving no one but herself. Esme feels her jumping put her baby in danger, so she imagines she must have been desperate. Liz tells her she’s emerged as a new person with a blank slate, so take advantage of that. Spencer enters and says, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Esme fumes GH

Liz leaves them but first advises them to try and put the baby first. Spencer asks Esme to think about this baby and if it belongs in prison. She says it’s her baby, not his, and not his father’s now that she knows he locked her up. Spencer says he honestly didn’t know about that, but it explains why she was gone for so long. Spencer says if she loves her son then she’d want him with a family who loves him. Esme calls him no better than his father and says she won’t let him anywhere near her son.

Spencer tries to convince Esme GH

As Liz goes to head home, Victor confronts her and threatens to turn her over to the authorities for helping his nephew if she doesn’t tell him where Nikolas is. He gloats he has plenty of evidence against her. She tells him she has no idea where Nikolas is, and soon his evidence will be worthless and he’ll have no power over her.

Victor threatens Liz GH


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