Anna gets Eileen to turn on Victor GH
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At Sam’s place, Kristina flashes the pregnancy test at Sam right as Dante enters. Sam pulls Dante into a kiss, while Kristina states they’ve been holding out on her and shows Dante the test. Dante is surprised, and as Molly returns, Dante asks Sam if they should go somewhere to talk. Molly explains that the test is hers, not Sam’s, and Kristina went through the wrong bag.

Kristina surprises Dante GH

Dante leaves them to talk, and Molly explains she was hiding the test from TJ because she’s not sure how he’d react if she was pregnant.

Molly reveals the test is hers GH

The ladies sit down, and Molly reveals she doesn’t know yet if she’s pregnant, or how TJ will react. Kristina thinks TJ will be excited, but Molly isn’t sure as they are both very busy with their careers right now. Molly swears them to secrecy, and not to tell mom or TJ. They promise.

KRistina convinces Molly GH

Dante returns, and Sam tells him they promised Molly not to say anything about the test. Sam asks Dante how he felt when he thought the test was hers. Dante says if she had been pregnant, he would have been excited. However, he thinks they have enough kids already, and he likes what they’ve built. Meanwhile, Kristina tells Molly to stop thinking logistically and listen to her heart. Molly admits she really wants a baby with TJ.

Dante happy either way GH

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At Kelly’s, Brook Lynn tells Sasha there is no tension between them because of Chase. Sasha responds, “So you admit there is something going on.” Brook Lynn says she may have just mentioned to Maxie that Sasha was growing closer to Chase. Sasha tells Maxie perhaps this is something the two of them should talk about in private. Maxie exclaims, “Oh man, fine I have errands to do anyways.”

BLQ nothing going on GH

Alone, Sasha tells Brook Lynn they are friends, and she doesn’t want whatever is going on to affect their working relationship. Brook Lynn says that won’t be an issue as she’s quitting. Sasha asks why? Brook Lynn explains she needs to focus on taking on new artists. Sasha hopes that is the truth and that her leaving has nothing to do with Chase. Sasha promises her that she and Chase are only friends, and she’s still not over Brando. Sasha states even if she had feelings for Chase, it wouldn’t matter, as he is still hung up on Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn insists that doesn’t matter as she’s over Chase.

Sasha something going on GH

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At the Metro Court, Diane warms Alexis not to overstep and meddle in Gregory’s business. Alexis doesn’t listen and calls the dean of the journalism school at PCU. Diane can’t listen to this, so she goes to powder her nose. Alexis asks the dean about Gregory, who works in both the journalism and history departments. The dean’s answer shocks her, and she thanks them for their time.

Alexis surprising news GH

When Diane returns, she can see something has Alexis upset. Alexis reveals that Gregory doesn’t work at PCU anymore, and hasn’t for a while. Diane suggests Alexis might not know Gregory as well as she thinks she does. Alexis believes something else is at play here. Diane gets a text and has to go but warns Alexis to tread carefully and fully evaluate this situation before investing further in Gregory as a friend.

Diane warns Alexis GH

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At the hospital, Chase is shocked to run into his dad. Chase explains he tweaked a muscle and wonders why his dad is here. Gregory suggests TJ help his son out, so TJ goes to prep an exam room. Chase asks his dad why he’s not telling him why he’s here. Gregory claims he’s been getting migraines, and he thought he needed an exam to get a refill on his prescription, but recalled he still has one refill left.

Chase shocked to see dad GH

Gregory changes the subject to how Chase hurt himself. Chase says he was working out his frustrations at the gym. When Chase brings up a thing with Brook Lynn, Gregory says he should have known. He believes Chase hasn’t fully worked through his feelings for her, and where she fits into his life. He suggests he deal with his feelings before he goes and hurts himself again. He also thinks they complement one another, even if she does drive him crazy at times.

Gregory lies to Chase GH

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Elsewhere, Laura finds Spencer trying to figure out how to work a baby car seat, and she helps him understand it. Spencer stands up with the car seat and asks how he looks. She says, “Like someone who is too young to be a parent.” He says he’s as ready as he can be. He says Diane has filed the petition for him to take custody, and he’s ordered baby books and all the furniture he needs.

Laura spencer car seat GH

Laura knows he is trying, but he’s not this baby’s parent. Spencer says he must do right by him, starting by changing his name from Ace to something stronger. Laura asks him to reconsider cutting Esme out of this baby’s life as he knows what it’s like to grow up without a mother. She also believes Esme isn’t the person she once was. Spencer says even if Esme doesn’t remember, what kind of mother can she be without a past?

Victor shows up and asks Spencer where the newest Cassadine heir is. Spencer says the baby is being discharged as they speak. Victor reveals he’s found them a new home, but Laura says Spencer and the child will be staying with her. Victor thinks her plate is full already with Charlotte, but Spencer tells Victor that everything is already set up at his grandmother’s house. Spencer leaves to check on the baby.

Victor appears GH

Victor asks why Laura seems hellbent on keeping him from his family. She tells him that’s all on him, not her, and the only person he cares about is himself. Victor swears that isn’t true, and he’s lost almost all his family. Laura tells him that is because he put his lust for power above them. She taunts him, “Your day is coming, and the fallout will be glorious.” She says sooner or later his past will catch up with him.

Victor Laura argue GH

Spencer returns with the baby to meet Victor, and Victor holds his newest new great-great-nephew. Victor welcomes him to the family. He promises him one day his daddy will come back, and when their family is whole again, he’ll see how strong their family is. He promises the future will be bright and prosperous for all of them.

Victor meets baby GH

A nurse appears and tells Spencer all he must do is sign a few papers and then he can take the baby home. Suddenly Diane arrives and reveals there has been a change of plans, and that baby is not going anywhere.

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In the morgue, Eileen backs away from Anna’s ghost, only to bump into her corpse. She cries this isn’t real, as Anna’s ghost tells her, “You’re next!” Eileen screams she’ll do anything, so Anna’s ghost tells her to confess or join her. Eileen swears she didn’t kill her, and she didn’t know. Anna’s ghost orders her to confess, or she’ll haunt her forever. Eileen relents and swears to tell her everything.

Anna haunts Eileen GH

Eileen admits she knew Anna was being framed, and she set up the drone to catch the footage of Lucy being shot. She is so sorry, and never expected her to die, and begs her not to hurt her. Suddenly the ghost freezes and glitches, and Anna’s voice is heard saying over a speaker, “I think we’ve got enough.”  Anna walks in very much alive, shocking Eileen. Anna’s corpse sits up and pulls off a mask, revealing Felicia underneath. Felicia says, “This disguise is so convincing it’s scary!”

Felicia removes her mask GH

Eileen can’t believe this was a setup and as they play back her confession, says it won’t hold up in a court of law as she was coerced. Anna says they could just release this to the public and blow up her political aspirations. Eileen says there is no need for that, and she’ll see to it that her name is cleared. Anna says, “Oh I want so much more than that.”

anna and Felicia coerce Eileen GH

Anna orders Eileen to help them bring Victor down and put him away for good. Eileen gasps Victor will kill her if he finds out. Anna tells her she’s either with them against Victor, or she faces the consequences of her actions, which means Victor finds out what she did anyways. Eileen relents and agrees to work with them.

Back upstairs, Maxie runs into Chase and hopes he’s not sick. He says he injured himself at the gym. She assumes he was throwing around weights to impress the new lady in his life, Sasha. Chase assures her that he’s not seeing Sasha and asks why she thought he was. Maxie admits it was something Brook Lynn said, and she clearly connected the wrong dots. Chase knows breakups can be difficult and assumes she’s here to see Austin. She wanted to check on him after the hook attack. She admits it would be so great if when relationships ended the feelings did too.

Maxie and Chase chat GH

Elsewhere, TJ gets a call from Molly, who asks if he has a minute as she has something to tell him.

At The Invader office, Gregory arrives and asks Alexis what is so urgent. She needs his help on an editorial draft. He looks it over and gives her some notes on it. She thanks him for coming by. He says anything for a friend. Alexis asks, “If we are friends then why are you lying to me?”

Alexis calls out Gregory GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Brook Lynn swears to Sasha that she has zero feelings left for Chase. She’s going to focus all her time on being a manager and new clients. As they walk off, Chase appears and overheard them.

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