Eileen's scary encounter
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Sasha visits Brando’s grave and tells him that it’s finally over, and Heather will never hurt anyone again. She says everyone talks to her about moving on, but it’s easier said than done and she misses him so much.

Sasha visits grave GH

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Brook Lynn and Maxie meet at Kelly’s. They speak about Heather and Ryan briefly but soon move to discuss Brook Lynn and Chase’s careers. Brook Lynn says Chase is likely to return to being a cop in the next few months, and she is happy for him. Brook Lynn says she has her catalog back from Linc, so she can shop her songs around to artists. Maxie asks why she doesn’t appear happy about any of this. Brook Lynn admits she thinks Chase is interested in Sasha, but Maxie thinks he’s only being a supportive friend. Brook Lynn gets back to getting her music back, which came at the cost of signing a non-disclosure agreement with Linc to not speak out about how slimy he really is. She feels Chase will judge her for putting her career over doing what’s right. Maxie says the Speak Out Act invalidates that NDA, and she should talk to a lawyer. Brook Lynn agrees to investigate it but still thinks Chase won’t forgive her.

Maxie and BLQ talk GH

Sasha appears and asks what Chase won’t forgive Brook Lynn for. Brook Lynn says it’s just work stuff. Sasha joins them and admires Brook Lynn for juggling two careers, and what she’s done for Chase as an artist is amazing. Maxie excuses herself for a moment to allow them to talk, and Brook Lynn appears uneasy. Maxie soon returns and asks what she missed. BLQ decides to get going, but Sasha demands to know what this tension between them is, and why she suspects it has to do with Chase.

Sasha has questions GH

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Chase and Dante run into one another in the gym sauna. Chase’s arm is sore and he explains he overdid it on the bag taking out his frustrations over still not being a cop. Dante believes he will be reinstated, but Chase says the review board is still a long way off. Dante tells him to have faith. Chase says he will try, but for now, he’s focused on a new bad guy.

Dante and Chase Steam Room GH

Chase vents to Dante about how bad Linc is with his female clients, and sooner or later he’ll slip up. Dante thinks when he does, Chase needs to be far away from him. Dante warns him if he is the one to take Linc down then he could cause problems for his reinstatement with the board. Chase knows there are risks, and he doesn’t like leaving these women in his orbit. Dante asks if he’s talking about several women or one particular woman.

Chase wants to catch Linc GH

Chase tries to deflect and says he feels this is his chance to still help people, even if he isn’t a cop. Dante asks him to just promise to call him if he gets into trouble. Before Dante heads out, he tells Chase that Willow was discharged and he should visit her and baby Amelia. He jokes his mother is going crazy with baby fever now and has been asking him whether he and Sam are going to have a kid. Chase asks if he wants one, but Dante hasn’t thought about it.

Dante advise, kids? GH

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At The Invader office, Gregory congratulates Alexis on the scoop of the year. Alexis says she was just in the right place at the right time, but he thinks she should be proud of it. She says she couldn’t have done it without him. Alexis turns the topic back to him being unable to work with her and has researched other publications that employ professors. Gregory asks her to let it go. He reminds her of her first love, being an attorney, and that if faced with a choice she probably wouldn’t have given it up to run a paper. She agrees he’s right. He says he can still help her on the side.

Gregory congratulates Alexis GHS

Gregory suggests Kevin would make a good think-piece columnist on the Ryan and Heather story. Alexis reveals she also would like to interview Esme for a follow-up piece. Alexis asks him before he goes if PCU hadn’t stopped him from taking a job here, would he have accepted it? He assures her he’d have liked nothing more than to do so.

Alexis is pushy GH

Robert takes Diane out to breakfast at the Metro Court as a token of his appreciation for all her help. She thinks there is something more to this breakfast, and Robert admits there is. He wanted to bring her up to speed about the attacks and Heather Webber. Diane is just glad she doesn’t have to testify and relive that nightmare. She assumes Robert understands given he was attacked recently. Diane quickly apologizes for bringing up a sore subject. Robert says Holly has a lot of challenges ahead of her, and he wishes her well.

Diane and Robert breakfast GH

Alexis interrupts and asks if she can join them. Robert reveals he actually has to get going, so Alexis sits down after he departs. Alexis asks Diane if that was business or something else. Diane asserts it was just breakfast. Diane thanks Alexis for alerting her to who the hook was before the story hit the presses. Alexis vents about PCU not letting Gregory join the editorial board because it’s a conflict of interest. She says Gregory doesn’t want to give up teaching, but she’s not going to give up on this. Diane says if Gregory wants this job, then he’ll find a way to get it on his own, and tells her not to meddle. Alexis isn’t about to just sit back and let this go.

Alexis Diane chat GH

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TJ and Molly show up at Sam’s place, and before going in, Molly is hit with a bit of a stomach bug. However, she doesn’t want to miss brunch with her sisters. When Sam answers the door, they find out that Sam and Kristina have planned a surprise anniversary celebration for them. TJ now gets why they insisted he attend this sisters’ brunch. Kristina brings some booze to toast, but Sam wants sparkling water as she has a touch of food poisoning. TJ can’t drink because he must get to work soon, and Kristina pushes Molly to join her. Molly says she can have a small glass. Sam leads them in a toast.

Sam toasts GH

After TJ departs for work, Molly thanks her sister for celebrating the commitment she and TJ made. Sam and Molly can’t wait until Kristina meets the person she’s meant to be with. Later Sam notes Molly has switched to sparkling water. Molly says she’s just a little under the weather. Molly says she could go for something sweet though, so Sam directs Kristina to some bags which have dessert in them.

Davis girls bond GH

As Kristina looks through the bags, she discovers a pregnancy test. Later Molly excuses herself, and Kristina confronts Sam with the test just as Dante walks through the door.

KRistina pregnancy test

At the hospital, Laura thanks Eileen for meeting her. Eileen is confused as to why they are at the hospital. Laura explains she’s been given a task that feels impossible, and she’s the best person to help her with it. Laura explains the French authorities believe they have found Anna’s remains. Eileen gives Laura her condolences and asks when the body arrives. Laura says it’s already here, and she is supposed to identify it. Laura chokes up. Eileen asks why Anna’s relatives aren’t being asked. Laura explains the body has undergone decomposition, and she can’t expose her loved ones to that. She says as a city official it’s her duty, but she can’t do it. She asks Eileen if she can do it for her.

Laura asks favor GH

Eileen admits she’s confused because she’s gotten the feeling that Laura doesn’t trust her with important matters. Laura admits she let her personal sensitivities cloud her judgment, and she’s sorry for that. She says Eileen is a strong administrator, and she’ll be a great successor, and she needs to know she can count on her when it matters. Eileen understands and says she’ll make the identification. Laura tells her she’ll never forget this and sends her down to the morgue.

Eileen is uneasy GH

Once Eileen is in the elevator, Laura makes a call to someone to say she’s on her way. Later, TJ runs into Laura and thanks her for stepping in and officiating at the wedding. He asks what brings her to GH. She explains for a bit of closure.

Elsewhere, Gregory shows up and asks a nurse where exam room three is. TJ bumps into him, and he offers to show him to the exam room. TJ hopes he hasn’t caught this bug making the rounds. Gregory says, “If only.” TJ wonders what he means. Suddenly Chase appears and explains he’s here to get the muscle in his shoulder checked out. He asks his dad why he’s here.

Eileen arrives in the morgue and is greeted by the mortician who has been expecting her. He pulls out the body from one of the cabinets, which is covered by a sheet, for Eileen to identify. He says he needs to step out and get the form for her, but she’s free to take a look. Eileen begins to panic.

Back upstairs, Robert arrives and meets with Laura. Laura says she took the bait and hopefully it goes according to plan.

Back in the morgue, Laura’s words echo in Eileen’s mind about stepping up for her. She also flashes to the haunting calls she’s been getting from Anna. Eileen approaches the body and lifts the sheet. Underneath is a decaying Anna.

Anna dead body GH

Suddenly the lights go out, and Eileen calls out for help. When the lights come back on, Anna’s glowing ghost appears before Eileen, dripping wet and translucent. Eileen cries this isn’t real!

Anna's ghost GH

On the next General Hospital: Brook Lynn asks what’s going on. Chase asks his father if there is a reason he won’t tell him why he’s at the hospital. Sasha says, “You admit that there is something!” As Sam kisses Dante, Kristina holds the test behind her back and says, “I just found out that you’ve been holding out on us.” Molly says, “I’m not sure how he’ll react.” On the phone, Alexis asks someone to repeat something. Laura tells Victor, “You have no one to blame for that but yourself.” In the morgue Eileen begs, “Please, I’ll do anything!”


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