Obrecht is a match GH
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Sonny arrives at his restaurant and gives Dex, who is there, the night off. Dex says he was poking around the kitchen and found some amazing recipe cards. Sonny reveals they are his. Dex is impressed by them and says he tried his hand at the chicken piccata and asks if he’d like to try it.

Dex asks Questions GH

Dex serves his dish to Sonny, who says it’s good, but something is missing. Sonny excuses himself and returns with some parsley, and invites Dex to join him. The two make small talk about why they both enjoy cooking while they eat.

Sonny Dex dinner GH

Later, Frank shows up as Sonny called him. Sonny explains he has an update on Pikeman. Sonny tells Frank they’ll go into his office and talk, and he tells Dex he can go. They shut the door behind them, leaving Dex out of the conversation.

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At the hospital, Obrecht slaps Liz across the face. Finn tells her that was out of line. Obrecht lashes out at Liz and blames her for Britt’s death because she remained silent about Esme, who the police were focused on as a suspect. Liz says she is sorry and wishes she could go back. Obrecht tells her, “You reap what you sow.” Nina leads her aunt off. Scott apologizes to Liz, but she says she got what she deserved. Scott loves them both and doesn’t want a rift going on. Liz urges him to check on Obrecht.

Obrecht vents to Nina GH

Elsewhere, Obrecht vents to Nina that Liz is the reason her daughter is gone. Nina states Heather is the reason, but Obrecht feels Heather could have been caught earlier if Liz hadn’t stayed silent. Scott appears as Obrecht says, “Heather’s enabler is free, and some have chosen her side.” Scott tells Obrecht he knows this is a blow, but he wishes she would have let him explain before confronting Liz. She asks why, so nobody would call out his precious Liz.

TJ has news GH

TJ interrupts and tells Obrecht that Dr. Randolph got pulled into a meeting, but he has the results and can discuss them with her. They head to his office. TJ says the tests indicate Dr. Obrecht is a confirmed match for Willow. Nina hugs her aunt and cries, “My daughter is going to live!

TJ explains Obrecht has to undergo testing to make sure she is healthy enough to go through the procedure. Obrecht apologizes as this is all so overwhelming. Obrecht wants to proceed immediately, so TJ leaves to make the arrangements for Obrecht’s physical. Nina asks Obrecht how she can thank her. Obrecht says Willow is family, and they take care of their own. Nina cries about how grateful she is for her, and they embrace. Obrecht encourages her to do what comes next, and Nina rushes out.

Alone, Obrecht seethes that Scott helped Liz get away with murder, and Britt’s blood is on his hands as well. Scott explains Liz got caught up in a big mess, and there was still no evidence to implicate Heather as the hook. Scott is sorry but tells her there was no way to save Britt. Obrecht fumes that Liz could have stopped Britt’s death, and now Liz is free because of him. She yells at Scott to leave her alone, so he walks out of the office.

Obrecht angry at Scott GH

Elsewhere, Finn tells Liz she probably will want to watch her back as Obrecht might be out for revenge. Finn offers his support, which Liz says she needs more than he knows. However, she knows there is going to be a ripple effect from this, and if he stands by her then he’ll be caught in the crossfire. Finn says he doesn’t care what people think about him, and this is his turn to stick by her. She thanks him but says this is something she needs to face on her own. He tells her that he’ll be here if she needs him.

Liz appreciates Finn GH

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At the gatehouse, Michael tucks Willow in on the couch when Carly and Joss, who Willow invited over, arrive. Michael excuses himself to check on the baby. Willow tells Joss and Carly that she called them over to discuss the wedding, and she wants the day to be a celebration and not focus on the time that is running out. She wants it to be a happy day. Carly tells her it will be a happy day.

Joss Carly arrive to see WIllow GH

Michael returns as Willow asks Joss to be a bridesmaid, and Carly to be her matron of honor. Carly cries and accepts. Willow gets up to find her tablet with the dresses she’s picked out but becomes unsteady. Michael grabs her and says he’s got her.

Willow asks favor GH

Willow insists she’s fine and just stood up too fast. Michael suggests she take a nap, and they’ll pick up the planning when she wakes up. She agrees, so Michael helps her upstairs.

Michael returns and explains Willow is trying to push through her symptoms and doesn’t want to spend her time resting. Joss knows how hard this is for Michael, and how he feels, even though she and Oscar were nowhere near their commitment level. There is a knock at the door and it’s a nurse who has come to check on Willow. She heads upstairs and Carly asks who that is. Michael says it’s the hospice nurse, and can’t believe he said that out loud.

Michael needs more time GH

Carly tells Michael how sorry she is, but he still has time left with Willow and he will make it amazing. Michael realizes there is something he can do for Willow. Suddenly they’re interrupted by a call from Nina. Michael ignores the call as he says he can’t deal with her now. She calls back, and Michael can’t believe her. He answers and says this isn’t a good time. Nina tells him not to hang up as he’s going to want to hear what she has to say.

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Later, Willow comes down and asks what is wrong, as Michael is sitting in shock. Michael tells her nothing is wrong, and they’ve found a match for her. Willow cries in his arms at the news.

Willow will live GH

At the Wyndemere stables, Bennet arrives as Dante pries the lock off the closet door. They look inside and Dante says, “I guess we have a lead on Nikolas Cassadine.” Dante states Nikolas was definitely here and picks up a watch with his initials on it.

Dante and Bennet investigate GH

Dante asks Ava if she’s seen the watch before, and she reveals she gave it to Nikolas. Dante looks at it and sees the watch and band are broken. He asks when she last saw Nikolas wearing this. She says she saw him on February 13 around 7:30 pm. Dante notes it stopped that day at 8:00 pm. Dante bags the watch and says they’ll need to sweep the area for any more evidence.

Dante and Nikolas watch

Later, everyone returns to the mansion, and Dante asks Ava if she knows what Nikolas was looking for in the tack room. Ava doesn’t. Dante and Bennet suspect he came back to Wyndemere to take something before leaving town. Bennet asks Ava if Nikolas told her where he was going and how he was traveling. Ava answers that he didn’t, that he just screamed at her that he was done with her and Port Charles. Dante thanks her for her time and Ava walks them out.

dante has more questions GH

Austin is confused and asks if Ava was sure Nikolas was dead. Ava says she is sure Nikolas’ heart was not beating. Austin asks where he is then because dead bodies don’t get up and walk away on their own.

Austin and Ava are shocked GH

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Elsewhere, Mason is on the phone with someone and tells them he has the prince, who is stable, but on life support, and sleeping soundly. We see Nikolas in a hospital bed and hooked up to machines.

Nikolas is alive GH

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