Ava and Austin are busted GH
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Curtis stops by Trina’s dorm room to talk, as he assumes she’s been processing the news he could be her father. She invites him in, and he asks where the two of them go from here.

Curtis Trina talk DNA GH

Curtis says he was there last year when Trina’s life blew up, and he knows she may have resented him at times. She says she never resented him, he was a little pushy, but then they set boundaries. He points out those boundaries have had a hole blown in them that they can do something about. She realizes he wants to do a DNA test. She feels she doesn’t need a DNA test and knows all she needs to know about her family.

Trina and Curtis talk GH

Curtis knows Trina probably feels she’s betraying Taggert. Trina doesn’t know if this is fair to her dad, but she knows the not knowing will cause damage, and somewhere down the line a medical emergency could occur and she’ll need to know. Curtis wants to know the truth, but it’s her call. She is adamant she doesn’t need a DNA test, she loves her dad and she’s come to love Curtis too, just in a different way. Curtis says if she decides to take a test, then let him know. She tells him no matter what a DNA test says, Curtis interrupts and says he knows Taggert will always be her father.

Curtis wants to know GH

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At the PCPD, Jordan gives Dante a search warrant for Spoon Island and says when they catch up with Nikolas he’ll be going away for a long period of time. Jordan plans to go to the hospital to question Austin as to why he was at Wyndemere when everything went down. She departs, and Dante grabs his firearm.

Dante Jordan strategize GH

In the interrogation room, Elizabeth feels guilty for incriminating Nikolas. Scott says it’s better than him incriminating her, and he sucked her into these crimes. She still feels guilty, and she knows Obrecht will be furious that she didn’t come forward with the truth about Esme sooner.

Liz feels bad

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At the hospital, Nina makes a business call to launch an awareness campaign in Crimson to help find a donor for Willow and anyone else who needs a bone marrow donation.

Finn runs into Obrecht, who is waiting on test results. She also wonders what is keeping her Scott and can see Finn knows something. Nina encounters the two of them just as Finn tells Obrecht that Scott is helping a client.

Fin is surprised GH

Obrecht vents about the failures of the PCPD, and that someone had to know the truth that Esme wasn’t the killer, which cost her daughter her life as the police weren’t looking for the real killer. She wants a key to Heather’s cell or time alone with the person who helped hide Esme. Nina suggests to her aunt they go sit down so she can pull herself together.

Nina runs interference GH

Finn calls Scott and asks him how Liz is. Scott suggests he turn around and ask her. Scott and Liz walk into the hospital, and Scott proclaims Liz an innocent woman. Scott leaves them to talk, and Finn tells Liz she did a good thing by coming forward. She’s not so sure, but he says to think about what Nikolas might have done to Esme if she stayed silent.

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Obrecht and Nina sit, and Nina tells her about her campaign idea to help find Willow a donor. Obrecht reveals she got tested, and that’s why she came here today, to get the results. Nina thanks her aunt for what she’s done. Scott approaches them as Obrecht tells Nina if she can save Willow’s life it will also be sweet revenge against Carly.

Obrecht suggests Scott distract them by telling them what he was helping Liz with. Scott tries to deflect the question, claiming the cops are simply looking for Nikolas. She senses he’s not telling her something. He confesses that Nikolas held Esme captive thinking she was the killer, and Liz helped him, even though they learned Esme wasn’t the killer in time.

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Elsewhere, Finn tells Liz that he will stand by her no matter what. Suddenly a furious Obrecht confronts Liz.

Jordan arrives and runs into Portia and asks about Austin. Portia tells her Austin checked himself out against her orders. Jordan decides to head out, but Portia feels they should talk in private. They head to her office, where Portia tells Jordan she was right all along when she warned her to come clean with Curtis. She realizes now she was only protecting herself, and that she is a coward.

Portia and Jordan talk GH

Jordan tells her she’s not a coward, and that she had her reasons to keep the secret. Portia doesn’t know how to make the situation better. Jordan tells her not to lose hope, and that the lies that cost her her marriage were about preferencing her job over her marriage. Jordan says Portia’s lies were about family. She believes Trina and Curtis will come to understand that.

Portia feels bad GH

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At the gatehouse, Willow records a video on her phone for Michael for after their wedding, and after she’s gone. She hopes he shows it to their daughter one day in the future. Michael comes down the steps and asks her what she’s doing. She says she was just thinking about their wedding. He hopes it will be everything she ever dreamed of.

Wiley joins his parents and says his baby sister just spit up on him. Willow says babies do that, and she’s counting on him to help take care of her. Michael tells Wiley he should get to his playroom. Wiley pulls out the necklace Nina left for Willow and says he found something and hands it to his mother. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and it’s Sasha. Michael invites her in, and Wiley gives her a big hug and tells her about the baby.

Sasha visits Michael Willow

Michael and Wiley go to check on the baby, and Sasha asks Willow what she can do for her. Willow hands her the necklace and asks her to get rid of it. They sit down, and Sasha tells her that she’s not here to lobby for Nina. She says Nina’s been good to her, but that’s not true for everyone. Willow thanks her and says she doesn’t want to spend the time she has left talking about Nina. Sasha wishes she’d stop talking about the time she has left. Willow says she’s just being a realist, and she’s run out of options.

Willow and Sasha Talk GH

Sasha changes the subject and tells her about going to see Heather Webber and getting closure. She knows she’s lost a lot, but she’s had love too, and having love is what makes life worth living.

Sasha and Willow talk GH

Michael returns and finds Sasha and Willow working on the wedding plans. Michael relays he’s having trouble getting Amelia to sleep, so Willow heads up to check on her. Once alone, Michael tells Sasha not to let Willow limit herself, and give her whatever she wants with this wedding. Sasha asks what he wants. He says the one thing he can’t have… more time. She knows how he feels, and wishes she had more time with Liam and Brando. Willow returns and asks what she missed. Sasha takes the necklace and says she simply told Michael he should take some dancing lessons before the wedding.

Michael needs more time GH

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Austin and Ava return to Wyndemere, and Austin relives Heather’s attack on him for a brief moment. Ava tells him she’s glad she was able to stop the bleeding. Ava notes she wouldn’t fault him if he wanted to get back to GH and leave her to deal with this. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, and Dante identifies himself.

Austin thinks about the attack GH

Dante and the police enter, and he gives them orders on where to search. Ava asks if this is necessary given that Heather is in prison and Ryan is in the morgue. Dante explains this is about some new information that Nikolas held Esme captive here. Ava acts shocked and says Esme was no saint, but nobody deserves to be locked in a tower. Dante asks, “Who said anything about a tower?” Ava covers and explains Nikolas declared the North Tower off-limits to everyone, even the staff, so she assumes that’s where Esme was. Dante relays they checked out the tower before, and it looked like Nikolas was hiding something, so they’ll check it again. Suddenly, Dante gets a call from an officer and says he’ll be right there.

Austin and Ava questioned GH

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Ava contemplates grabbing Avery and running because she knows Uncle Victor will be after her. Just then, Dante calls and asks her and the doctor to meet him in the tack room.

Dante calls Ava GH

In the tack room, Dante asks Ava what is behind the locked door. She says she doesn’t know and assumes it’s probably just storage. Dante notes there is a lock on the door and asks if she has a key. Ava answers she doesn’t have it. Dante grabs a crowbar and begins to pry the lock off.

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