Heather threatens Laura
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Jordan’s on the phone in her office discussing the hook and Nikolas failing to report being attacked. Curtis enters, and Jordan assumed he’d be on his honeymoon. He says there won’t be a honeymoon. Curtis brings her up to speed as to what happened at the reception and that Trina may be his daughter, which she knew already. Curtis wonders if she’s sorry for not telling him the truth, or did she enjoy leaving him in the dark again. She refuses to let him pick a fight and informs him that when she confronted Portia she told her to come clean, but Portia wouldn’t budge and told her to stay out of her business. Curtis asks how long she knew Trina may be his daughter.

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Curtis wants answers GH

Jordan admits it was two years ago she first got an inkling, when she and Portia were trapped in that house. She explains Portia blurted out a regret about Trina’s father. She says when she later questioned her, Portia brushed it off. Jordan explains it wasn’t until a few months ago when she overheard Portia discussing genetic testing for Trina, around the same time he was tested for schizophrenia markers, that she put it together. She again questioned Portia, who warned her to stay out of her life. She explains Stella figured it out on her own and came to her, and she had to tell her the truth.

Jordan defends herself GH

Jordan insists to Curtis neither her, Stella nor Portia set out to hurt him. She thinks he should be talking to Portia. Curtis says he did, and he doesn’t know where things stand between them. Jordan wonders if he’s talked to Trina, but he hasn’t. Jordan brings up a DNA test, which nobody has spoken about yet. She gets a message that she needs to talk to the ADA, so Curtis says he’ll see himself out. She tells Curtis regardless of what happens, Trina needs to know she can count on him.

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In the PCPD interrogation room, Liz calls Finn and is worried she’s made a mistake and they may take the immunity deal back once they hear what she’s done. Finn believes she’s doing the right thing. Scott enters, and she asks if there is any way this deal can fall through. Scott assures her only if she doesn’t want to give them what they want.

Liz calls Finn GH

In the squad room, Molly arrives, and Dante discovers Robert has assigned her as the ADA to Liz’s case. They head into the interrogation room, and Liz signs the immunity agreement that has been drawn up in exchange for what she knows.

Molly and Dante question Liz GH

Molly begins recording the questioning and takes Liz’s statement. Dante asks Liz if she knew where Esme had been hiding. Liz reveals she wasn’t hiding, but that Nikolas imprisoned her. Liz starts at the beginning when Esme bashed her over the head and saw Nikolas on the pier before she passed out. She continues explaining how she later confronted Nikolas, and discovered he had imprisoned a pregnant Esme. At the time, they believed Esme was the killer. She reveals it was only when Rory was killed they realized Esme wasn’t the killer. Liz relays that’s when Esme escaped and jumped from the tower, and Nikolas’ uncle cleaned up all the evidence to protect him. Dante asks if she knows where Nikolas is now, but she doesn’t. Molly and Dante thank her and say they’ll contact her if they need more information. Liz is shocked that’s it.

Liz tells all GH

Molly heads out, and Dante tells Liz that she came forward and owned up to a big mistake she made, most people wouldn’t. Dante exits, and Dante and Molly brief Jordan about Liz’s statement in the squad room. Molly has to recuse herself seeing Nikolas is her cousin. However, she recommends they search Spoon Island as Victor may not have destroyed all the evidence that will confirm Liz’s story.

Dante, Molly brief Jordan GH

Back in the interrogation room, Scott tells Liz she did a good job, and eventually, the authorities will catch up with Nikolas. She knows that means they’ll throw the book at him when they do.

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Joss enters her dorm room where Trina is sitting on her bed. Joss has just heard the news about Heather, Esme and Ryan, and can’t believe it’s all finally over. Trina comments, “Just as one horror story ends, another begins.” Joss asks what has happened and that she’s scaring her. Trina opens up that she found out Curtis might be her dad, and her mom has lied about her entire existence. Trina admits she’s scared, and she doesn’t know what this means for her family. Joss tells Trina she knows she’s hurting, but her mom does love her, and she is her family. Joss wishes she was there for her when she learned the truth. Trina says she wasn’t alone, she was with Spencer, and she doesn’t know what she would have done without him.

Trina and Joss talk dads GH

Trina tells her Spencer was there at the lowest point of her life. She also admits they kissed. Joss is happy that she’s happy, but urges her to take things slow. Trina says right now she has little time for romance, and she is focused more on what to say to her mom. Later, Trina is alone when there is a knock at the door, and she assumes it’s her mom. She opens the door and finds Curtis there.

Trina gushes about Spencer GH

At the hospital, Spencer tells Laura that Ryan used him to break up his father and Ava, and he opened the door and let Esme into all their lives. Laura believes Esme would have found her way to his father with or without him. Spencer begins to sob that he doesn’t know if he really wanted to take revenge on Ava, or if it was all Esme’s planting the idea in his ear, and even if his relationship with his dad is salvageable. He says the worst part is that Ryan is dead, and Esme can’t remember, so he will never know the full truth.

Spencer vents to Laura about Esme and Ryan GH

Laura tells Spencer that he needs to stop blaming himself, and stop feeling sorry for himself. She advises him all they can do is learn from the past, and he needs to learn to think before he acts in the future. She says right now an innocent baby boy needs their help.

Laura gives Spencer advice GH

Ava visits with Austin and fills him in on what she’s learned, that Ryan’s manipulated her life for the past two years and Nikolas is dead because of him. She also can’t shake Ryan telling her they were alike. Austin says he doesn’t know her well, but what he saw at Wyndemere was a woman pushed to the edge by Ryan, and Nikolas. He tells her not to let them win, not to let Ryan win, and don’t become Ryan’s final victim.

Ava worries to Austin GH

Ava says there is still an issue with Nikolas’ body. Austin says once he’s released, they’ll go to Wyndemere and move it. There is a knock at the door, and Finn walks in to find Ava with Austin. Finn tells Austin once his wound is healed he’s going to be released. He also tells Ava that he’s sorry Nikolas skipped town. She wonders how he knows about Nikolas and assumes it was Liz. She asks where Liz is, but he says he doesn’t know. Finn leaves, and Ava worries they are out of time.

Austin and Ava plan GH

Ava rushes out to the hall and confronts Finn, wondering if Liz is at the police station. He says he wouldn’t know. Ava returns to Austin and tells him to get dressed as they have a body to move before the cops descend on Spoon Island.

Ava learns Liz went to the cops GH

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Heather is brought into Esme’s room by the police, and asks, “Aren’t you going say hello to your mother?” She inquires how the baby is, and what she had. Esme says the baby is fine and it’s a boy. Heather says just like her firstborn, Steven Lars. Heather can’t wait to meet her grandson, but Esme says she’ll never meet him where she’s going.

Heather sees Esme GH

Heather explains that Esme will be taken back to Spring Ridge and she gets to keep her baby for up to 18 months according to the law. Heather says she’ll work the system and get back to Spring Ridge in no time flat, and they’ll all be together as a family. Esme seethes, “Never!” She vows this is the last time Heather will ever see her, and she’ll never get near her baby. Esme yells for the guards to take Heather away. Heather cries all she wanted was to be a mother to her. Esme informs her, “My father is dead, and as far as I’m concerned, my mother is too.”

Esme tells Heather she's dead to her GH

Heather is dragged out of Esme’s room and sees Laura and Spencer in the hall. As Heather lashes out at Laura and blames her for filling Esme’s head with lies about her, Spencer sneaks in to see Esme. Esme asks him how Ace, her baby boy, is. He says he is fine, and he and his grandmother will take good care of him while she’s in prison. Esme is confused and thought she would get to keep him. Spencer scoffs, “In prison?” He assures her everything is already settled and her baby is in good hands.

Spencer sneaks in GH

Back in the hall, Heather blames Laura for everything that’s gone wrong, for poisoning Esme against her, and she vows to make her pay. Laura tells her, “Where you are going you’ll be lucky to ever see the sunlight again.” As the guards drag Heather into the elevator, she vows to Laura she hasn’t seen the last of her, and she’ll be back.

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