Heather remembers Ave GH
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In Esme’s room at the hospital, she holds her son when suddenly Heather walks in. Heather is thrilled to see her baby girl and her brand-new grandson and calls them her family. Esme says she shouldn’t be here and tries to call the nurse. Heather grabs the call button and says they don’t want their family time interrupted. As Heather tries to take the baby, Esme wakes up screaming from her nightmare.

Heather visits Esme GH

Laura enters and calms Esme down and says she just had a nightmare. Esme asks about her baby. Laura says he’s in the nursery and is perfectly healthy. Laura offers to arrange to have the boy brought up, but Esme refuses and says it’s not safe. She notes her parents are killers, and she could be one too. Laura lets Esme know that Heather is locked up and Ryan is dead. Esme is glad he’s dead as she was terrified of that man.

Laura calms Esme GH

Esme laments she’s the offspring of two monsters, so she must be a terrible person. Suddenly she realizes she must be guilty of all the things she’s been accused of. Laura asks if she remembers doing those things. Esme doesn’t, but she must be bad knowing who her parents are. Laura asks if she believes her baby is bad, but Esme doesn’t. Esme fears she could go to prison, and where does that leave her baby? She asks Laura where Nikolas is. Laura admits she doesn’t know where her son is.

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At the nurses’ station, Ava asks if she can see Austin. Mac appears and asks why she wants to see Austin. Ava explains he was bleeding out on her living room floor. Mac is curious as to why he was there in the first place. Ava claims she doesn’t know and that’s why she wanted to talk to him. Mac thanks her for her time.

Ava curious about Austin GH

Sonny and Spencer look in on the new baby in the nursery. Sonny asks if he’s still planning to sue for custody. Spencer thinks he may not have to with his father gone. He doesn’t know how his dad could walk out on an innocent baby. Sonny says it’s not his job to fix Nikolas’ mess. Spencer says his brother has an absent father and a mother in custody.

Spencer, Sonny and the new baby GH

Sonny and Spencer head into the nursery to visit with the baby, and Spencer says he just wants to protect him from the world. Spencer wonders if his father felt this way when he was born. Sonny guarantees it. Spencer hopes that means his father will return. Sonny wonders if Spencer is softening toward his father. Outside, Ava looks in and sees Sonny and Spencer with the baby.

Sonny questions Spencer's attitude GH

Spencer steps out and asks Ava if she came to see the baby. Ava reveals she came to see him. She assumes he knows who Esme’s parents are, and he does. Ava tells him that Esme and Ryan knew about their relationship before she met Spencer, and Ryan sent Esme to the school in France to get close to him. Spencer has a hard time believing that, but she asks him whose idea was it to come to Port Charles and stalk her. Spencer admits it was Esme’s. Ava says it was Ryan’s idea, he was in charge, and he played them all. Spencer fumes that he was suckered into doing Ryan’s dirty work, and he drove his father away. Ava tells him it wasn’t him, that it was Ryan.

Ava blow spencer's mind GH

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Mac goes to check on Esme, who is still talking with Laura. Esme remembers him from the road and is glad to see he is okay. He has questions about the escape, and Esme details everything that happened. Laura asks whose idea was it to escape. Esme says she thinks Ryan and Heather planned it together, but Heather was the one who knew the way out of Spring Ridge.

Mac questions Esme GH

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Laura steps out and runs into Sonny. She fills him in that Ryan was killed last night. He heard, and he knows Heather is the one who killed his cousin. She tells him to let the justice system handle Heather. Suddenly Laura gets a message and tells Sonny there is a problem and they need to go.

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Back in Esme’s room, she continues giving a statement to Mac. She says Ava helped her get away from Ryan and asks him to thank Ava for her. Esme asks before he goes, can he tell her what’s happening to her and her baby, Ace. He says, “You named your baby Ace?” She says it just came out and sounds right for some reason. She wonders where that came from.

Laura and Sonny find Spencer with Ava outside the nursery. Laura asks what is wrong. He cries he messed up, and because of him he and his brother don’t have a father. Laura promises they’ll find Nikolas and talk sense into him, and Spencer will never be alone, neither will his brother.

Spencer messed up GH

At Dex’s place, he tells Joss he can bow out of this plan to take Sonny down if she wants him to. She asks again who he is working for, but Dex can’t tell her. Joss admits her first instinct is for him to stay the course, but if something goes wrong then he’ll go down. She says if he calls the deal off, Sonny won’t let him walk away. Dex realizes he either has to keep working for Sonny, or he has to leave Port Charles.

Dex feels trapped GH

Joss points out that even if Dex continues working for Sonny, he could still get caught committing a crime and go to prison. Dex says they’d also have to continue hiding their relationship, which Joss says won’t work. He says the only other option is to take Sonny down. Joss doubts it will be that easy. Dex notes it’s the only way to stay here and be with her. They agree it’s their only option.

Joss and Dex make a plan GH

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At the PCPD, Dante tells Robert and Jordan that Heather wants to make a statement. Suddenly Scott shows up and informs Robert he’s about to make his life easier. Scott says he has a client who has information on the hook attacks and wants to make a deal.

Scott has a client GH

Scott explains his client has information pertaining to Esme and her whereabouts before showing up on The Haunted Star with no memory. Scott calls his client a good person who got mixed up in a crime in progress, and they can hand over the real villain.

robert is intriuged GH

Jordan and Dante speak with Heather in the interrogation room. Dante begins recording the statement and states that Heather has waived her right to an attorney. Heather agrees to confess on one condition. She details the condition off-screen, and Dante and Jordan refuse to make a deal. Heather relents and admits to being the hook. She begins listing who she hooked and where. When she reveals she attacked Nikolas, Dante and Jordan are floored.

Heather confesses makes a deal GH

Jordan asks for details on the attack on Nikolas. Heather says she attacked him at Wyndemere, but he escaped. Jordan asks about Rory, and how one of Ryan’s keepsakes was found at the scene. She explains she stole Ryan’s chain of trinkets years ago when she fled from him upon learning she was pregnant. She says Rory grabbed one from her when he got in her way while killing the venom guy. They ask about the guard at Spring Ridge, but Heather says Ryan did that when he forced her and Esme to go with him.

Dante and Jordan are shocked

Dante accuses her of planning the escape with Ryan. Heather claims that isn’t true, that she had no idea Ryan could still walk or talk until Esme turned up at Spring Ridge. Heather cries she was terrified of Ryan. Jordan reveals Ryan is dead. Heather cries out, “Oh thank God!” Dante orders her to cut the act as they know she gave Ava a gun to go after Ryan so he couldn’t contradict her side of the story. Heather says Ryan was a cold-blooded killer, while she was a mother out to defend her daughter. She says she’s told them everything she knows and asks for the one little thing she asked of them. She threatens to recant otherwise and says, “Who would trust a crazy person.”

Heather keeps confessing GH

Cam returns home and checks in with his mom about Esme. He can’t believe Esme is Franco’s sister, and he wonders if Joss knows what happened tonight. Liz asks if he’s thinking of forgiving Joss, but Cam doesn’t know if he ever knew her to begin with. Liz says it’s hard when someone lets you down, and that people make mistakes all the time and all you can do is come clean. Cam wonders if they are still talking about him and Joss.

Cam and Elizabeth chat GH

They are interrupted when Liz gets a call, and asks, “What did he say?” After she hangs up, she tells Cam she has to go. She tells her son that she loves him.

Back at the station, Dante and Jordan talk with Robert, and they believe Heather may be telling the truth. Robert reveals Scott has a client that has answers on Esme’s whereabouts. Suddenly Scott returns with Liz, shocking Robert.

Liz turns herself in GH

Back at the hospital, Mac enters Esme’s room and asks if she is sure about this. Esme is, and Heather is escorted in.

HEather sees Esme GH

On the next General Hospital: Heather visits with Esme  and asks,  “Aren’t you going to say hello to mommy?” Dante tells Molly they need to start searching immediately. Liz asks Scott if there is any way this deal could fall through. Trina lets Joss know she doesn’t know what she would have done if he wasn’t there. Laura advises Spencer to think before he acts. Curtis demands to know how long Jordan suspected Trina could be his daughter.

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