Joss learns Dex's secret GH
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Dante and Sam arrive back home. They discuss what happened on Spoon Island before grabbing a shower together.

Sam and Dante return home GH

At the PCPD, Cody pays a ticket as Heather is escorted by in cuffs. Sasha arrives and asks an officer to see Heather. The officer assumes she’s her lawyer, and Sasha says she is. He leaves to have Heather brought up. Cody asks Sasha if she knows what she’s doing. Sasha says, “That murdering bitch killed my husband, and I’m going to see he gets justice.”

Cody Sasha station GH

Cody stops by Dante and Sam’s. He tells Dante what Sasha’s doing and is hoping Dante can help her without exposing her. Dante agrees to step in, and he takes off. Alone, Sam asks Cody why he cares about Sasha. Cody says he just doesn’t want to see her be Heather’s next casualty.

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Sam and Cody sit down for coffee, and she says she thinks she may have misjudged him. Cody replies, “You didn’t.” He wishes he and Britt never found the necklace as it was the beginning of the end for them. Sam suggests it may have been fate, as that necklace is made of cursed diamonds. He wishes he could blame what happened on a curse, but he made his mistakes with Britt due to greed. Sam admits greed caused her to make a lot of bad decisions, but she realized there were more valuable things to chase. She thinks there is still hope for him. He thanks her for the coffee and heads out. In the hall, Cody looks at his phone and Mac’s number.

Sam and Cody chat GH

Back at the station, Sasha asks to be alone with Heather, her client, in the interrogation room. Bennet wishes Sasha luck and departs. Heather is confused if she hired Sasha, or if she was court appointed. Heather claims she has a memory problem and sometimes forgets days at a time, or how she ends up in prison cells. She swears she doesn’t remember Ryan taking her and Esme away from Spring Ridge, and she thinks Ryan hypnotized her.

HEather tries to lie to Sasha GH

Dante enters the interrogation room and asks how things are going. Sasha reveals Heather just told her how she plans to get away with the hook killings. Sasha rails that she won’t let Heather exploit the system to get off easy again, she’s going to be a witness for the prosecution and take Heather down for good.

Sasha sets heather up GH

Heather cries she did nothing wrong, and Ryan was threatening her. Sasha applauds her act, but it won’t stand a chance against her grieving widow testimony. She says she is going to do whatever it takes to see Heather found guilty and get consecutive life sentences. Dante tells Sasha her time is up and shows her out. Left alone with Dante, Heather tells him that she’s ready to confess.

Sasha lashes out GH

Dex and Joss wake up in his bed together and kiss. She jokes she’s never been with him in his bed, only on the couch. Dex points out she never slept over either. They both admit they have strong feelings for one another and kiss some more. Joss admits she’s never felt this way before and doesn’t want it to stop.

Joss and Dex in bed GH

Later, Dex steps out, dressed, and returns with a bag. He gets a call about the Pikeman shipment, and he discusses with the person on the other end this is a big deal and they could all do time if it goes wrong. Joss overhears and asks what Pikeman is. Joss reminds him he swore he would be done working for Sonny soon, but that won’t do him any good if he’s arrested.

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Dex explains to Joss that he won’t be arrested, but Sonny will be. He reveals he’s working undercover to get evidence against Sonny. She asks if he’s a cop or a federal agent, and he admits he’s not. He tells her that he was hired to work his way into Sonny’s circle and gain information for his employer to use against Sonny. Joss asks who he’s working for. Dex says he can’t tell her that, but he can pull out of this job. He says her hating Sonny, and seeing him behind bars for life, are two different things. He asks what she wants him to do.

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Michael and Willow arrive at the gatehouse where Carly is waiting with Wiley and the baby to welcome her home.  Willow sits down and feeds baby Amelia and Michael thanks Carly for taking care of the kids while he brought Willow home.

Michael and Willow come home GH

Carly puts baby Amelia to bed, and Wiley notes the baby sleeps a lot. Michael explains she’s growing and needs sleep. Wiley says mommy sleeps a lot too. Willow explains she was tired when baby Amelia was in her tummy. He asks now that she’s not, is she going to be able to play with him more? Willow explains she still has to take it easy for a while. Michael decides to take Wiley to the house to help Olivia make a pizza.

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Alone, Willow breaks down and tells Carly she didn’t expect it to be this hard. She doesn’t know if it is fair to keep lying to her child. Carly thinks Wiley may be too young to understand the concept of death, and it’s okay not to tell him on her first day home. Willow doesn’t know how to tell her little boy she’s going to leave him forever and it didn’t have to be that way.

willow breaks down GH

Willow knows she could have started treatment earlier, but she put the baby ahead of her little boy. Carly tells her that she made a choice at giving her daughter her best chance at life. She says she may be leaving Wiley, but she gave him a baby sister, so stop blaming herself. Willow admits she’s afraid and doesn’t want to leave her children or Michael. Carly holds her and says she knows.

Willow doesn't know what to do GH

Sonny stops by the Quartermaines to see Brook Lynn and is hoping she can help him. He explains he and Michael are still fighting, but he still has a lot of years to try and get through to Michael. However, Nina and Willow may only have weeks. He needs to find a way to convince Willow to see her mother. He asks Brook Lynn to let Michael know he needs to talk to him. Michael appears and says he’s here so what does Sonny need to talk to him about? Brook Lynn leaves to give them privacy.

Sonny and Brook Lynn chat GH

Michael guesses his father is here about Nina. Sonny begs his son to convince Willow to see her mother, but Michael won’t do that. Michael states these might be Willow’s last days and she gets to spend them the way she wants, not making Nina feel better. Sonny blows up and says he gives up on Michael. He screams he’s tried to get through to him, but he can’t. He says if Michael can’t show any compassion for Nina then he won’t be responsible for what happens and storms out.

Michael listens to Sonny GH

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Nina arrives at the hospital and overhears Drew telling a nurse he is there to finish the paperwork for the family now that Willow is gone. Nina is stunned and asks what he means. Drew relays that she went back home, and Nina is relieved. Drew explains she wanted to be home to enjoy Michael and the kids as long as she can. Nina fears Willow is giving up. Drew says this was Willow’s choice, but Nina feels she’ll get better treatment here. Drew tells her that Michael and Willow made this decision together. Nina adds, “With Carly’s input no doubt.”

Nina and Drew argue GH

Nina vents about now she has no access to her own daughter and can’t believe Drew is OK with Carly lying to him for months about Willow. Drew isn’t OK with that but says he and Carly are members of an extended family through Michael and they are trying to get along for Willow’s sake. Nina seethes that Carly ruined any chance she had of reconciling with Willow. Drew tells her she has nobody to blame for that but herself. Drew points out she alienated Willow for years. Nina says if they had known the truth sooner, they could have reconciled earlier. Drew believes Carly owed Willow the truth, and to let her decide what to do with it, but she didn’t owe Nina anything. Nina calls him as self-righteous as Carly and says when payback comes, he’ll be just as deserving of it.

Drew blames Nina GH

On the next General Hospital: Scott tells Robert he can make his life easier. Jordan asks Heather if she attacked Nikolas Cassadine. Dex explains to Joss he either keeps working to take Sonny down, or he has to leave Port Charles. Esme is stunned when Heather turns up in her hospital room. Heather says, “I’m your mother, where else would I be.”

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