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In her room at the Metro Court, Portia gets off the phone with her brother Zeke after updating him on everything, and thanks him for not judging her. There is a knock at the door and it’s Taggert, so she invites him in. She tells him to let her have it. Taggert wishes Portia would have given him more credit. He forgave her for the affair, and he wouldn’t have loved Trina any less if she wasn’t his flesh and blood. Portia explains she was just so afraid of ruining their family, and as time went on, that fear of the truth coming out got worse. Taggert says if she only told him that could have been avoided. He says he would have been angry, but he would have heard her out. She doesn’t understand why he’s not angry now. He explains he’d like to think he’s grown, but it doesn’t mean it hurts less.

Taggert forgives Portia GH

Taggert explains his bond with Trina goes beyond DNA, but now Trina is questioning that. Portia cries that’s what she was afraid of and asks how Trina is doing. He reveals she’s in pain and confused. Portia asks if Trina wants to know who her father is. He says that didn’t come up, but he is Trina’s dad, period. She assures him that of course he is, as he raised and has always been there for Trina. He tells Portia she’s a good mother, who made a mistake, but the three of them are family and that won’t change. Portia thanks him for forgiving her, but she doesn’t know if she can say the same about Trina.

Portia worries about Trina GH

At Wyndemere, Mac promises Kevin and Laura that Ryan won’t get away. Kevin explains if Esme is Ryan’s daughter, then he’ll see her as an extension of himself, and as a piece of property. Suddenly Esme storms through the front door into Laura’s arms and cries she’s in labor. Heather is thrilled she gets to be there for the delivery and cheers. Suddenly, Bennet arrives with news of shots fired on the other side of the island. Jordan must investigate, and asks Bennet to call for help with Esme and get Heather to lock up as she’s the hook killer.

Kevin and Laura make Esme comfortable on the couch, and Kevin realizes this baby is coming now, she isn’t going to make it to the hospital in time. Laura and Kevin help Esme prepare, and Laura asks Bennet to get Heather out of there. Heather refuses to go and screams she has a right to be here as she’s Esme’s mother and that baby’s grandmother.

Heather reveals she's Esme's mom GH

Esme is horrified and says it can’t be true, but Heather insists it is. Laura tells Esme evidence suggests that Heather is her mother. Esme calls Heather a psychotic killer and that she’ll never see this baby. As Bennet takes Heather away, Heather screams, “I am your mother, you are mine and always will be mine!”

Esme is horrigied GH

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In the woods, Ava aims the gun square at Ryan and pulls the trigger, but the gun is out of bullets. Ryan laughs, “You’re not done with me yet.” Ryan tells Ava that they are alike in so many ways, and that they belong together. He approaches her and she screams and pushes him away. Suddenly a gunshot rings out and Ryan goes down. Ava turns to see Mac holding a gun. Mac walks over to Ryan, who raises his head and says, “It had to be you.” He then takes his last breath.

mac shoots Ryan GH

Jordan soon arrives and calls in a second EMS unit when she sees Ryan is down. She walks over, checks on Ryan and confirms he’s dead. Mac tells Ava it’s over. Jordan asks what happened. Mac explains Ava got off a shot and hit Ryan in the shoulder. He says he arrived, and Ryan kept approaching Ava so he shot him. Mac assures Ava that Ryan’s reign of terror has come to an end.

Mac comforts Ava GH

On the docks, Spencer tells Trina and Alexis that he’s sure Esme knew about Ryan, which is why she set up the internship at Spring Ridge, but she had no idea who her mother was. Alexis tells them Heather isn’t just her mother, she is also the hook killer. Trina realizes it was Esme’s crazy mother trying to avenge Esme by taking out her enemies.

alexis fills Trina and Spencer in GH

Ava arrives at the docks and Trina runs to her and they embrace. Ava tells them Ryan is dead and Heather is in custody. Ava is being taken to the hospital, so Spencer says Trina should go with Ava and he’ll wait here for news on Esme. When Spencer learns from Alexis that his grandmother is also on the island he panics.

Trina and Spencer see Ava GH

Heather is dragged off the launch, by Bennet and Jordan, and Heather screams her baby is in labor and needs her. She looks at Spencer and says, “You were next!” Spencer tells Jordan he knows the island is a crime scene, but he has to get there.

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Finn brings Liz home and offers to stay and keep her company. She knows he’s afraid if left alone that she’ll turn herself in tonight. Scott knocks at the door and is sorry he’s come by so late, but they have unfinished business. Finn takes a call from the hospital, and Liz invites Scott in. After he ends his call, Finn explains he must go as there was another hook attack. He asks Liz not to make any rash decisions tonight, as things may look different tomorrow.

Finn advises Liz GH

Finn leaves, and Scott suggests they get started. She says there is no need, she made her decision. Off camera, she fills Scott in on everything, and she asks Scott if there is some kind of deal he can work out. Scott asks if she’s lost her mind. He can’t believe she got dragged into this by Nikolas, and now he’s just up and vanished. She says she can’t lose her children and begs for Scott’s help. Scott promises to do everything in his power to get her out of this mess.

Liz asks for help GH

At the hospital, Austin is in a room and Felicia keeps him company. He’s worried about Ava, but she says Mac will keep her safe. Felicia says Ava was frantic when she saw he was hurt, and she didn’t know they were so well acquainted. She asks Austin why he was there so late, and he says he was just checking up on Ava who was a patient of his. She thinks it’s an odd time to make a house call. He recalls Ava telling him they had to move the body, and then says out loud, “That island must be crawling with cops by now.” Finn interrupts and confirms there was no poison on the hook he was attacked with according to his blood work. Felicia steps out so Finn can check Austin’s vitals.

Finn checks on Austin GH

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Ava and Trina arrive at GH, and Felicia sees them and rushes over to check on Ava. Ava asks about Austin, and Felicia says he’s fine. Ava tells Felicia that Mac stopped Ryan, and he’s finally dead. They both embrace one another in tears.

Felicia and Ava celebrate GH

Trina sits with Ava, who can’t stop thinking about all that happened tonight. Trina tells her that she is allowed to be relieved that Ryan is dead because he and his daughter terrorized her. Later, Ava, thinking of Nikolas’ body, tries to go talk to Austin, but a nurse says he’s being moved and can’t be bothered.

Elsewhere, Alexis arrives and runs into Finn. She asks about Austin, and Finn says he’ll recover. Alexis can see he’s worried about something and assumes it is about that friend of his who committed a felony. Finn says it’s out of his hands now.

Alexis checks on Finn GH

Back on the island, Ryan is put into a body bag. Jordan notes to Mac that Heather will be locked away for life, but there is still the matter of Esme and what part she played in these events.

Ryan body bag GH

At Wyndemere, the paramedics arrive and help Kevin deliver the baby. Laura sits behind Esme and offers her comfort. Esme is told to give one final push, and the baby comes out crying. Esme asks if her baby is OK.

Esme gives birth GH

Spencer arrives as Esme and her baby are put on a gurney to be transferred to General Hospital. Laura tells Spencer he has a new baby brother.

Out front of Wyndemere, Mac returns, and Kevin asks about Ryan. Mac asks him to come with him. Kevin says, “Just tell me.” Mac explains he had no choice, and Ryan is dead. Kevin asks Mac to show him.

Mac breaks news to kevin GH

Mac takes Kevin to the clearing where Ryan’s body is in a body bag. Kevin says he can feel it’s real this time. He kneels down and unzips the bag and looks upon his brother’s dead face. Felicia arrives and hugs Mac. She asks if it is true, and he shows her. Felicia approaches Kevin and kneels beside him. Kevin tells Felicia at least it’s the end of a long nightmare for her. Felicia knows Ryan was still his brother. Kevin hopes Ryan finds the peace he never could in this life.

Felicia Kevin moment GH

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Back at the house, Spencer looks at his brother and says he looks like a Cassadine. Esme says Nikolas told her the truth, that he was the father, and she promises she’s not the person she was. She’d do anything for this baby. Laura tells Esme she’ll check on her later but to get some rest tonight. As Esme is wheeled out, she asks Spencer to tell her dad about the baby as she doesn’t know how to reach him. Spencer comments, “That makes two of us.”

spencer sees baby GH

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