Ava shoots Ryan GH
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At the gallery, Trina and Spencer kiss. Spencer says he’s wanted this for so long, and she admits she has too. They continue to kiss, and Trina tries to unbutton his shirt. He stops her and says she means too much to him, and he won’t do this. She doesn’t understand and asks if he doesn’t want to. He does, but not like this. He wants it to be perfect for her. Plus, he knows she’s hurting, and this won’t fix that. He tells her that he’ll take her home, but she refuses to go back there. He asks where he should take her then.

Trina an Spencer keep kissing GH

Trina says she needs a place to think, to scream and slam doors where she doesn’t have to worry about the neighbors. Spencer has an idea, and he leads her off.

Trina and Spencer talk GH

Curtis storms into The Savoy where N’neka is closing and she asks why he’s here on his wedding night. He grabs some whiskey and says he’ll explain another time, and he can close for her. N’neka makes a call to someone telling them they may want to get down to The Savoy as Curtis is in a bad way.

Curtis takes shots when Marshall arrives and tells him to put the glass down. His father asks Curtis what happened at the reception.  Curtis reveals that Trina may be his daughter. He explains Aunt Stella found out, and that’s why she stayed away from the ceremony. He says Jordan did too, but he, Trina and Taggert weren’t the only people who didn’t know. He thinks that if Trina hadn’t gone to find Stella then he’d never known. Marshall doesn’t believe Stella would keep this from him.

Curtis is angry GH

Curtis doesn’t know how you keep a secret like this for 20 years. Marshall reminds him he did it for 40 years, and you learn to put it in a box and keep it out of mind. However, the secret is always there, and sooner or later it comes out. Marshall believes Portia was scared of the truth coming out, just like he was, and feared the truth could cost her everything. He points out that Curtis walking out on her proved Portia’s fears were correct. Curtis exclaims some things are unforgivable. Marshall reminds Curtis he forgave him, and he can forgive Portia too. He urges him to let it hurt, but he has to also let it heal. Marshall knows he’ll figure this out, and he’ll be here for him. They embrace.

MArshall calms Curtis GH

On the docks, Laura tells Alexis off the record that a hostage situation is happening on Spoon Island. Alexis assumes it has to do with the three escapees. Alexis explains she’s deduced the hook was out to avenge Esme. Kevin asks if she knows who would what to avenge Esme. Alexis doesn’t know why, but she knows who, and it’s Heather Webber. Laura reminds her that Heather was locked up but Alexis says that she’s broken out before.

laura and KEvin question Alexis GH

Alexis explains to Kevin and Laura that the letter she received from the killer was written on an old-fashioned typewriter with a very specific keystroke. She called Darkham and they had the typewriter used to write the letter. Kevin realizes they all broke out together because it was a family affair. Alexis wonders what they know that she doesn’t.

Alexis knows who the hook is GH

Alexis learns Ryan is Esme’s father from Laura. Kevin deduces Heather could be Esme’s mother and tried to avenge her with the killings. Alexis says that would explain why they escaped together. Laura notes, “And now they’re on the island together.”

Alexis, Kevin and Laura put their heads together GH

Alexis asks Kevin if Esme could be faking her amnesia. Kevin doesn’t believe so, and she may not even know Ryan and Heather are her parents. He says she could be an innocent bystander in all this.

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At Wyndemere, Heather tells Ava she now has the chance to end Ryan’s obsession with her once and for all. Ava thinks she’ll leave Ryan to the cops. Heather taunts her that Ryan is responsible for destroying her life. Ava asks how a man in prison could destroy her life. Heather teases Ryan had help.

HEather taunts Ava GH

Suddenly Austin moans and tells them not to trust her. Ava and Felicia run to Austin’s side, and Heather continues to tell Ava that Ryan played her and insinuated himself into her family and marriage. Ava demands to know what Ryan did. Felicia tends to Austin as Heather says this isn’t her story to tell. She hands Ava the gun, and Felicia yells, “Shoot her!”

Felicia checks on Austin GH

Heather laughs that shooting her won’t solve their Ryan problem. Felicia thinks they need to call 911 for Austin and get the heck out of there. Ava notes, “Heather may be psychotic, but she’s right about one thing. Ryan Chambers started this, and I’m going to end it.” Ava storms out of the house.

Heather hints to Ava GH

Jordan, Bennet and Mac soon arrive, and Felicia and Mac embrace. Heather is arrested by Detective Bennet, and Jordan asks where Ryan is. Felicia explains Ryan went after Esme, and Ava went after Ryan with Heather’s gun. An officer finds the bloody hook, and Mac tells him to bag it. Jordan questions Austin, who is doing better, about what happened to him. He explains he was stabbed by the lady in the handcuffs over there. Heather grins. As Mac calls in help for Austin, and Heather insists there is no rush as that hook had no venom on it.

HEather arrested GH

Felicia explains to Jordan and Mac that after Austin got stabbed, Esme freaked out and ran off, and Ryan went after her. She asks what Ryan wants with Esme. Heather chimes, “Oh didn’t I tell you, he is her daddy!” They wonder how she knows, and she says she has one of those faces that people like to confide in. Later, Austin is put on a gurney to be transported to the mainland, and Mac insists Felicia go with him.

Felicia Mac embrace GH

In the woods, Ryan finds Esme on the ground and asks her to let him help. She cries her water broke and the baby is coming. Ryan says they need to get her back to the house, but she cries “Get away from me, the baby’s coming.” He tells her that he’s her dad and a doctor, so she has to trust him. She tries to crawl away from him, but he insists that he’s the only person who can help her. He says, “Daddy knows best.”

Ryan Esme's only Hope GH

Esme refuses to trust him, and he reveals she used to adore him. He explains they planned this escape for months and to be together as a family with Ava. Esme calls him delusional as Ava despises him.

Esme doesn't trust Ryan GH

Suddenly Ava appears with a gun drawn and aimed at Ryan. She warns him to get away from Esme or she’ll blow his head off. Esme begs Ava to help her as her water has broken. Ryan says they need to get her back to the house so she can have his grandchild. Ava is sickened to learn that Esme is his daughter, and realizes it’s been him all along. Ryan gleefully reveals it was he who set Esme up at that French school, he told her to seduce Spencer, and he taught her everything she knows. He’s thrilled that Esme has finally brought them together. Ryan tries to approach Ava, but she warns him if he takes another step then she’ll kill him.

Kevin tries to reason with Ava GH

Back on the docks, Laura gets an update from Jordan via phone and relays the information to Alexis and Kevin. Laura insists she gets to Spoon Island. Kevin goes with her, and Alexis calls someone to tell them there is breaking news and to turn on their recorder. She begins relaying all she knows.

Alexis calls in news GH

Felicia and Austin exit the launch, and Alexis asks Felicia what is happening over there. Felicia insists Mac has the situation is under control, which Alexis knows means Ryan’s still on the loose.

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Spencer and Trina arrive on the docks to police commotion. He explains to Alexis he was planning to take Trina over to Ava. He asks what is happening. Alexis fills him in on what she knows, including who Esme’s parents are.

Spencer learns truth GH ABC

Kevin and Laura arrive at Wyndemere and offer any help they can. Kevin also thinks Heather might be keen to help, as she likely doesn’t want to see any harm come to her daughter and grandchild. Laura asks, “Esme is your daughter, isn’t she?” Heather gloats, “She’s got my smile.”

Kevin and Laura arrive GH

Back in the woods, Ryan tries to convince Ava that once she begins thinking straight she’ll understand why he did what he did. As she calls him delusional Esme is able to sneak off. Ava cries, “First you took Kiki, then you took Nikolas.” She screams he’ll keep taking until someone stops him.” Ryan insists that right now they must focus on Esme. He turns to look at Esme, only to find her gone. Ava asks, “How does it feel to lose the one thing you truly love.”

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Ryan tells her to put the gun down as they must find Esme. She fires and hits him in the arm, and he goes down. He is stunned, and she asks, “Does it hurt? Are you in pain? I can tell you about real pain.” She cries about Kiki, who she needed, and that she needed Nikolas too, and they are gone because of him. Ryan gets on his feet and admits that maybe killing Kiki was a mistake, but getting rid of that idiot Nikolas wasn’t. Ava cries out that she killed him because he poisoned their marriage. Ryan is impressed and thinks now nothing stands between them from being together. She calls him crazy, but he promises the three of them, and the baby, will vanish to an island where nobody will find them.

Ava shoots Ryan GH



Ryan walks close to Ava and says, “You hold my life in your hands, till death do us part.” Ava repeats the phrase and pulls the trigger. However, the gun doesn’t appear to fire.

Meanwhile, Esme bursts into Wydnemre sobbing and rushes into Laura’s arms.

On the next General Hospital: Scott tells Liz they have unfinished business. Finn again pushes Liz not to make a decision tonight. At the hospital, Felicia says to Austin, who is in a hospital bed, “It’s a little late for a house call.” Taggert confronts Portia and tells her, “I am Trina’s dad.” At Wyndemere, Kevin realizes Esme’s baby is coming now. In the woods, Ryan taunts Ava by saying, “You’re not done with me yet.”

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