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In their room at the Metro Court, Portia tells Curtis that she didn’t want to risk the life they were building based on something that might not be true. Curtis wonders what kind of life they could have with that lie between them, and she knows how important honesty is to him. She explains this also involved Trina, and in her eyes and heart Marcus was her father. Portia couldn’t hurt her baby over a possibility, but now she knows and Trina’s heart is breaking.

Portia pleads with Curtis GH

Curtis knows she’s worried about Trina and if she wants to go after her then go. Portia cries she is the last person Trina wants to see. Curtis cares about Trina too, and Portia says that’s one of the things that made her fall in love with him again. Curtis asks how then she could keep this information from him knowing that he longed for a child of his own. Portia couldn’t do that to Trina and Marcus, and she also knew how it would affect him knowing all the years he missed out on. She explains how miserable they would all be if she raised the possibility. Curtis reminds her when Marshall returned she pushed him to give him a chance, and  now he has that chance to get to know his father. Portia sobs the situations are different, but if Trina is his, she hopes the same for them. Curtis demands to if she was ever going to find out the truth or tell him. She admits probably not.

Portia tries to explain to Curtis GH

Curtis doesn’t understand how Aunt Stella found out. Portia suspects Jordan told her. Curtis can’t believe Jordan knew and told Aunt Stella instead of him. Portia cries she knows this is bad, but they can make it through this, and she promises this won’t happen again. Curtis says that’s what she told him when he found out she was married 20 years ago, and it’s starting to seem like a pattern. Curtis says he needs some air. Portia asks if he’s coming back. Before walking out the door he says, “I can’t answer that.”

Curtis walks out on Portia GH

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Gregory arrives at The Invader office and Alexis thinks they should celebrate his joining the editorial board and produces some sparkling cider. Gregory breaks the news that the university won’t allow him to take the job as they see it as a conflict of interest. Alexis vents, “Academia makes no sense!” They’re interrupted by a call from Smoltz, who informs her of the escape from Spring Ridge. Alexis knows already, but their names haven’t been released, so get her those. Seconds later Alexis gets a text from Smoltz, and he comes through with the names. Alexis reveals to Gregory that Ryan, Heather and Esme escaped. Gregory is confused about how Esme got involved in this. Alexis says Esme was coddling up to Ryan, and Heather has a knack for escaping. She calls all three cold-blooded killers, but Gregory reminds her Esme is off the hook, so to speak, for the attacks.

Gregory Alexis celebrate GH

They go back over the letter the killer wrote Alexis, which seems as if the killer has a personal agenda. The “Me and mine,” line continues to stick out to them, and they ponder if Esme’s nanny could be the killer. Alexis decides to call Sam and Dante to see if they found out anything, but only gets voice mail. Gregory decides to leave Alexis to her work. Alexis looks back over the letter, and then calls the warden.

Alexis and Gregory investigate GH

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Trina and Spencer end up at Ava’s art gallery. She explains she brought him there because it’s a place she’s mostly been happy, but he doesn’t have to stay. He refuses to leave her alone now that he knows Esme has escaped. He has no idea if Esme remembers, or was faking the whole time, which is why he had to find her. Trina doubts Esme would risk coming after her as she’d get caught. She also knows he is likely worried about the baby. Spencer says there isn’t much he can do about that now and asks Trina what went down tonight.

Trina and Spencer at gallery GH

Trina confesses to Spencer that she found out her mother has been lying to her and that Curtis might be her biological father. Spencer asks where her mother is, and Trina assumes with Curtis. Spencer thinks she must be going through hell. Trina vents, “She deserves it.” Spencer knows what it feels like to be hurt by those they love, especially a parent. Spencer says no matter how bad things get that she has to know her mom won’t abandon her. Trina knows that she’ll always be there for her. Spencer says he will too.

Spencer praises Trina GH

Spencer finds it funny they are back in the same place they met. Trina laughs getting nostalgic about dousing her in flake blood is a bit weird. Trina relates that she was talking to her dad when he found her, and he said nothing will change if he was not her biological father. However, she says things have changed, and she doesn’t know who she is anymore. Spencer tells her that she is the girl who likes classic sitcoms, feminist artists, and someone who won’t rat her friends out. He goes on to list other characteristics, such as she’s fair and forgiving. He tells her whoever’s child she is, that she is the sweetest, smartest and bravest person he knows. They look into one another’s eyes, and Trina kisses him. After she pulls away, he kisses her back passionately.

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At Wyndemere, Ryan asks Felicia and Ava to choose which one of them will die. Felicia tells Ryan that Mac probably already knows where they are, and he’s trapped himself on this island. Felicia knows Mac will stop Ryan. Ava gloats, “Unless someone else stops him first.” Ryan asks if there is someone else on the island. Ava taunts, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Ryan holds a gun on Felicia and Ava GH

In the foyer, Heather hooks Austin in the stomach and says, “Sorry doc, wrong time, wrong place.” Esme lets out a blood-curdling scream.

The hook comes down GH

In the living room, Austin bursts through the doors and collapses. Heather and Esme enter, and Esme has the hook in her hand as Heather drags her. Esme promptly passes out. Ryan tells Heather she was supposed to wait at the launch. Ryan gives Heather his gun and tells him to cover the women as he checks Esme out. He declares she just fainted, probably because of witnessing her lunacy.

Austin gets the hook

Felicia and Ava are stunned that Heather is the hook. Ava wants to help Austin and rushes over to apply pressure to his wound. Ryan says it’s time to go after he deals with Felicia, who he’s decided to kill. Heather tells him to wake up because it’s only a matter of time before the cops know where they are. Ava meanwhile declares Austin is losing too much blood.

Esme tries to run, but Ryan holds the gun on her and says, “You belong to me, you and that baby!” Suddenly Felicia clubs Ryan with a fire poker from behind. He goes down, and Esme runs out the patio door windows.

Heather blasts Ryan GH

Heather manages to tackle Felicia, and Ryan aims the gun at Ava, who also tried to flee. Ryan gives Heather the gun and says he’ll go after Esme and she can do whatever she likes with the ladies.

Heather holds the gun on Ava and Felicia and asks, “Any last words?” She then yells, “Bang!” and laughs. She tells them to get out of there and live their lives. They doubt she’s serious, so she points out she could have killed them by now. She doesn’t want to be a part of Ryan’s stupid games, and she knows Ava can find her way through the tunnels that lead off the island. Felicia doesn’t want to leave Austin behind, but Ava says it may be best the go and send help. Heather suggests to Ava she might want to hang back to end Ryan’s obsession with her once and for all. Heather teases that Ava is going to want to hear this, that it was Ryan who was responsible for destroying her life.

Felicia and Ava are stunned GH

Out in the wilderness, Ryan finds Esme, who is on the ground. She screams at him to get away from her. Ryan wants to help her. Esme cries her water broke and the baby is coming.

Ryan locates Esme GH

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At the hospital, Mac is discharged, and Laura reveals she hasn’t been able to reach Ava. Jordan says Mac’s car was found near the pier and the launch is on the island. Laura deduces that is where they all are.

Mac Laura and Jordon speculate GH

Mac, Laura and Jordan arrive at the docks with other police officers. They try and come up with a plan of action. One of the detectives tells them Felicia’s last cellphone use was on Spoon Island. He also lets Laura know her husband is here, so Kevin is let through the barrier. Kevin joins them and asks what is going on.

More speculation on the docs GH

Alone, Kevin is updated by Laura and is not surprised Ryan was faking and went straight for Ava. Laura believes Felicia went to the island to see Ava. Kevin doesn’t understand how Heather and Esme factor into this. Laura explains Heather is a mystery, but Esme is Ryan’s daughter. Kevin believes Esme’s memory loss is genuine, but it’s likely she knew about Ryan before she lost it.

Mac and Jordan approach and ask Laura if there is any way onto the island. Laura recalls the tunnels, which Ryan doesn’t know about. She hasn’t been through them in years but thinks she can lead them through. Mac reveals the PCPD has a basic map, given the troubles the Cassadines have caused over the years. Laura still can’t shake the feeling there is another danger they are missing.

Laura works to draw the path through the tunnels on the map. Laura still can’t stop thinking that Ryan insisted Esme wasn’t the hook and does that mean he knows who the killer is? Eventually, Mac, Jordan and the cops vest up and head into the tunnels.

Suddenly Alexis appears looking for Jordan. Laura explains she’s on her way to Wyndemere. Laura tells her off the record there is a hostage situation there. Alexis assumes it has to do with the escapees, and Laura confirms it. Alexis explains she’s been looking at the hook’s crimes and that all the victims were linked to Trina and Esme, but the hitlist was one avenging Esme. She doesn’t know how, but she does know who the hook is.

Alexis knows who the hook is GH

On the next General Hospital: Trina asks Spencer not to stop. Curtis tells Marshall that Portia did something unforgivable. Laura asks Alexis, “Do you know why?” Alexis calls in breaking news. Ava vows, “Ryan started this and I’ll finish it.” Ryan insists to Esme that he’s the best chance she’s got.

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