Taggert and Curtis learn about Portia's lie GH
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In England, Maggie tells Dante and Sam that their serial killer must be Esme’s father Ryan, because Esme is nothing like him. She has no idea who her mother is, but it’s no wonder she gave Esme up for adoption with Ryan as her father. Trying to calm Maggie, Dante explains Ryan is locked away for life, and he can’t get to her or anyone. Maggie reveals how Esme found out about Ryan through the pin attached to her baby blanket when the nuns took her, the pin from Ryan’s first victim.

Dante Sam shocked Maggie GH

At Wyndemere, Ava opens her door to see Felicia out, only to find Ryan standing there. Felicia lets out a scream, and Ryan calls this a happy day as he’s getting two for the price of one. He ushers them into the living room brandishing Mac’s gun.

Ryan takes hostages GH ABC

Felicia asks how Ryan is here, and how is he walking and talking. He jokes he’s a medical miracle. Ava says she knew he was faking it and has a laugh over him having to sit in silence and listen to her taunting him all those times. Felicia joins in and says he had to sit there weak and helpless while they all laughed at him, and he’s losing his touch.

Ava taunts Ryan GH

Ryan disagrees and taunts Felicia that he ran into Mac on the way here and took his gun, which he won’t be needing anymore. She demands to know what he did to him. He thinks she doesn’t want the gory details. Felicia refuses to believe him, and Ava points out he’s now trapped on an island with them. He doubts anyone is going to save them and asks when they can expect Ava’s waste of space husband to come home.

Ryan taunts Felicia GH

Felicia informs Ryan someone will eventually come looking for them as they have people who care about them, unlike him. Ava wonders who helped Ryan escape. He says he did let someone in on the fact he wasn’t locked in, a chip off the old block you could say.

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Jordan locates the knocked-out Mac on the side of the road. Later after calling for help, Laura arrives on the scene and learns Jordan was on her way to Spring Ridge when she found Mac. Mac, while being checked out by a paramedic, insists he gets to Spring Ridge, but Jordan orders him to be taken to the hospital. He reveals Heather and Esme have escaped, and a third person he didn’t see knocked him out. They stole his car and gun. Laura ponders why Heather would saddle herself with a pregnant Esme.

Knocked out Mac GH

At the safe house, Anna and Valentin occupy themselves with yoga. Later they discuss their plan to let Victor think they are dead and gaslight Eileen. Anna knows Eileen had a spotless record before working with Victor, and she’s no master criminal, so they can crack her and get her to talk.

Valentin and Anna's plan GH

Later, Anna begins to wonder where Felicia is. Valentin gets a message and says they are all set for when Eileen uses her phone next.

At the Metro Court, Victor phones someone in France to find out if Lucy and Anna’s bodies have been located. He doesn’t like the answer he’s given, noting he’s having a hard enough time getting the authorities to release Valentin’s body.

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Eileen arrives to meet Victor. She reminds him that she told him she’s done working with him. Victor says she works for him, and that will continue. He asks why she’s suddenly so shaken, and she recalls hearing Anna’s voice on her radio telling her, “You’re next.” Eileen says this has gone too far and Anna and Valentin are dead. Victor says sacrifices must be made, but Eileen worries Laura is onto her. Victor orders her to do whatever it takes to convince her otherwise and don’t disappoint him.

Eileen is frightened GH

Spencer sits at the bar waiting to hear back from Trina. Victor finds him and asks what he’s doing here. Spencer explains he’s hanging around for news from a friend who might need him. He asks Victor how he’s doing. Victor says the reality he’s lost his son is still sinking in, and that’s why he’s trying to mend this rift with Nikolas, who isn’t answering his calls. Nikolas reveals Ava claims his father left town.

Victor talks to Spencer GH

In Portia’s room, Trina opens the door to leave and finds Taggert and Curtis standing there. Trina cries in Taggert’s arms, and Curtis asks Portia what is going on. Taggert asks why their daughter is bawling her eyes out. Trina reveals mom says she might not be his daughter. Curtis asks Portia if this is true, and Portia admits it’s possible. She cries that she doesn’t know who Trina’s father is. Trina can’t listen to this again and runs out, and Taggert follows her.

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Curtis accuses Portia of lying to him. Portia says he walked away from her after he found out she was married and wanted nothing to do with her. She thought he was out of her life, and Taggert wanted to save their marriage. She explains she didn’t want to destroy her family for a man who didn’t want anything to do with her at the time. She knows she should have been honest, but there was a chance that Marcus was the father, so she convinced herself he was. She explains she wanted Trina to grow up in a loving, happy home. Curtis responds, “A happy home without me.”

Portia cries to Curtis GH

Curtis demands to know why when they reconnected, and her marriage to Taggert was over didn’t she tell him the truth? She cries she agonized over it, and then they thought Taggert died, and she couldn’t take him away from Trina that way. Curtis says, “So you lied instead.” Portia says she has lived with this guilt and anxiety, and she didn’t want to risk ruining their new life together. He asks, “What kind of life could we have with this lie hanging between us?”

Curtis furious with Portia

Taggert finds Trina sitting in the parking garage. He assures her that they’ll figure this out. She asks if mom’s lies don’t matter to him. He says she is and always will be his daughter, and they embrace.

TAggert comforts Trina GH

Jordan and Laura arrive at the hospital and speak with the warden from Spring Ridge. The warden explains one of the guards is also missing. Eileen appears and suggests the guard could be Heather and Esme’s accomplice. The warden leaves, and Laura asks Eileen why she’s here. Eileen explains she heard about the escape and came to check on Mac and see if she can help. Laura says everything is fine for now. Eileen apologizes for overstepping while Laura was away, and that she was just eager to prove herself to her. Laura thanks her and asks her to deal with the reporters outside, but do not confirm it was Heather and Esme who escaped.

Laura makes request GH

Back at the Metro Court, Victor gets a call from Eileen. He excuses himself from Spencer and learns Esme has escaped. Victor asks her to keep him informed, and lets Spencer know about Esme’s escape. Spencer worries because this means Trina is in danger. He rushes off. Alone, Victor calls someone and asks them to track down Nikolas.

Spencer worries about Trina GH

Back in the garage, Trina asks Taggert if he ever suspected she wasn’t his daughter. Taggert says never for a moment. Trina doesn’t understand how he could forgive mom for cheating. Taggert admits he struggled, and it takes two to ruin a marriage. He didn’t want to lose Portia or her, so he forgave her. He says they were happy for a while until he got crazy with the Cyrus case. Trina says she’ll never forgive her. Spencer shows up needing to see Trina as it’s urgent. Trina tells her father she’ll call him and asks Spencer to get her out of here.

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At the hospital, Jordan calls Dante for an update on Maggie. She says there is a situation going on and Esme and Heather have escaped. Dante reveals to Jordan that according to Maggie Esme believes Ryan to be her father. Jordan relays this to a stunned Laura. Just then a detective arrives with the news of Ryan’s escape from Spring Ridge as well.

Outside, Eileen contacts the warden of Spring Ridge for a statement, when suddenly static cuts in, and Anna’s voice comes over the phone saying “You’re next!” Eileen asks who this is. Anna tells her, “You know, you killed me and you have my blood on your hands!”

Eileen is haunted again GH

In Mac’s room, Jordan, Laura and Mac discuss the latest turn of events. Mac calls Felicia, and Ryan answers her phone and taunts Mac that Felicia is now his insurance policy. He tells Mac if he sees a cop then Felicia dies, so stay out of his way. After Ryan hangs up, Mac worries about Felicia. He notes that Ryan was fixated on Felicia for decades, and he thought she was safe when he turned his fixation to Ava. Suddenly, Laura thinks she knows where to look for them.

Mac is worried GH

Back at the safehouse, Anna asks Valentin if she was scared in the call to Eileen. He says he thought it was hot and kisses her. Anna continues to worry about Felicia and if there could be a problem.

At Wyndemere, Felicia is relieved that Mac is fine. In the foyer, Austin enters and hears Ryan ordering the ladies to come with him as he has people waiting for him. Ava says, “We’re not going anywhere with you Ryan.” He says she may be right, as they have a problem. He says there isn’t room on the boat for the three of them, so one of them will have to say goodbye forever, and asks which one it will be.

Ryan to kill Felicia or Ava GH

In the foyer, Austin pulls out his phone to make a call, when suddenly he turns. A figure storms through the front door raises a hook, and it comes slicing down.

The hook comes down GH

Over in England, Maggie is in a panic of the news that Ryan has escaped and has Esme with him. Sam wonders how Heather is involved in all of this.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis and Portia’s confrontation continues. Laura tells Mac it feels like they’re missing something. Spencer says to Trina, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.” Heather holds a gun on someone and asks if they have any last words. Esme begs, “Please don’t!”

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