Trina is furious with her mother
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In England, Dante stops Maggie as she is heading out of the pub. He asks to speak to her again about Esme Prince, who he says is in prison and pregnant. She relents and invites him in for a pint. As he sits down at a table, she grabs a cricket bat from under the bar. She makes her move to hit him, but Dante catches her. As Maggie tries to run, Sam arrives at the pub door and blocks her way, calling her out by her name. They want to know why she lied to them, and what or who she’s afraid of.

Sam stops Maggie GH

Sam and Dante introduce themselves, and Maggie apologizes for misleading them and explains nobody has asked about Esme since she came here. Dante informs her that Esme has been accused of some serious crimes, and she also lost her memory in an accident. He believes Maggie may have information that could help them exonerate Esme of some of the crimes she’s accused of.

Dante asks for Maggie's help GH

Maggie wants to help Esme, and explain her actions were because she’s been afraid Esme’s father would come after her ever since Esme found him. She even thought he may have sent them after her. Dante asks if she could tell them who Esme’s father is. Maggie calls her father the devil incarnate and reveals it’s Ryan Chamberlain.

Maggie reveals truth GH

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In Spring Ridge, Esme screams upon watching Ryan stab the guard. Heather muffles her screams and tells her everything will be fine. Ryan notes they need to hide the body. Heather orders Ryan to strip as they’ll need his clothes.

HEather keeps Esme quiet GH

Ryan puts on the guard’s uniform. Esme continues to panic. Ryan wishes she could remember who she was, calls her a tough and tenacious woman, and also reveals she’s his daughter. She cries out, and Ryan says it’s time to hit the road. Ryan looks in his cell where he left the guard in his chair dressed as him.

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At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Nina the reception was nice, even if it got a little tense between Portia and Trina at the end. Just then Sonny gets a call from Brick.

Yuri, Drew and Terry chat at the bar. Drew spots Joss and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s just looking for Trina and Spencer as she’s flying solo tonight. He notes the same is true for himself, but Joss says they both know he shouldn’t be alone.

Joss Drew both alone GH

Felicia and Mac celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner out, but he has to cut their date short due to work. He also has noted she’s been slipping out at odd times of the night and assumes it has to do with Anna. She tells him that he knows she can’t speak of that. She asks about the hook investigation, and Mac reveals they are hitting dead ends and Heather’s been little help. He says her time is up and she’s going back to Darkham.

Mac and Felicia dinner GH

Back at the reception, Finn and Liz congratulate Portia and Curtis and then head out. Portia heads over to check on Trina, who is with Spencer. Portia jokes, “You may have the bouquet, but don’t get any ideas.” Portia asks her daughter, who has a serious look on her face, if she is okay. Curtis heads over to see what is going on, and Trina accuses her mom of hiding something important from her. Taggert joins the group and scolds Trina for how she is speaking to her mother. Portia suggests she and Trina go somewhere private to figure this out. Curtis can see Portia is troubled. She promises to tell him everything later.

Curtis want Answers GH

Portia and Trina head to the honeymoon suite. Trina explains to her mother that she went to see Stella, who wasn’t sick, and that Stella couldn’t be at the wedding in good conscience. Trina relays that Stella told her that her mother is keeping something from her and Curtis, but wouldn’t say what. She asks if something else happened between her and Curtis in the past and if this has to do with the affair.

Trina demands the truth GH

Portia explains the circumstances of the affair, and that Curtis ended things when he learned she was married. She tried to get back with Taggert, and it seemed like everything was going to be okay. Trina asks what happened next. Portia admits that she found out a few weeks later that she was pregnant.

Trina flies off the handle and asks if her mother is saying that Curtis is her father. Portia admits she doesn’t know, but he could be. Portia explains her father came home and found her with a pregnancy test, and he was thrilled. She says things were so much better between her and Taggert, and Curtis was out of her life. She cries she didn’t see the point in finding out the truth.

Portia cries to Trina GH

Back at the reception, Curtis, along with Marshall and Taggert ask Spencer where he and Trina went and why she is angry with her mom. Spencer explains they went to see Stella, and they discovered Stella wasn’t sick and lied because she didn’t want to attend the wedding. He says they need to talk to Trina about this and walks off. Curtis calls his Aunt Stella, however, she doesn’t pick up.

The men confront Spencer GH

Back upstairs, Trina lashes out at her mother and asks if dad knows any of this. Portia reveals she never told Curtis or Taggert. Trina screams that this is her identity, and she had no right to keep this from her. Portia sobs she is sorry, and she swears every choice she’s made has been about doing what’s best for Trina. Trina doesn’t know if she can even believe her. She cries that she doesn’t know who she is anymore and doesn’t know who her mother is either. She opens to the door to leave only to find Curtis and Taggert standing there.

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Back at the Metro Court, Finn and Liz join Terry and Yuri. The men head to the bar to get them all some drinks. Terry notes Liz seems on better terms with Finn. Liz explains they are determined to stay friends. Terry suggests they may find their way back together, but Liz doesn’t think that it’s in the cards.

Liz and Terry chat GH

At the bar, Yuri asks Finn why he and Liz aren’t together. Finn tells him things got complicated, but Yuri thinks if Liz is the right woman then they can make it work. Yuri and Terry eventually take off, and Finn invites Liz for a late-night cup of coffee. She accepts.

Terry and Yuri GH

Elsewhere, Sonny speaks to Brick over the phone and says he needs to know who is buying what Pikeman is selling. Sonny rejoins Nina, and they head home together.

Sonny business GH

Joss spots Spencer and asks what is wrong with Trina as she looked upset. Spencer is not exactly sure what is going on but assures Joss it wasn’t him that upset Trina this time.

At their table, Mac tells Felicia he needs to go to Spring Ridge to oversee Heather’s transport. He also feels Ryan is somehow connected to the hook crimes. Felicia believes she has a way to get answers and asks to talk to Ryan. Mac flat-out refuses saying it’s too dangerous.

Felicia has an idea GH

After Mac heads out, Felicia calls Anna to say she is going to be late getting to the house as she needs to make a stop.

On his way to Spring Ridge, Mac sees something and pulls over. He calls out to two women walking down the road and asks if they need help. He’s stunned to find it’s Esme and Heather.

MAc catches Esme and Heather GH

Mac orders them to get on the ground and put their hands in the air. Esme cries, “Please help me!” Heather tries to explain “he” made them do this. Suddenly, Ryan hits Mac from behind and knocks him out saying, “That felt good! Hello Mac!”

Ryan hits Mac GH

Heather pushes Esme into Mac’s car and orders Ryan into the car as well. Ryan wants to finish Mac off, but the alarms at Spring Ridge in the distance are heard, and Heather says they are out of time. With Mac out cold, he notes, “It’s no fun when you can’t see the light go out in their eyes anyways.” Ryan reminds Heather they still have one more stop to make.

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Ava returns to Wyndemere and gets a text from Austin, who says he’s ready when she is. She returns his text and says it’s time.

Austin arrives and quickly becomes concerned about Ava’s state of mind. He says a distracted person leads to mistakes and getting caught. He asks if she is okay, and she says she’s not.

Austin Ava plot GH

Ava explains she’s a survivor, but the one thing that scares her to her core is losing her child. She couldn’t live through that again so when Nikolas threatened to take Avery, she panicked. She swears she didn’t want to kill him. She tells him they need get rid of the body before Liz goes to the cops and she’s separated from her child.

Ava can deal with things GH

Suddenly the doorbell chimes. Ava tells Austin she’ll get rid of whoever it is and meet him at the stables. He departs, and Ava finds Felicia at her door. Felicia came to discuss Ryan. This piques Ava’s interest, so she invites her in.

Felicia and Ava team up GH

Felicia explains the cops believe Ryan is the mastermind behind the hook murders. She thinks if they work together, they can take Ryan down. Ava says she’s in, but she can’t do anything tonight as she has other priorities. They agree to speak tomorrow. Ava shows Felicia to the door, opens it, and they find Ryan standing there.

Ryan at Door GH

On the next General Hospital: Curtis accuses Portia of trying to justify her lie. Trina asks Taggert, “Doesn’t this matter to you?” Laura tells someone there is something they can do for her. Victor questions why Eileen is so rattled. Anna and Valentin plan to make their next move. Ryan holds a gun on Felicia and Ava and says, “Two for the price of one.” Jordan stumbles upon Mac on the road.

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