Trina wants the truth GH
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At Spring Ridge, Heather questions Ryan wanting to make a stop during their escape, and assumes it has to do with Ava. She yells at him to get his head in the game. He tells her that her jealousy of Ava is getting old. She taunts him for being useless nowadays, stuck in his chair while she does all the work.

Ryan is shocked GH

Ryan jumps up, pins her to the wall, and threatens her with the shiv she gave him. She cheers, “He’s back! That’s the Ryan I know and love.” She tells him she has work to do, but if he feels like exercising his legs… She spits out her gum and wedges it into the door lock so he can sneak out should he wants.

Ryan threatens Heather GH

Heather finds Esme in the common room reading a book on babies. Esme worries about what will happen to her and the baby when it’s born. Heather assures her not to worry and that it will all work out. The guard tells everyone it’s five minutes till lights out, so Heather offers to walk Esme back to her room.

Heather talks to Esme GH

Heather leads Esme through what she calls a shortcut to their room, only to be caught by a guard who demands they explain what they are doing. Esme tells the guard Heather told her this was a shortcut to their rooms. The guard insists he is taking them back to their rooms himself and grabs Heather’s wrist. She drops the set of keys she’s been using, and when he sees them she claims she just happened to find them in the common room. Suddenly Ryan stabs the guard from behind and he goes down. Ryan looks at Esme and says, “Road trip?”

Heather and Esme caught GH

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At the wedding reception, Trina is called to give her speech, but she’s nowhere to be found. Curtis tells Portia that she can speak later and suggests to his bride they should go with the flow. The crowd cheers for a kiss, so they give them what they want.

Curtis and Portia wedding GH

Sonny and Nina chat with Ava. Nina thinks Sonny must still be hungry and runs off to get him some more food. Sonny lets Ava knows Nina’s trying to keep preoccupied so she doesn’t worry about Willow and asks Ava to keep her distracted. Nina returns with some food for Sonny, who goes and joins Laura for a bit.

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Curtis and Portia cut the cake as everyone gathers to watch. TJ checks in with Marshall, who wishes he could do something more for Curtis. TJ tells him that just being here is the best gift he could give Curtis. Later, Drew speaks to Curtis about performing with the band as his backup.

Curtis and Portia cake GH

Nina gossips with Ava about Drew and Carly being involved and hiding it for some reason. She apologizes for gabbing when they are at the wedding and Ava just finalized her divorce. Ava rants that Nikolas should have never come back to Port Charles.

Ava drinks GH

Sonny and Laura chat about the wedding, and they hope Stella is feeling better. They talk about Spencer, and how happy he seems with Trina. Laura just wishes Spencer could get along with his father, who she’s worried about as he’s not returning her calls.

Laura worried GH

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Later, Drew encourages Marshall that he can do this, and he goes on stage to introduce him. Portia and Curtis are both surprised when Marshall appears with his clarinet in hand. Marshall dedicates the song to his son and his wife, and Curtis is moved to tears as his father plays.

Curtis plays Clarinet GH

Portia continues to worry about Trina’s whereabouts, and she asks Joss if she has heard from her. Joss explains Trina and Spencer stepped out for air.

Portia later thanks Zeke and her father for coming as they are about to head home. Zeke wishes he just got to see more of Trina.

Laura heads out looking worried, which Ava notices. Sonny explains to her that she’s worried about Nikolas, who isn’t returning her calls. Sonny snarks that in his opinion, they’d all be better off if Nikolas just stayed gone.

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Trina and Spencer knock on Stella’s room door. Stella asks if everything is okay. Trina says the wedding was beautiful and she just came to check on her because she thought she must be pretty sick to miss the wedding. Stella invites them in, and Trina notices there are no signs of tissues, medicine, or any indication that she is sick. Stella admits she exaggerated the nature of her health and just needed a quiet evening. Confused, Trina asks what would keep her from the wedding. Stella says she has a reason, one her mother would understand.

Trina questions Stella GH

Trina asks Stella what she’s not telling her. Stella insists that she wanted to be at the wedding, but couldn’t in good conscience. Trina asks if this is about her mom’s affair with Curtis and if she’s worried her mother will cheat on Curtis too. Stella says it’s not about the affair. Trina begins to freak out and asks if there is something about Curtis her mother doesn’t know. Stella reveals there is something Portia needs to tell Curtis, and her too. Trina asks Stella to tell her, but Stella says it’s not her place. Stella hugs Trina and tells her she is a smart and strong woman, and she’ll make it through this. Spencer and Trina head out and back to the wedding.

Stella says too much GH

Trina and Spencer walk back into the ballroom just as Portia tosses the bouquet, which lands at Trina’s feet. Portia asks her daughter where she’s been. Trina responds, “Looking for answers.”

In England, Sam and Dante return to their room. Sam is sure the barmaid is not telling them everything. She tries to push Dante to go back to the pub alone and question the woman. He realizes she’s not going to let this go, so he agrees and heads out.

sam pushes dante GH

At the pub, Maggie looks through Esme’s letters and appears worried. A man enters for a drink, but she says they are closed. She asks the man when the next train to London is, and he lets her know it’s within the hour. Maggie sees the man out, locks up, and calls Archie to tell him that he needs to open for her in the morning because she’s feeling sick. She takes a drink and cleans out the register, apologizing to Archie.

Maggie plans to run GH

Back at Sam’s room, the owner of the cottage shows up and says she forgot to ask at check-in if she wanted coffee or tea in the morning. Sam says coffee is fine. Sam uses the opportunity to question the woman about the town and asks if she knows Maggie Fitzgerald. The woman doesn’t, so Sam asks if she knows anyone who worked as a nanny. The woman says the barmaid at the pub worked as a nanny in America years ago, and her name is Margaret.

Back at the pub, Dante arrives just as Maggie’s trying to leave, suitcase in hand.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis wants answers. In private, Trina asks what her mother isn’t telling her. Sonny makes a call to someone to find out who is buying whatever Pikeman is selling. Terry tells Liz that her and Finn’s feelings for one another clearly aren’t gone. Joss tells Drew, “You shouldn’t be.” Heather promises Esme it will all be okay. Dante asks Maggie for her help.

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