Portia at the alter
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Sam and Dante arrive in Devon, England and check into their room. They strategize on how to approach Maggie. Sam feels the truth is their best bet, and they should tell her that Esme is in trouble and looking for the nanny who raised her. She guesses Maggie will want to help Esme.

Dante and Sam in England GH

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Outside of the church, Joss finds Dex, who says he’s here for security reasons per Sonny’s orders. Joss fills him in on what’s going on with Willow.

Joss and Dex talk GH

Sonny and Nina arrive at the church, and Nina thanks him for giving her the kick in the pants to come. They approach Curtis and Drew and say hello. Curtis thanks Nina for being here with everything going on regarding Willow.

Terry runs into Finn and asks if he’s heard from Liz as she hasn’t responded to her texts. Finn tells her not to worry as Liz arrives at that moment.

Spencer tells Trina that she looks beautiful, and he was surprised to get her text and invite. Zeke and Sterling approached them, and Zeke asks Trina who her friend is. Trina introduces them to Spencer.

Spencer and Trina GH

Trina and Spencer head outside only to find Dex with Joss, just as he had taken her hand to comfort her. She quickly pulls away, and Spencer asks what he’s doing here. Joss explains Dex is working on Sonny’s orders. Spencer thinks he should leave and finds it odd that Joss is sticking up for one of Sonny’s goons.

Spencer confronts Dex GH

Trina tells Spencer to cool it as Sonny arrives and asks what is going on. Joss tells Sonny that his nephew is being an ass, and she storms off. Trina explains to Sonny that she appreciates him adding his own security, but her dad has it covered. Spencer and Trina walk off, and Sonny asks Dex what that was about. Dex relays that Spencer wanted him to leave. Sonny gives him the okay to leave but tells Dex the shipment from Pikeman arrives in two weeks and he wants him to come with him to oversee it.

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Ava arrives and runs into Laura. They speak about Nikolas, but Ava directs the conversation as today about Curtis and Portia.

Ava and Laura GH

Liz and Laura greet one another, and Liz tells Laura that seeing her always seems to make everything seem okay. Laura asks if everything is all right. Liz says until tomorrow, but today is about love.

Molly meets up with TJ, and apologizes for arriving late, while Taggert shows up and tells Sonny he decided to come and be on guard given the hook is still out there.

Terry chats with Liz, who she has been worried about. Liz explains she’s been struggling with a decision, and now that she’s made it, she feels resolved.

Liz knows what she has to do GH

Drew says hello to Nina and tells her that she looks nice. They make small talk about Amelia. Nina asks Drew if he’s flying solo or if Carly will be joining him. He explains Carly is with Willow and he’s dateless.

Drew and Mima chat GH

Trina runs into Ava, and Ava can tell something is wrong. Trina informs her that she just saw Spencer blow up at one of Sonny’s people and it’s a side of him she doesn’t like.

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In the bride’s room, Jordan tells Portia she can’t marry Curtis without him knowing the truth. Portia orders her to leave, so Jordan reveals that Stella knows her secret as well, and about the mysterious DNA matches she and Trina both got at the same time. Jordan says she hasn’t said anything as it’s not her secret to tell, but Stella…  Portia knows Stella won’t say anything. Portia points out that Stella kept Marshall’s secret for the sake of the family, and she’ll keep this one too.

Jordan calls out Portia GH

Jordan warns her that life happens, and what if Trina needs her family medical history, or investigates the DNA match she once found herself? Portia scoffs that might not happen, and she thinks this is about Jordan still being in love with Curtis. Jordan admits she does love Curtis, and she wants him to be happy with her. She warns Portia if Curtis finds out the truth on his own then she’ll lose Curtis just like she did.

Mind your business Jordan! GH

Jordan leaves her, and Portia thinks about Curtis’ proposal and also insisting to him that Marcus was Trina’s father when he questioned her about the possibility he was. Suddenly Curtis knocks at the door to talk. Through the door Curtis tells Portia that he loves her, and he’s so happy life brought them back together so they can live and love with no secrets. Trina happens upon Curtis’ confession but then sneaks off. Portia tries to say something to him, but he tells her that he’ll meet her at the altar. Portia sobs.

Trina overhears GH

Everyone takes their seats, and Spencer apologizes to Joss. She tells him that he’s always sorry until the next time. Curtis and Drew take their places at the altar along with Laura.

Take your places Curtis GH

Outside the chapel, Trina tells her mother how beautiful she looks, and how excited she is for her and Curtis. Portia asks Trina to always remember how much she loves her. Terry gives them their cue as the music begins to play.

Trina walks down the aisle as Sterling tells Portia how proud he is of her, of how she raised her daughter and conducts her life. He says he and her mother are so happy she found someone like Curtis.

The chapel doors open as the bridal march is played and Sterling walks Portia to the altar. Curtis and Portia take one another’s hands. Laura welcomes everyone.

Walking Portia down the Aisle GH

Laura jokes she has to ask the question that they know nobody will answer. She asks if anyone can give just cause as to why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your piece.

Portia and Curtis at the Altar GH

In Willow’s room at General Hospital, she tells Michael that she wants to get married and be his wife for as long as she can. He suggests they marry today in the hospital, but she says absolutely not! Willow says they need to face she may die, and she doesn’t want to spend what time she has left in this hospital. She wants to go home, and she wants to get married in the Quartermaine living room just like last time.

Willow wants to get married GH

He agrees to everything she wants on the condition she agrees to keep believing that a miracle could happen. Willow insists she doesn’t want to leave him or the children, and she’ll fight with all she has to live.

Michael makes Willow promise GH

Obrecht boards an elevator with Carly and stops it to get time alone with her. Obrecht asks Carly for someone who calls herself a mother, how could she deprive someone of their child. She says she can forgive her for Nelle as she was troubled, but now she’s robbed Nina of what might be the only time left for Nina to know Willow as her daughter.

Obrect Carly elevator GH

Carly assumes this must be triggering for Obrecht given she just lost her daughter. Carly thinks back to Joss telling her that Britt saved her life. She tells Obrecht she’s so sorry. Obrecht cries, “If you mean that then help my niece, help Nina reconcile with Willow.” Carly insists she can’t do that and says Willow doesn’t like Nina because of Nina’s actions. Carly ponders that while she can’t build a bridge between Nina and Willow, perhaps she can build one between her and Willow.

Obrecht lashes out GH

Carly knocks on Willow’s door, peeks in, and asks if everything is okay. Willow tells her it’s better than okay, she and Michael are getting married. Carly enters and they set the wedding for two weeks from today, and agree on a recreation of their first one. Carly suggests that Michael give her and Willow some girl time to talk about the wedding, so Michael excuses himself. Carly reveals she wanted to talk to her about the wedding, but she also needs a favor, one Michael may not like.

Carly asks a Favor GH

Obrecht comes in, and thanks Willow for seeing her. Willow says she never expected to have a great-aunt. Obrecht says life is full of unexpected chances, and she doesn’t want to waste this one. She tells Willow she comes from a family of strong women, who make mistakes, but they come through for one another. She says like it or not, Willow is one of them now. Willow smiles.

Obrecht meets Willow GH

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In the hall, Dex arrives and gives Michael the news that the shipment from Pikeman is happening in two weeks, and this is his shot to take Sonny down.

On the next General Hospital: Laura asks Curtis and Portia if either of them knows a reason they shouldn’t be entering into holy matrimony. Stella tells someone, “That lesson comes at a price.” Heather hands Ryan his Valentine’s Day present, a small hand saw. Ryan says, “It’s good to have a backup plan!” In England, Sam and Dante speak and tell them it’s important they find Maggie.

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