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As we get into Port Charles, Drew and Marshall ask Curtis how he’s feeling. “Today I get to marry the woman I love, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Drew goes to get drinks for a toast and alone, Marshall tells Curtis he’s feeling overwhelmed. He never thought they’d have this relationship. “It means everything to me.” Drew comes back with Scotch, then Curtis goes to get the good stuff in the basement. Marshall makes Drew promise that if he gets any sense Marshall is going to have an episode, he needs to get him out of there. He doesn’t want to ruin Curtis and Portia’s big day.

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At the church, Laura greets Marcus, who says he’s checking security. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she’s officiating since Stella’s not feeling well enough to do it. At the hospital, TJ tells Jordan that he thinks there might be something more going on with Stella other than being sick. He then asks how Jordan’s feeling and she says it is what it is, she and Curtis weren’t meant to be. She hints at something about a truth, then tells TJ he should get moving to the wedding.

TJ finally gets to Curtis and admits he was hoping he was going to rally Stella. They talk about Jordan, and Curtis says that despite everything, he’d still love to see her at the wedding. TJ toasts his uncle and says it means so much to all of them to stand up for Curtis “on the happiest day of his life.”

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At the church, Portia looks in the mirror and thinks back to her confrontation with Jordan. Josslyn knocks on the door and Portia asks where Trina ran off to. Trina, meanwhile, is on the phone with Spencer, which Portia overhears. Josslyn runs out to check on some things, and Portia and Trina talk about Laura stepping up with Stella not coming. Portia says without Stella, there’s extra room at the head table… if Trina wants to invite a friend.

Trina plays dumb, forcing Portia to say she’d be OK if she wanted to invite Spencer. She doesn’t love him, but she wants her special day to be just as special for Trina. After, Terry arrives and Portia makes her big dress debut for her, Trina and Josslyn. “Mom, you are the most beautiful bride ever.” They then go through the old, new, borrowed and blue stuff.

Alone again, Portia and Trina go on about how much they love each other and are proud of each other. Trina knows she didn’t make it easy for her and Curtis at first, but Portia says that time is long past. And every choice she makes in life is with Trina in mind. Her daughter is the love of her life.

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Over at Wyndemere, Austin shows up and Ava tells him they have to move her ex-husband. Austin wants to know what she’s talking about. Nikolas is safe. No, that was before she talked to Liz. She’s feeling guilty and Ava thinks sooner or later, she’ll turn herself in and the cops will swarm Wyndemere. Ava doesn’t know why he helped, but she and Austin are bound together now, and they need to move.

Before they can, though, Spencer bursts in and demands to know what happened between Ava and his dad last night. Austin leaves them and Spencer wants to know what he was doing there. Ava makes up some excuse, then Spencer mentions playing the blackmail video and thinks Nikolas was going to come confront Ava. Will his dad fight him for custody? “I don’t think Nikolas will be a problem anymore…”

Nikolas left town, probably the whole country. She doesn’t think he’s coming back after all the burned bridges. “He left without saying goodbye?” a surprised Spencer wonders, but then gets a text and decides to leave with a last, “Good riddance.” After, Austin says Ava’s really good, but when she tries to get him to move the body, “That’s not going to happen.” At least not right now.

People get caught when they’re being impulsive. It’s the middle of the day, Spencer just waltzed in, they need to be more careful about this. Fine, she admits, he has a point. They should wait until darkness and Ava should get to the wedding, so people don’t start asking questions. She gets ready, but when Austin suggests staying behind, Ava says he’s coming with her. They’re bound together, but she doesn’t trust him.

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Over at Liz’s, she and Finn talk about her feeling guilty about helping Nikolas and wonder where he went. Finn says her best legal bet might be to testify against Nik. He ran off and is probably doing fine with all his “Cassadine money.” Liz went along with the plan because she thought she was protecting Cameron, but Esme wasn’t the hook killer, and they did nothing when they found out.

Finn says she’s been beating herself up for a while and thinks she’s been transferring some guilt over Britt. She doesn’t need to pay penance or risk being taken away from her boys. Nikolas is gone, so she’s the only one to get punished left, and that’s not fair. Liz says if she walks away from what she did from Esme, she’s no better than her parents. She’ll always care about Finn, but if she’s being honest, a lot of their underlying issues were exacerbated by his need to be her hero instead of trusting her to handle things. She needed to handle her trauma her own way. So now she needs him to trust her to handle this.

Finn doesn’t like Liz’s decision or agree with it, but he’ll be there every step of the way if she needs him. He just asks that she doesn’t go to the station tonight, call Scott in the morning and coordinate with the police the right way. The waiting is going to be rough, but Finn says they can always head to the wedding.

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At the hospital, Nina and Sonny talk about the wedding — she can’t leave her daughter’s side, “even if she doesn’t want me here.” Nina’s been thinking about why Willow’s sick and says it’s not fair to get a beautiful baby and leukemia.

In her hospital room, Willow insists that they need to start thinking about her dying and what Michael’s going to do with his life. She wants to know that when she’s gone, Michael, Wiley and Amelia will be OK. She doesn’t want him to bury himself in work when she’s gone. She needs to know he’s going to keep going and being there for his kids.

Michael doesn’t want to move on or give up. The nurse comes in to check Willow’s vitals as they fight back tears together. Michael leaves, but when the nurse is done, Nina comes in. “What do you want?”

Nina is so sorry the stem cell transplant isn’t happening, and she’s sorry her bone marrow didn’t work either. Nina gives Willow Madeleine’s necklace, saying it links her twins together (as Willow snipes at her). The necklace is rightfully Willows, not hers. Willow turns away and Nina leaves the jewelry on the stand and leaves wiping away tears.

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In the show’s last few minutes, Spencer shows up at the church grinning at Trina. Taggert tells Curtis they need to have a talk. He says that whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter. Trina and Portia are going to have a bright future with him. Curtis thanks him in surprise. They shake as Marcus tells him he’s a good man.

Michael comes back to Willow and asks what the necklace is. “Oh. Nothing that matters.” He apologizes, but she tells him he doesn’t have to. They’re in this situation because of decisions she made without giving him a say. He says he’ll never give up hope, but if it gives her peace of mind, they can make preparations. “Whatever you need.” He asks where they start, and she says, “You can start by marrying me, Michael Corinthos.”

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Sonny asks how it went with Willow. Nina doesn’t know if it was a good thing or not and asks if they can leave. She doesn’t think they have time to get to the wedding, but Sonny had her dress brought in case she wanted to go.

And as Portia’s getting ready, Terry comes in with a text that Liz is on her way and Trina leaves Portia alone after emotional “I love you’s.” Portia tries to gather her nerves when there’s a knock at the door. She opens it to Jordan. “What are you doing here?”

“Stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life.”

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