Willow gets bad news GH
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At Liz’s place, Scott offers to represent her, but she needs to tell him what she did. Liz explains she stumbled upon a crime in progress, but it’s no longer ongoing. Scott asks if this could come to light and who knows about it. She says it could, and a few people know. Suddenly the doorbell rings, and it’s Ava.

Scott gives Liz advice GH

Ava enters saying they need to talk and is surprised to see Scott. Scott explains they are dealing with some legal family business. Ava insists this is important and asks Scott for privacy. Liz wonders what they need to talk about. Ava says this is about Nikolas and his secrets. Liz tells Scott they’ll finish this conversation later, so he heads out.

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Alone, Ava reveals Nikolas told her everything.  Liz regrets her involvement and explains that is why she called Scott because she has to turn herself in. Ava argues these are Nikolas’ crimes and she only helped a friend. She says Nikolas knows the truth is coming out, so he’s decided to do what he does best and save his own skin. She doesn’t know for sure, but she suspects Nikolas has left town. That means Liz alone will pay for Nikolas’ crimes.

Liz wants to confess GH

Liz asks why it matters to her if she turns herself in. Ava says she’s right, and it’s her life to blow up. Ava says she loved Nikolas and saw the good in him, but she also saw his selfishness ruin him and those around him. Ava doesn’t see why she needs to confess because it won’t just be her life that’s destroyed, but all those who care about her’s lives as well.

Ava warns Liz mistake GH

In Willow’s room at the hospital, with Carly and Michael there, she asks Austin to please tell them whatever he knows. He explains they should wait for Dr. Randolph, who just happens to enter.

Austin has news GH

Terry explains they were unable to harvest enough stem cells and a transplant is no longer an option for Willow. Michael asks moving forward, what is next. Terry says her best chance is a bone marrow donor. Willow asks Terry how much time she has left. Terry says it’s likely a matter of weeks, but she could make it longer. Willow asks for time alone to process this. Terry and Austin depart. Carly tells Willow this isn’t the end and that she’ll find a donor. Carly heads out.

Terry delivers bad news GH

In the hall, Austin tells Terry they need to discuss palliative care with them. Terry says they will, but this isn’t the time.

In the waiting room, Sonny and Nina sit and wait for news about Willow’s stem cell transplant. Sonny says Willow has a big heart, and as soon as this is over, she’ll come around to accept Nina. Nina says in the meantime she just will show her how much she means to her, and that she can depend on her. She’ll die trying, even if Willow doesn’t accept her. Sonny knows the feeling. Nina feels maybe this will also bring him and Michael together, but he’s not holding his breath. Nina suggests they go because they likely won’t get information from them. Plus, they have to get ready for Portia and Curtis’ wedding. Sonny says they should give it a little time.

Nina tries to stay positive GH

Pilar drops off Donna, and Sonny and Nina take her to the nursery to meet her brother’s new baby. He explains that Willow is the baby’s mother, and Nina is her grandma. Donna says, “We’re all a family!”

Nina talks to the baby and tells her that she’ll always be in her heart, even if she can’t be around her.

Sonny tells Donna that she is this baby’s aunt, and she’s going to need her to look after her. Donna says she can do that.

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Elsewhere, Carly calls Drew and knows he’s getting ready for the wedding, but she just got some news and would like him to call her when he can. Sonny approaches with Donna, and Donna sees Carly is upset.

Carly Donna upset GH ABC

Carly explains to Donna she just got some bad news. She tells Sonny it didn’t work, and Willow doesn’t have much time. Nina arrives and sees there’s a problem. Carly decides to take Donna for hot chocolate. Before they go, Donna gives her dad and Nina a hug.

Alone, Sonny breaks the bad news to Nina. Nina cries this isn’t right. She finds it hard to have hope, given everything surrounding her and her daughters has been a tragedy. She cries Willow doesn’t deserve this, but she does, and maybe what happened to her daughters is payback for her own bad choices and horrible acts. Sonny tells her he’s done terrible things too, and not to think that way.

Nina gets bad news GH

Back in Willow’s room, she tells Michael she loves him, but she does need to be alone. Michael kisses her on the forehead and steps out. Willow flashes back to happy moments with Michael, Willow and Amelia, and breaks down in tears. Michael eventually returns and tries to be hopeful. Willow loves him but says they need to start thinking about his life without her.

Willow forgives Carly GH

In the halls, Obrecht assumes Finn knows why Scott went to see Liz. She asks him to tell her so she can help. Finn wonders why she cares about Liz. Obrecht explains that Liz and her sons are Scott’s family. Obrecht says they both know she can be a valuable ally, and if Liz is in trouble, she has the skills to help.

Obrecht can be an Ally GH

Suddenly Scott shows up, and Obrecht asks him what the issue is with Liz. He says he didn’t get into it with her because they were interrupted by Ava. Finn asks if Liz is in trouble, and Scott lashes out that it is none of his concern after dumping Liz, and this is between him and his client. Finn tells Scott and Obrecht good afternoon and walks out.

Scotty and Obrecht GH

Later, Obrecht and Scott run into Nina and Sonny, and Obrecht sees Nina in tears. She asks if it’s Willow. Nina relays the news and she and Sonny depart together. Obrecht realizes she was powerless to help Britt, but she may be able to help Willow. Obrecht approaches Terry and says she wants to be tested to be a bone marrow donor for Willow.

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Finn arrives at Liz’s place and finds Ava there. Finn explains he came to check on Liz. Ava says she was just telling Liz about all the people who care about her. Ava thanks Liz for hearing her out and departs. Alone, Finn asks what that was about. Liz tells him that Ava stopped by to tell her that Nikolas left town.

Outside, Ava calls Austin and tells him they have to meet as they have a huge problem.

Finn questions Liz GH abc

At The Invader, Gregory asks if Alexis is joking about this job offer. She is not and believes he’d be an asset and could start immediately. Gregory is flattered but declines. He explains he made a commitment to the university and it’s the middle of the semester. She offers to be flexible and let him finish up, and then he can work here full time. He informs her it’s not that easy.

Alexis Gregory job offer GH

Gregory likes teaching and he’s approaching his retirement, which he doesn’t want to walk away from. Alexis says he could do both, and they may be able to work a deal out with the university. She suggests he call his department chair and discuss this with them, so he agrees.

On the next General Hospital: Willow tells Michael to face the truth. Sonny informs Nina he’s ready if she is. Ava tells Austin they have to get going right away. In her wedding gown, Portia wants her special day to be special for Trina too. TJ comments to Jordan they both know there is more going on. Marshall lets Drew know there is something he can do for him. Curtis exclaims he’s never been more sure of anything.

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