Michael and Willow name their baby GH
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At the hospital, Carly checks in on Michael and Willow. Willow is still asleep, so Carly offers to sit with her so Michael can take a break. He refuses to leave until she wakes up. Willow stirs awake, and Michael welcomes her back and tells her how much he loves her. Carly steps out and tells Sonny, who is outside the room, that Willow is awake.

Willow wakes up GH

In the hall, Carly thinks now that Willow is awake she can have the stem cell transplant and this nightmare will be over. Sonny can’t believe their granddaughter will save Willow’s life.

Nightmare Carly over GH

Back in Willow’s room, Michael tells Willow their baby is perfect and eager to meet her mom. She asks to see their daughter right now. Michael arranges for the baby to be brought up from the nursery. Willow tries to remember what happened in the OR, and she can’t recall anything after they took the baby. He explains she hemorrhaged and her heart stopped. She thinks he was there, but he says he wasn’t. She swears she heard him telling her to come home and live. Michael admits he said that, but he was in the waiting area praying for her.

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Nina and Obrecht look in on the baby in the nursery. Obrecht asks about Willow. Nina explains she’s still asleep, and when she wakes up, she has promised not to upset her. She will stay away from Willow, but hopes soon Willow will want to see her. Scott arrives and joins them in looking at the baby when Nina gets a text from Sonny that Willow is awake.

Back in the hall outside of Willow’s room, Carly and Sonny are reminded of the first time they saw Donna. Carly is happy for Michael as he was denied this chance to bond with Wiley. She says he went through that pain because of Nelle, Nina’s daughter. Sonny points out Nelle was the daughter Nina never knew.

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The baby is brought into Willow’s room, and Willow gets to hold her daughter. Michael suggests their daughter needs a name. Willow says she knew her name the moment she saw her. Carly comes in to check on them and learns they named the baby Amelia Grace.

Willow holds her baby GH

Elsewhere, Obrecht hopes one day Nina will have a relationship with Willow. She says it’s not fair that Carly gets to share this moment with Michael and Willow, and that Carly is always forgiven while they never are. Obrecht would love to drag her skeletons out of her closet. Nina admits there is something Carly wants to hide, something involving her relationship with Drew that she seems to want to keep secret. Obrecht suggests she find out more about their relationship and what they have to hide.

Nina and Obrecht talk GH

Nina meets up with Sonny and asks if he got to hold the baby. He didn’t but got to see her as they brought her into Willow. Sonny gets a text from Willow, using Michael’s phone, with a photo of the baby and her name.

At home, Liz looks at a photo of her boys and thinks about Finn asking her to reflect on what she’d be giving up if she turned herself in. Laura stops by and asks if she’s heard from Nikolas. Liz explains she hasn’t spoken to him since the hospital. Laura asks if she is okay as she seemed shaken by what happened there. Liz tells her she fears her friendship with Nikolas is over. Laura reveals Spencer wants to sue for custody of the baby, and he has found something out that Nikolas did and says it was unforgivable. Laura details that Spencer didn’t say what it was, but Nikolas was furious and acted like he’s lost everything.

Liz isn't perfect GH

They sit down in the kitchen for tea, and Laura asks Liz to tell her what Nikolas did. Liz lies and says he made her feel that her pain and what she was going through with her parents was an inconvenience to him. Laura is sorry and knows she’s been a positive influence in his life. Liz explains she’s come to realize that her friendship with Nikolas is just bad for both of them. Laura knows her son is spiraling, and as his mother, she will never give up on him.

Laura worried about Nikolas GH

Finn stops by Alexis’ office for some advice about the law. He asks what charges one could face for being an accessory to a felony and says he’s asking for a friend. He explains it’s not a murder, and this friend didn’t plan the crime, but only found out about it later and tried to help the friend that committed the crime. Alexis says this person could be facing a misdemeanor, or a felony, depending on the crime. Alex suggests his friend needs to confess, or even agree to testify against the person who committed the crime. Finn doesn’t know if his friend would testify. Alexis says it could help his friend get reduced or no charges, and suggests they call Diane or Martin.

Finn needs advice GH

Finn thanks Alexis and leaves, running into his dad on his way out. Gregory asks Alexis if he was interrupting something important. She explains Finn just needed some legal advice. Gregory suggests they grab an early lunch and brainstorm a bit on new articles.

Alexis offers Gregory job GH

Alexis assumes he has classes, but he doesn’t. Alexis has noticed he almost never mentions his classes, and wonders if he’s not as invested in teaching any longer and ready for a change. He says they’ve already discussed him being a journalist. Alexis says they have, but this time she’s offering him a job.

Gregory defends himself GH

Finn heads to the hospital and runs into Obrecht. He tells her that even though they never saw eye to eye, he’s sorry about Britt. Obrecht thanks him and suggests if he wants to do something for her then do something about Liz. She says instead of supporting her, her Scotty ran off because Liz needed his help with whatever trouble she’s gotten herself into now.

Obrecht has advice GH

Scott arrives at Liz’s place, and she admits to Scott that she’s in trouble. Liz explains she committed a crime, several in fact.

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At Wyndemere, Ava stirs in her sleep and is woken up when Nikolas appears in her bed to taunt her. He tells her what they have between them is forever and she’ll never be rid of him. Ava sits up from her nightmare, sees blood on her hands, and finds a pool of it next to her. She screams and then awakens from her nightmare within a nightmare.

Ava nikolas nightmare GH

Austin enters the room to check on her. She recalls the events of the night before, but she doesn’t know how he got here or why he barged into her room. He explains she asked him to stay the night to watch out for her, and he heard her scream and that’s why he came in. Austin says they need to figure out what is next. Ava suggests he leave and forget everything, but he can’t do that. Austin questions what she’ll say about Nikolas. She has decided to claim he came here last night, they argued, and he stormed off. Austin says a good lie that is close to the truth is the best kind in these situations. Ava suggests he leave and pretend he was never here. Austin says that’s not so easy, as his cousin Mason is after her.

austin and Ava chat GH

Austin reveals he came last night to warn her about his cousin. Austin turns the conversation back to Nikolas and asks if Spencer will be a problem. Ava doubts it, but Liz may be. She fills him in on Liz helping Nikolas, who was holding Esme prisoner in the tower. She knows Liz has a conscience that flares up at the worst times. Ava again suggests that he go and leave these problems to her, and nobody will ever know he was here. Suddenly the doorbell rings.

Ava worries about Liz GH

Laura arrives at the front door, and Ava is shocked and says she wasn’t expecting to see her. Laura needs to know what happened with Nikolas last night. Ava invites her in, and Austin sneaks out as Ava distracts Laura in the living room. Ava claims Nikolas came over and yelled at her about the house, that it should be in the family, and then stormed out. She thinks it’s best that they just stay out of each other’s lives. Laura asks how that is possible if she’s helping Spencer blackmail Nikolas.

Laura has questions for Ava GH

Laura reveals she’s worried about her son. Laura explains that Nikolas has lost her, he’s lost Liz’s friendship, and Spencer’s move was the last straw. She fears something horrible will happen and she’ll lose her son for good. Laura just wishes he’d return her calls, and maybe she’s overreacting. Ava assures her she’s acting like a concerned mother. Laura asks Ava to contact her if she hears from Nikolas, and she wishes things ended differently for her and Nikolas. Ava admits she does too.

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Back at the hospital, Michael exits Willow’s room and runs into his father and Nina. He’s about to say something when Austin walks by. Michael runs to him and asks about the stem cells. Austin explains Dr. Randolph will be here soon with news. Michael pulls Austin into Willow’s room, and he again tells Willow that Dr. Randolph will be here soon with news. Willow introduces Austin to Amelia Grace, and asks him to cut to the chase and give them the news about how the stem cell harvesting went. Austin has a grim look on his face.

On the next General Hospital: Willow tells Austin whatever it is, she can handle it. Liz decides once again to turn herself in. Obrecht advises Finn that she can be a valuable ally. Alexis again pushes Gregory to admit that he’s done with teaching. Ava warns someone that they alone will pay for Nikolas’ crimes. Donna cries, “Mommy what’s wrong?” Nina asks Sonny what he’s thinking. He responds, “You’ll see.”

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