Ava checks on Nikolas GH
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At Kelly’s, Laura meets with Eileen Ashby. Laura needs her to step in for her tomorrow at a sanitation negotiation workers meeting. Eileen can see she’s troubled and asks what is wrong. Laura explains she found today that Anna Devane, along with Valentin Cassadine, died in an explosion in Paris.

Laura tricks Eileen GH

Laura believes Anna was framed, and now she’ll never have the chance to prove it. Plus, her granddaughter is a wreck over the loss of her father. Eileen tells Laura she’s not feeling well and excuses herself, but says she’s sorry about her friends. Alone, Laura says, “Mission accomplished” and sends a text.

Laura accomplishes mission GH

At a nearby table, Jordan and Taggert share some drinks and discuss their exes becoming partners for life tomorrow. Neither is attending the ceremony as they’ve moved on, but Jordan says she’ll never stop wanting to protect Curtis. Taggert asks why she needs to protect Curtis. Jordan says protecting those she cares about is second nature, that includes him. He doesn’t feel he needs protecting unless there is something she’s not saying.

Jordan worries about Curtis GH

Laura interrupts them and says hello before leaving for Portia and Curtis’ rehearsal dinner. She also passes on well wishes for Stella, who she heard isn’t feeling well enough to officiate at the wedding. Jordan explains Stella has a history of health issues, and she was a little off today. Laura heads out, and Taggert thinks Stella must really be sick to have to miss the wedding.

Taggert guesses wrong GH

Taggert suddenly realizes he knows why Jordan feels she has to protect Curtis, it’s because of Portia’s affair. He gets that she’s worried Portia could be unfaithful again. Jordan says she believes Portia loves Curtis and would do anything not to lose him.

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At their cabin, Valentin admits to Anna he’s already missing Charlotte. Anna says Charlotte seems to be onto them and approves.

Valentin Anna drinks GH

Felicia returns from dropping Charlotte off at Kevin and Laura’s, and they discuss their next moves. Felicia says Victor believes he and Anna are dead and nothing more than ghosts, and what do ghosts do best? Felicia thinks it’s time to bring on the haunting, torment and guilt. Anna is already in on the plan and has already recorded her first ghostly message. Valentin says this will never work on his father. Felicia explains the target isn’t Victor.

Felicia's plan GH

In the hospital chapel, Spencer finds Victor alone. Victor wanted to give Obrecht his condolences, but he was too late. He thinks she would be struck by the irony they are living the same hell, the hell of losing one’s only child. Spencer asks if something happened to Valentin. He explains Valentin died in Paris putting others ahead of his own family. He warns Spencer to take this lesson to heart, you can only count on your family.

spencer and victor argue over Nikolas GH

Spencer understands and reveals to Victor he’s putting family first by taking custody of his new brother or sister. Victor praises his move, calls it a stroke of genius, and that this will force Nikolas to fall in line. Spencer says that’s not why he’s doing this, he’s doing it to get his father out of their lives. Victor says you’re never fully done with family, and Nikolas losing everything will bring him back to them. Spencer swears this is about doing what’s best for his sibling. Victor tells him to keep saying that, but he sees him coming into his own.

Victor is proud GH

Later, Eileen confronts Victor alone in the chapel. She lashes out about Anna and Valentin’s deaths and says nobody was supposed to die. She exclaims she didn’t sign up for this and she’s out. Victor warns her not to cross him, and that getting caught should be the least of her worries.

Eileen rushes out to her car in a panic. She turns on the radio and hears a message from Anna saying, “You’re next Eileen!”

Eileen is Haunted GH

Molly and TJ arrive at The Savoy for Portia and Curtis’ dinner. Other guests follow, and Portia and Curtis welcome them.

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Portia is thrilled when Curtis surprises her by bringing her father Sterling and brother Zeke to town for the wedding. Unfortunately, her mother’s health prevented her from attending. Portia gets a moment to ask her brother about their mother, who says she is adjusting to a new medication. He was sent with a gift for her, their great grandmother’s broach for her to wear at the wedding.

Portia's father and brother GH

Portia gets a moment alone with Curtis and thanks him for the surprise. She thinks everything will be perfect tomorrow. Curtis reveals there is a slight hitch, and he tells her Stella isn’t feeling well and can’t officiate.

Curtis slight hitch Portia GH

Liz arrives and runs into Drew. Drew tells her how sorry he was to hear about her breakup with Finn. Liz says it’s been a rough few weeks and reveals Cam also is dealing with a breakup. Drew thinks Cam will get through it, and she’ll be there for him. She mumbles, “What if I can’t be.” Drew asks if something is wrong. Liz says she just knows tomorrow is never promised.

Liz is worried about the future GH

Trina hangs out with Marshall and asks him about Epiphany. He explains she’s traveling and looking at med schools out west now that she passed the MCATs. Trina can’t believe Epiphany is moving. Marshall isn’t sure if she is or not. He asks her about Spencer, and Trina explains she didn’t think it would be wise to bring him to a family gathering. Marshall advises her to be careful with him.

Trina and Marshall GH

Trina approaches TJ and Molly asks how close the DA is to nailing Esme Prince. Molly explains the charges are still pending, but given her state, they could be dismissed, or she’ll serve little time. Trina thinks that means Esme gets to go free and live her life with her baby.

Trina questions Molly GH

Drew says hello to Marshall and knows how happy Curtis is to have him at his wedding. Marshall just wishes he could give Curtis what he really wants, to play at the reception.

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Brad stops by and gives Curtis a hefty envelope. He also sends his aunt’s best wishes for his wedding tomorrow.

BRad delivers money GH

Laura eventually arrives and gives Portia and Curtis hugs. Curtis has a big favor to ask, and Laura says she’d love to officiate their wedding. He wonders if she’s psychic. She reveals Stella called her, and she’s sorry she can’t make it. Laura says she ran into Jordan earlier, who said when she saw Stella she appeared to be coming down with something.

A concerned Portia gives Stella a call, but it goes to voicemail. Her brother can see something is bothering her. Portia explains Curtis’ aunt can’t officiate at the wedding, and she’s worried, but not for the reasons one might think. Later, Portia’s father tells her he’s happy for her and Curtis. He gushes that she’s done nothing but made him proud and she is every father’s dream, her and that granddaughter of his.

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Spencer eventually arrives and watches as Trina dances with her family.

Elsewhere, Laura finds Liz alone and assumes something happened between her and Nikolas earlier.

At Wyndemere, Ava clocks Nikolas over the back of the head with a statue to stop him from taking Avery. He falls to the ground, and she calls to him. She goes over to check on him, continuing to call his name, but he doesn’t answer. She rolls him over and cries she just wanted to stop him and begs him to wake up. Suddenly Austin begins knocking at the door shouting, “Ava open up!”

Ava is caught GH

Ava closes the doors to the living room, rushes to the front door, and tells Austin now isn’t a good time. He says it will only be a minute, so she invites him in and directs him to the sitting room to wait.

Austin arrives to see Ava GH

Ava heads back into the living room where Nikolas’s body remains unmoved. Ava tells herself to think.

Ava drags Nikolas out to the stables and locks him up in a closet, only to turn around and find Austin standing there. He demands to know what is going on, so she explains everything that happened. She is afraid people will think she killed her husband out of revenge, but in reality, she was just trying to stop him from taking her daughter. Austin says a good attorney… Ava cuts him off and says he doesn’t understand, the courts don’t matter, but Victor’s wrath does.

Nikolas is dead and hidden GH

Ava tries to convince Austin not to turn her in, and she offers him the house, the gallery, money, or whatever he wants. He says he has no need for those. She begs him to at least give her time to leave town with her daughter. Austin believes she didn’t mean to kill Nikolas and has no intention of reporting this at all. She says Victor can never find out about this, and she doesn’t know how to hide this from Laura either. Austin tells her, “I’ll help you.”

Austin helps Ava GH

On the next General Hospital: Nina tells Obrecht Carly is hiding something. Willow wakes up and asks to see her daughter. Ava is alarmed and asks someone, “How did you get in here?” Carly feels this nightmare is soon to be over.

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