Nikolas threatens to take Avery GH
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At The Savoy, Linc produces a legal document transferring Brook Lynn’s songs back to her. Meanwhile, Chase urges Blaze to walk away from Linc, but she explains she can’t as her contract is iron-clad. She cries that when he leaves the business, she’ll be alone and stuck with Linc.

Chase and Blaze GH

Meanwhile, Linc caresses BLQ’s leg under the table and tells her before she signs there is one other thing. She tells him this deal doesn’t come with groping privileges. He reminds her of her agreed silence regarding sexual harassment allegations that may be brought against him from the past, present, or in the future.

Linc scummy to BLQ GH

Chase interrupts and asks what is going on. Linc explains if his manager signs this deal in front of her then she gets her songs back. She tells Chase this deal gets them what they both want, and signs it. Linc slinks off, and Chase fumes over Linc’s roaming hands under the table. She didn’t realize he saw that but is glad to know he still cares. Chase asks what she agreed to do to get her songs back. Brook Lynn lies and tells him she agreed to write several commercial jingles for Linc.  Chase looks over and sees Linc caressing Blaze’s arms and shoulders as he tells her that all his focus is now on making her bigger than Lady Gaga. Chase tells BLQ he can’t get out of the business just yet.

Linc is scummy with Blaze GH

Brook Lynn is confused as that’s what he’s always wanted, to be a cop again. Chase reminds her part of this plan was to nail Linc for sexual harassment. Brook Lynn insists Linc will get what’s coming to him someday, and Chase deserves to get back to being a cop. Chase is worried about Blaze, as well as other young trusting faces still to come along. He calls Linc a bad guy who needs to be taken down, and they’ll do it together.

Chase grills BLQ about deal GH

Chase, with Brook Lynn, approaches Blaze and Linc and asks Blaze when they will record another song together. Blaze is thrilled he’s not leaving her and says maybe they could record an entire album together. She hugs him. Linc says it feels like they are about to make a lot more money together.

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At the hospital, TJ runs into Trina and senses something is on her mind and urges her to talk to him as they are about to be family. She says she wanted to check on Spencer, as she worried there was a big blow-up with his family after Britt’s memorial. TJ tells her that he’s known Spencer a lot longer than her, in fact since he was a little boy. He notes Spencer was a lonely little boy, is likely still lonely, and his carrying too much always gets him in trouble. He understands that she hasn’t known him that long, and that is why Marshal, Curtis and Portia probably don’t like her with him because they don’t want her to get hurt. She knows that and would appreciate it if he didn’t tell them about this talk. He agrees, and given Trina assumes Spencer likely went home, they leave together for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Trina TJ talk GH

In Finn’s office, Liz tells him that she is going to turn herself in to the police. Finn refuses to let her throw everything away and reminds her that she was there for him when he ended up in trouble with Peter August. He believes that Nikolas pulled her into this craziness of his little by little until she found herself in too deep. He argues she is a reasonable person who made a reasonable mistake.

Liz is going to confess all GH

Finn points out that if she confesses and goes to jail, it will fall on Cam to take care of Aiden and Jake, and he’d likely drop out of school to do so. He asks her to just sleep on this decision. She agrees to do so, but says in the morning if she decides to turn herself in… Finn assures her that she won’t be alone, and hugs her. She thanks him for caring about her whether she deserves it or not. Liz heads out for Portia’s rehearsal dinner.

Finn talks Liz out of confessing GH

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In the halls, Laura asks Spencer what he’s done, and what he’s holding over his father’s head. She deserves to know the truth, but Spencer explains he can’t share what he knows because if his father goes down for this then he doesn’t want him to destroy anyone else around him.

Laura furious with Spencer GH

Laura assumes Nikolas has done something illegal, something that could compromise her position as mayor. Spencer rails about his father disappointing him repeatedly and says it would have been best if he stayed dead. Laura thinks he doesn’t really want that. Spencer may not wish him dead, but he doesn’t want him in his life. He knows he’ll be a better father to this child than him. Laura notes how difficult babies are, and she has never even seen him make a meal.

Spencer has no regrets GH

Laura tells Spencer that Nikolas is still her son, and she can’t give up on him. Spencer tells his grandmother that his father was born into a world of privilege, and he’s squandered it all, including his own mother’s love. Laura blames herself for how Nikolas turned out as she didn’t stay and raise him. She walks off in tears.

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Outside of Kelly’s, Austin overhears Mason on the phone with the boss lady talking about Ava making problems. He grabs Mason and warns his cousin not to threaten Ava. Mason thinks Austin’s loyalty should be to his family and accuses him of having the hots for Ava. Austin says he and Ava are just friends, so Mason says then he won’t mind it if he visits Ava tonight. Austin orders him to stay away from her.

Austin threatens Mason GH

Mason laughs that Austin still thinks he’s a knight in shining armor, first Maxie and now Ava. Austin says Ava can take care of herself, and he knows the twisted mind games Mason likes to play with people. Mason says they both learned from the best, but now Austin is so boring. Austin says he grew up, but Mason hasn’t. Mason says goodnight and walks off. Austin quickly calls Ava but gets her voicemail.

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At the front door of Wyndemere, Nikolas yells at Ava for weaponizing Spencer against him. She says he did that on his own and orders him to leave. He refuses to go anywhere until they finish what they started.

Nikolas bursts in GH

Nikolas storms in, and brings up their love, and how he protected her by taking the blame for what happened to Esme. He screams that she turned around and used his own confession to destroy his relationship with his son. Ava says she happens to agree with Spencer that this baby deserves better than Esme and him. Nikolas rages to call this what it is, revenge. She tells him to call it whatever he wants, all she wants is to be rid of him.

Ava doesn't know why he didn't come clean earlier GH

Nikolas cries to Ava that Esme meant nothing to him, and his affair with Liz was all a lie. He comes clean with her about Esme returning to Wyndemere pregnant, his thinking she was the hook killer, and locking her in the north tower. He goes on to explain how Liz found out about her, and helped give her medical attention at his request. He details it was Liz who came up with the affair and baby lie to cover for him with Finn as to why she had prenatal vitamins similar to the ones he saw at Wyndemere. He sobs that Liz was only his friend, Esme was a one-time mistake, and there was nobody else for him but her.

Ava doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell her any of this earlier. He states he’d already lost her, so he was determined to protect Liz from going to jail. However, he still held out hope that one day he could tell her the truth, repair the damage he caused, and they would find a way back together. A tear rolls down Ava’s face. She asks if he really feels that way. Nikolas chides he did, until she weaponized Spencer against him. He rails that she knows what it’s like to lose a child, but maybe she needs a reminder. He points out that she always says, an eye for an eye, so he’s about to deliver the same pain to her that she did him. Ava laughs and says he has no grounds to take custody of Avery. He yells he doesn’t need the courts, he has his family power and Uncle Victor by his side. He says he’ll tell Avery goodbye for her. As he storms across the room headed for Avery’s bedroom, Ava grabs a small black statue from a nearby table and knocks Nikolas over the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground.

Nikolas threatens Ava GH

On the next General Hospital: Drew tells Liz that he is sure he knows she’s there for him Liz asks, “What if I can’t be?” Jordan is questioned by Taggert as to why she feels she needs to protect Curtis. Curtis tells Portia there has been a slight hitch. Valentin notes to Felicia that her plan won’t work on his father. Victor informs Spencer he knew trusting him was the right decision. Laura tells herself, “Mission accomplished. Ava kneels over an unconscious Nikolas, only to look up and find someone there.

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