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In Finn’s office at General Hospital, he asks Liz why she would lie about being pregnant and miscarrying. She explains she never cheated on him and lied because he caught her with the prenatal vitamins. He feels she needs to start from the beginning. She details that she felt she couldn’t turn to him after learning about Reiko, so she turned to her oldest friend. That’s when she found Nikolas had gotten into a bad situation with Esme.

Finn listens to Liz GH

Liz tells him everything about Esme turning up pregnant at Wyndemere, Nikolas fearing she was the hook, and him locking her up. She details how she got involved and was giving Esme medical care. When he found her with the prenatal vitamins, that’s when she came up with the pregnancy lie on the spot.

Liz confesses all GH

Liz laments what she’s done, how she’s beaten herself up over trying to protect herself, Nikolas and her kids, but now everything she’s given up, including him, was for nothing. Finn notes Nik bears some responsibility here. She assures him that she’s not letting him off the hook as he’s gone too far. She fills Finn in on Nikolas’ plan to use his mother to keep Esme from remembering, making her realize she can never trust him again. Liz cries that she knows what she has to do, but had to tell him everything first. Finn asks what she’s going to do. Liz says she’s going to turn herself in.

In the chapel, Nikolas swears to Spencer that he wouldn’t have missed the memorial if something important hadn’t happened. Spencer fumes that he always comes in second with him, and how long before he ruins his brother or sister’s life too. Nikolas swears he’s trying to do better. Spencer drops the news that he’s going for full custody of his sibling. Laura tells her grandson that they know he’s angry, but Spencer says this is not a rash decision. Nikolas realizes he’s been planning this. Spencer lashes out at his father for hurting him a thousand times over, and he won’t let his brother or sister suffer the same fate.

Spencer shock his father

Laura tries to reason with Spencer, who she says is too young to raise a child. Nikolas questions whether Spencer is doing this for the child or revenge. Spencer reveals his father has gone too far this time. He’s already discussed this with his friends and Diane. Nikolas warns his son if he does this then he’ll be forced to fight him with every weapon he has. Spencer says it won’t go that far, as he’ll hand him custody of this child on his own.

Spencer tells his dad off GH

Nikolas refuses to hand his child over, and Laura begs them to try and work this out. Spencer says his father had his chance to make things right over and over. Spencer starts quoting lines from the confession video, and Nikolas flashes back to reading the same lines in his video confession to Ava.

Nikolas shocked by Spencer GH

Nikolas fumes that Spencer is working against him with Ava. Laura is confused but says nothing that has been said or done can’t be taken back. Nikolas affirms, “No, there is no coming back from this. My son is truly gone.” Spencer says he could have gone to Jordan with this information, but he came to him to give him a chance. Nikolas screams at his son, “For all your talk of wanting to be your own man, you are very much a Cassadine.”

Nikolas seethes with anger GH

Nikolas storms out, and Laura follows him. She warns him leaving now would be a big mistake. Laura doesn’t know what that scene was about, but he is the adult and he needs to make things right with his son. Nikolas cries it was bad enough that Ava left him and took his home, but now she’s taken his son. Laura pleads with Nikolas that Spencer needs him. Nikolas embraces her and calls her the best mother he could have asked for and will always love her. He then walks out of the hospital, leaving Laura in tears. Later, Spencer appears and Laura asks, “What have you done?”

Laura pleads with her son GH

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Joss arrives at Dex’s place and apologizes for just showing up. He’s not sorry, and they embrace. He asks what is going on, and she brings him up to speed on her niece being born, and Willow’s condition. She didn’t make it to Britt’s memorial because of her niece, and she should have been there.

Dex worries about Joss GH

Joss still feels guilty about Britt’s death, and about breaking Cam’s heart. Dex realizes he’s really messed up her life. She says he saved her life, and she’s made her own choices. Dex asks if she regrets being with him. She doesn’t, and though she admits she’s scared, she also wants to run toward him. He says she scares him too, and they kiss.

Joss regrets nothing GH

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At The Savoy, Chase and Blaze get off the stage, and Brook Lynn tells them they are killing it. Blaze heads off to greet her fans, and Brook Lynn tells Chase he’s a natural on stage, and watching him makes her so happy. Chase asks if she’s heard from Michael, but she hasn’t. He knows Sasha saw the baby, but Willow is still in the ICU. Brook Lynn takes his hand and tells him that Willow is tough and will make it through this. He pulls away and tells her that they can’t do this.

BLQ and Chase chat after performance GH

Chase still wants to help her take Linc down, but the review board meeting is coming up. If the review board votes in his favor he will go back to being a cop, and he can’t help her any longer. He needs to be done with this by the time the board meets. She says, “Don’t you mean done with me?”

BLQ feels rejected GH

Chase insists that’s not what he means, but he wants to be a cop and not a pop star. Brook Lynn gets she screwed up with him and them having a chance of any kind of relationship, including a professional one. She asks if she’s wrong. He admits he can’t get past her putting herself and her needs over his, so he’ll get her songs back and that’s it. BLQ understands and notes there won’t be anything left between them and rushes off.

Blaze returns with a beer for Chase to toast to their partnership and their future. He admits he’s working to get out of the business. Blaze blurts out, “You can’t quit!” She tells him that he’s talented and shouldn’t walk away from this. He explains this just isn’t who he is, and Blaze understands. She admits working with him has reminded her of why she got into this business, and before he came along, she almost quit. She tells him that working with Linc has made her question why she’s doing this. She says singing with him is the only thing making this bearable. Linc shows up and gets far too close in Blaze’s personal space before taking off to find BLQ. Chase insists she doesn’t have to put up with Linc, but she explains her contract is ironclad and she’s trapped. Blaze cries when Chase leaves, she’ll be all alone in this.

Blaze makes a confession to Chase GH

Linc finds Brook Lynn at the bar, and she tells him that she doesn’t want to deal with him now. He reminds him of their deal and says she’s about to be done with him for good. He produces a legal document his lawyers drew up and asks her to sign on the dotted line to get her songs back. As Linc fondles her leg under the table, Chase and Blaze see it and BLQ squirming.

Linc pervs on BLQ

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Austin and Ava run into one another at Kelly’s. Ava heard he helped save Willow, and she thanks him as Willow is very important to a dear friend. She offers to buy him supper and won’t take no for an answer.

Austin and Ava catch up GH

They sit down for dinner, and Ava tells him about her divorce settlement. Austin is sorry things didn’t work out for her, but she insists she’s used to caring for herself. She later takes off for her new castle.

Outside as she leaves, Mason watches Ava depart. He makes a call to his boss about the Jerome woman and says he’ll report back soon. He turns around and sees Austin standing there.

Ava and Austin chat GH

Ava returns to Wyndemere. Later, a fuming Nikolas shows up on her doorstep.

On the next General Hospital: Linc asks BLQ if she’s in or out. Chase explains he can’t step away just yet. TJ lets Trina know she can tell him anything. Austin warns Mason to try and do his worst to him. Ava goads Nikolas and says he’s done this all to himself. Finn refuses to let Liz turn herself in. Laura demands to know what Spencer has on his father.

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