Harmony leads Willow into the light GH
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At Spring Ridge, Esme is stunned to learn Nikolas is her baby’s father. He admits it is complicated, but she can trust him. He explains their emotional states of mind when they conceived this child.

Nikolas and Esme talk baby GH

Nikolas asks Esme to sign a document, which he hands her, claiming it’s just a formality. He promises to make sure her baby is waiting for her once she’s free. She thinks she should have a lawyer read this over, and this is a lot to process at once. He leaves the paper with her to look over, and says he’ll come back tomorrow. Alone, Esme doesn’t know if she can trust Nikolas.

Esme doesn't trust Nikolas GH

In the hospital waiting room, Sonny and Nina wait for news on Willow. Curtis arrives, he embraces Nina and says he just heard the news about her and Willow. They catch up before Curtis tells her that he’ll see Nina at Britt’s memorial and heads off.

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In an office, Stella tells Jordan that she can’t officiate Curtis and Portia’s wedding knowing Portia is keeping the truth from Curtis. Suddenly Portia enters. Jordan excuses herself as Britt’s memorial is starting soon. Portia asks Stella if she’s ready to go get her dress. They head out together, with Stella looking less than enthusiastic.

Stella is stunned GH

On the stairwell, Trina doesn’t understand why Spencer’s father would have recorded himself confessing to this crime. Spencer thinks it doesn’t matter, and this changes everything. She’s not excusing what Nikolas did, but warns Spencer that he is about to destroy his own father’s life. She advises he ask himself why Nikolas made this and why Ava had it. She notes Ava wants Nikolas to pay for breaking her heart, and this could be another game between them.

Trina advises Spencer GH

Spencer says if this can save his brother or sister from his father then so be it. He says this will force his father to give him custody of the baby. Trina wonders why he just doesn’t go straight to the cops with this.

Spencer wants to blackmail his father GH

Trina and Spencer head back to the chapel. Spencer explains by going to his dad and not the cops it saves a lot of mess, and is quicker. Trina believes on some level he’s also protecting his father and doesn’t want to send him to jail. She thinks he’s not ready to completely give up on him.

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In the halls, Curtis overhears Jordan on the phone detailing her plans to attend Britt’s memorial, as she feels the PCPD owes it to family to be there. He tells her that he admires her, and knows how scary Obrecht can be. Jordan lets him know she just ran into Portia, and she and Stella were on the way to the bridal boutique. He can sense something is bothering her, and asks what is wrong. Jordan assures him it’s nothing and simply says she hopes there is a happy ending for him, Portia and Trina.

Curtis runs into Jordan GH

Jordan arrives at the chapel, where Spencer and Trina are still talking. Trina suggests there is something Spencer needs to speak to Jordan about, and she leaves them. Outside the chapel, Curtis arrives and runs into Trina. He asks if something is wrong.

Jordan asks Spencer what is going on GH

At the nurses’ station, Carolyn tells Liz she’s headed back to California and will be out of her life for as long as she wants. Liz thought she was consulting on a case in town. Carolyn explains after meeting the patient, and the person who requested help, she wants nothing to do with them. She advises Liz to do the same. She explains it was Nikolas who called her to town, and he claimed Liz was in trouble and needed her help. She senses Nikolas roped her into doing something wrong, and he wanted her to use her skills to keep someone from remembering. Liz assumes that someone was Esme Prince, and Carolyn confirms it.

Liz chats with mother GH

Carolyn reveals that Nikolas took her to see Esme, and the minute she saw she was pregnant, she couldn’t be a party to this. She knows Nikolas has been in her daughter’s life since she was a teen, but he is not her friend. She hopes one day she earns her forgiveness and goes to leave. Liz stops her, thanks her for telling her, this information and that she appreciates it.

Carolyn warns Liz GH

Later after Carolyn has left, Nikolas arrives and runs into Liz.

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Carly arrives at the nursery and joins Michael and Joss in gushing over the new baby. Bobbie appears and tells Michael it’s time for him to meet his baby. He’s taken in by Bobbie and holds his daughter while Carly and Joss watch through the window.

Michael holds baby GH

Meanwhile, Austin rushes into the OR to try and help save Willow.

Back at the nursery, Carly gets a call from Sonny, who tells her the doctors in the OR are looking for Michael. She relays he’s with the baby right now.

Sonny calls Carly GH

Willow has an out of body experience and sees Harmony, who tells her, “Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone, Mama’s here.” Willow tells Harmony she’s not her mother and she lied to her. Harmony explains she loved her as if she was her own child, better than anyone could, better than Nina who loves only Nina. Harmony says she was the one always there for her sweet Callie, and now she can make everything better for her.

Harmony meets Willow GH

Back in the OR, Austin notes Willow is losing too much blood, and they are losing her.

Austin and Willow in OR GH

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In the light, Willow tells Harmony not to call her Callie. Harmony explains where they are going names don’t matter. She asks Willow to come with her into the light. Willow asks what about her family. Harmony insists she is her family, and instructs her to take her hand as they are almost there. Their surroundings become brighter and brighter.

Willow bright light GH

Michael finds Sonny and Nina in the waiting area and asks what is going on. Sonny says all he knows is Willow is still in the OR, but she is a fighter, something that runs in the family. Michael sits down, and Sonny tells Nina to have some faith as God wouldn’t bring her daughter into her life only to take her away. Nina begins to pray out loud and asks God not to let Willow die, as she has two children who need her. Michael adds, “Willow, if you can hear me now, just know how much we all need you.”

Nina prays for Willow GH

In the light, Harmony continues to urge Willow to go with her into the light where there is perfect peace. Suddenly, Willow hears Michael’s voice calling to her to come home and live.

Michael's voice saves Willow GH

Later, Austin finds Nina, Sonny and Michael in the waiting room. He informs them it was touch and go for a while, but Willow pulled through. Michael rushes to see her, and Nina and Sonny thank Austin.

Back at the nursery, Carly thinks she should get to Michael, but Joss reminds her that Michael wanted them to stay with the baby. Bobbie agrees and brings them in to see the baby. As they hold her, Carly gets the news that Willow is in recovery.

carly joss and Bobbie GH

In recovery, Michael sits with Willow, who is hooked up to a ventilator and other machines. He tells her that he held their baby girl, and now he needs her to wake up so they can name her.

Michael sits with WIllow GH

Portia and Stella arrive at the bridal dress shop, and the attendant excuses herself to bring out the dresses. Portia can tell something is on Stella’s mind, so just say it. Stella explains if she’s going to stand before God and her family… Portia cuts her off and says, “Our family.” Portia gushes about how their families are coming together as one, so she wants this wedding to be about all of them. Portia pulls out a gift for Stella, a silver bracelet. She explains it’s been in her family for generations, and she wants Stella to wear it to the wedding. Stella cries that she can’t accept this as it’s a family heirloom and it should go to Trina for her wedding. Portia suggests in the future she can pay it forward and give it to Trina herself.

stella is uneasy GH

The attendant brings out Stella’s dress, and Stella changes into it. Portia says she looks fabulous and puts the bracelet on her wrist to bling it up. Portia gushes that everything will be perfect for her wedding day.

Portia asks a favor GH

On the next General Hospital: Maxie cries to Sasha that she could use some good news. Jordan tells someone she’s glad they cleared this up. Laura explains this was Liz’s idea. Liz lashes out at Nikolas and says the only person she needs protecting from is him. Nina cries, “You’ll never be forgotten.” Obrecht, with Scott by her side, asks someone why they have come. Heather stops Esme from signing the papers.

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