Willow codes GH
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At the hospital, Jordan and Stella go into an office to privately talk about the genealogy tests. Stella knows Jordan was oddly interested in her own DNA test, which had a glitch, and indicated she had a relative in town. Stella asks if she’s still thinking she has a secret love child in Port Charles. Suddenly Stella realizes Jordan suspects someone else had a secret child. Jordan explains she and TJ found it odd she had a match that suddenly disappeared. Jordan explains that could only happen according to the company if the other person withdrew their DNA from the service. Stella stammers that Trina told her she deleted her account and asks if Jordan is telling her that she thinks Curtis and Portia are related.

Jordan tells Stella the truth GH

Jordan assures Stella that Curtis and Portia are not related. Confused, Stella still doesn’t understand what this is about. Suddenly, Stella connects the dots that Curtis, not Taggert, is Trina’s father. Stella doesn’t know why Curtis didn’t tell her and immediately realizes he doesn’t know. Jordan says even Trina doesn’t know, and she urged Portia to tell Curtis the truth.

Stella is stunned GH

Stella asks Jordan if she’s going to tell Curtis. Jordan explains it’s not her business to tell. Stella snaps, “If you won’t tell him, I will!” Jordan insists this is something Curtis needs to hear from Portia, and right now it’s an unproven theory. She also says if they are wrong, Curtis will perceive this as meddling. Stella insists they find out whether Trina is Curtis’ daughter then because she will not officiate this wedding without Curtis knowing the truth.

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Elsewhere, Austin preps Michael for going into the OR to be there with Willow. Seeing Michael nervous, the doctor asks if he could join him in.

Austin asks to join Michael GH

Austin and Michael enter the OR along with the anesthesiologist who explains the pain block to Willow. Dr. Navarro soon arrives and asks if they are ready to meet their daughter.

Michael and Willow wait for the baby. GH

Dr. Navarro delivers the baby, who cries out. Michael tells Willow that he told her it would work out. Liz asks if she has a name picked out, but Willow says not yet. The doctors get the baby to the NICU, and Willow asks Michael to go with her so she’s not alone.

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As the team works to close Willow up, she asks if Michael is with Jonah yet. Dr. Navarro thought they didn’t have a name picked out. When Willow continues to mumble about Jonah, the doctor figures something is wrong. She asks Willow the date, and Willow answers, “The Fourth of July.” Suddenly her blood pressure drops.

Trina runs into Joss in the halls, and Joss asks why Trina is there. Trina explains it’s Britt’s memorial today and she’s supporting Spencer. Trina wishes she was there to support Joss through her breakup. Joss asks how she found out. Trina explains Cam told her, but not too much about it because he was hurting. She knows Joss was trying hard to make it work, but she must have felt the connection was gone. Trina admits Spencer thinks there is more to the breakup than growing apart. Joss states he’s not wrong.

Trina and Joss chat GH

Trina asks if Joss and Cam will be able to stay friends. Joss would like it, but that’s up to Cam. Joss gets a text that Willow’s about to have the baby, so she has to go. Joss asks Trina to let Spencer know how sorry she is about Britt.

Joss is sad GH

Spencer is the first to arrive at the chapel for Britt’s memorial. Ava stops by to quickly see him about their last conversation. Ava asks if he told Trina his plans, and he says he did and she is supporting him but has reservations. He calls Trina a good friend and she will be meeting him here shortly. Ava offers to help him increase his odds of winning without having to step foot in a courtroom.

Ava gives Spencer ammo GH

Ava holds up a piece of paper, something Nikolas doesn’t want coming to light and calls it the dynamite that will clear all obstacles in his path. Ava explains there is a web address on the paper where he’ll find a video that will give him power over his father. She warns him that he won’t be able to unsee this, and that using this will make his father his enemy. Spencer takes the paper and thanks her. Suddenly Trina enters and wonders what is going on.

Ava hands Spencer intel GH

Ava and Trina exchange hugs and make plans to catch up over lunch soon. Ava heads out, and Trina asks Spencer what Ava gave him. Spencer doesn’t want any secrets, so he says it’s a link to a video of his father, one Ava feels will help him with his case. Trina says this sounds sketchy and asks if he’s sure he wants to use this. She tells him if he’s serious about getting custody of his sibling he should go around it the right way. Spencer states he’s not saying he’s going to use the video, but he has to look at it to know what it is. He says this is about protecting an innocent life. Trina insists she watches it with him.

Trina pleads with Spencer GH

Trina and Spencer sneak to someplace private and watch the video of Nikolas confessing to the disappearance and murder of Esme.

Trina and Spencer watch the video GH

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Nikolas (played again by Adam Huss) and Carolyn arrive at Spring Ridge. Nikolas is glad she’s come around, but Carolyn has only agreed to meet this young woman and assess her condition. Nikolas and Carolyn approach Esme, and he introduces himself as Spencer’s father. He explains he brought Dr. Webber to help with her memory loss and determine if she can get her memory back or if it’s permanently lost.

Nikolas and Carolyn meet Esme GH

Carolyn asks Esme some questions about the tests she had, and what her earliest memory is. Esme just remembers seeing Spencer with his friend on the boat. Carolyn believes she can’t recall her identity due to a type of amnesia caused by trauma and stress. Carolyn says therapy has proven valuable in these instances. Nikolas asks if hypnosis can help too. Esme insists she must remember so she can raise Nikolas’ grandchild right. Carolyn is taken aback by the statement. Carolyn tells her that it was nice meeting her and excuses herself.

Esme wants her memory back GH

Nikolas follows Carolyn, who scolds him for failing to tell her about this child and insists this is unethical. He chides, “You would know something about unethical actions.” She says, “God help you!” and storms out.

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Nikolas returns to Esme, who fears she upset Dr. Webber. He assures her that she didn’t but is puzzled as to what gave her the notion that Spencer is her baby’s father. She explains Spencer came to see her and told her that he may be the father. Nikolas says he’s sorry, but Spencer isn’t the father, because he is.

Nikolas tells Esme the truth GH

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Drew meets with Curtis for a wedding tux fitting. Curtis appreciates his coming given what his family is going through and asks how Willow is. Drew brings him up to speed on Nina turning out to be Willow’s mother, Carly’s knowing and keeping it a secret, and even her trying to sabotage his investigation. Curtis is stunned and asks, “Tell me you didn’t let that go.” Drew is not fine with what Carly did, and she knows.

Drew and Curtis chat GH

Curtis says Nina is his friend, he doesn’t appreciate what Carly did, and he’s just glad Drew and Carly never got together. Curtis notes lies are hard to get passed. Drew reminds him he forgave his father. Curtis notes Marshall is his family, and if someone kept a life-altering secret like that from him, he’d not be able to move past that.

Curtis upset with Carly GH

Carolyn returns to the hospital and runs into her daughter. She tells her that she looks exhausted and needs rest. Elizabeth asks her mom what she can do for her. Carolyn hopes she can do something to help her.

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Ava bumps into Austin and tells him that she’s made an appointment with the plastic surgeon he recommended. He apologizes again for that messy scene she walked in on in his office. Suddenly he’s paged to an emergency.

Michael looks in on his daughter in the NICU as Joss joins him. Michael tells her everything went great.

Michael and Joss look at the baby GH

Back in the OR, Willow codes and the doctor uses a defibrillator to try and save her. Willow suddenly sees a bright light, and in it is Harmony. Harmony tells Willow not to be afraid as she’s not alone.

Willow sees Harmony GH

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On the next General Hospital: Stella confronts Portia about doing something all over again if she had the chance. Curtis asks Jordan, “If this isn’t about the wedding then what is it about?” Trina suggests to Spencer, “Why not give it to the cops.” Esme doesn’t know if she should trust Nikolas. Liz asks her mom what Nikolas told her. Austin notes they are losing Willow. Sonny, with Nina at his side, makes a call to someone saying the doctors are looking for Michael. Michael holds his daughter unaware of what has gone wrong.

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