Stella grills Jordan GH
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At home, Curtis, Trina and Marshall are surprised when Stella returns, having cut her visit to her cousin in England short. Stella wants to help with the wedding preparations and asks where Portia is. Trina reveals that she’s at work, and picking up her wedding dress later. Trina has to get to GH to support a friend at Britt’s memorial, so Stella offers to take her and then go with Portia to get the dress.

Before Stella and Trina take off, Trina thinks it’s interesting that Stella visited a cousin she just met off of a genealogy site. Trina explains she did a test once back in her senior year and had a match here in Port Charles but was too afraid to look into it. She thought something felt off. Stella offers to give her the site she used and says even Jordan was asking her about it not long ago. When Trina reveals Jordan talked to her about it as well, Stella becomes suspicious.

Stella has a surprise GH

After Stella and Trina depart, Marshall lets Curtis know that he went ahead and got the genetic tests done. He’s not sure if he’ll get the results back in time for the wedding, and he doesn’t think he can perform without the results. Curtis tells him not to worry about that, all he cares about is having his dad at his wedding.

Curtis has a surprise GH

At the hospital, Terry overhears Portia on the phone putting in the final orders for the wedding. Jordan arrives as she’s attending Britt’s memorial with TJ. Terry is paged but wishes Portia luck with the wedding planning. Portia tries to use work as an excuse to escape, but Jordan stops her. She says she just had an intense conversation with Taggert who is concerned about security at the wedding and whether Trina could be targeted there.

Portia and Jordan fight GH

Portia fumes that Jordan is butting into her family’s business, and once again accuses her of conspiring to get Curtis back. Jordan says this has nothing to do with her and Curtis. Portia lashes out at her for trying to undermine the life she’s building with Curtis. Jordan thinks back to alerting Curtis to Trina’s arrest and helping create a diversion so Portia could revive Oz. Portia snaps she has no idea what she’s done to help her family, and if she wanted to go after Curtis, she would have said something to him months ago.

Jordan snaps at Portia GH

Suddenly Trina and Stella appear, and Stella asks, “Said what to Curtis?” Jordan explains she was just letting Portia know the divorce papers have been finalized and there is nothing standing in their way of getting married. Trina tells her mom that Stella wants to go with her to pick up her dress. Portia thanks her, and says she needs to do one last task.

Stella and Trina catch Portia and Jordan fighting

Stella pulls Jordan aside and says they’ve been through too much together not to be honest with one another. She says Trina told her about the genealogy test she took around the same time she took hers. She also told her that Jordan asked her about this test. Stella suspects Jordan thinks there is something suspicious about Trina’s test results.

Stella has questions GH

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In Willow’s room, Michael remains positive that the stem cell transplant is going to work. He gets a text that the nanny is here to pick up Wiley, so he excuses himself to get the boy from daycare. Alone, Willow tells her baby to be strong. She hopes it all works out, but if it doesn’t, she’ll be thankful for the chance to see her face.

Michael and Willow talk to Sonny GH

Sonny stops by, and Michael returns and asks what his father is doing here. Willow explains she was about to fill Sonny in on the latest plan, which she does. Sonny says he’ll be praying for them, and he can’t wait to see his granddaughter. He knows Nina will be overjoyed too. He pauses and comments,  ‘Unless we aren’t allowed to see our granddaughter.”

Sonny visits Willow GH

In the hall, Carly tells Drew that Willow is going to be okay. They hug, which Nina sees, but then she quickly ducks around the corner. Drew thinks he shouldn’t have done that. Carly says it’s okay and she doesn’t think anyone saw them. As they walk off together, Nina confronts them and says, “My, aren’t you two looking cozy.”

Carly and Drew chat and hug GH

Drew didn’t know Nina was here. She explains she just arrived to see her daughter, who she’s missed so much time with thanks to Carly. Nina is shocked at how quickly Drew forgave Carly, but she shouldn’t be surprised as everyone always does no matter what damage she does. Carly tells Nina she’s one to bring up doing damage and being forgiven. Carly tries to walk away, but Nina tells her she’s not going anywhere and she can’t pretend she doesn’t exist.

Nina lashes out GH

Sonny intervenes, and Carly and Drew depart. Nina vents that she hates his ex. Sonny gives her the good news that Willow’s daughter could save her life. Nina is thrilled, but Sonny feels Willow seems nervous but is hiding it for Michael’s sake. Nina believes there may be something she can do for Willow after all.

Sonny intervenes

Elsewhere, Drew asks Carly if Nina could be on to them. Carly says if Nina knew she would have commented, she wouldn’t pass up the chance to throw it in their faces.

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Nina goes to Willow’s room and promises Michael she isn’t here to jeopardize Willow’s health in any way. She asks to speak to Willow in private for a minute, so Michael leaves them. Nina tells Willow she knows she is likely putting up a brave face for Michael and the others, but she can let her feelings out to her as she doesn’t have to worry about hurting her feelings. Willow explains this is still new to her, and she can’t blur the lines right now and needs to keep some boundaries. She appreciates the effort but says she can’t yet. Terry enters and says she’s been able to move Willow up and get her into the OR to perform her C-section right away. Nina wishes Willow good luck and leaves.

Nina tries to help Willow GH

In the hall, Sonny approaches Michael, who asks what his father wants. Sonny just wants to be there for him. Michael tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about him, but Sonny says he’ll always be here for him. Nina interrupts and tells Michael that Terry just went into Willow’s room.

Michael scowls at Sonny GH

Michael takes off, and Nina cries to Sonny that Willow doesn’t want anything to do with her. She sees Carly in the background with Drew, and vents about how she’s in this situation with Willow in part because of Carly’s lies. Sonny advises her to focus on Willow and not on fighting with Carly. Nina comments, “Sometimes wars are inevitable.” He asks what she is planning. Nina says nothing, and she hears him, and they have to focus on Willow.

Sonny tries to calm Nina GH

Willow is wheeled out on a gurney, and Carly and Drew rush over. They learn she’s going to deliver and wish her luck and say they’ll be here waiting for her. Willow and Michael head into the elevator with a nurse.

Willow is taken to the OR

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Maxie and Sasha go to the nail salon for a manicure before Britt’s memorial. Maxie says looking good usually gives her the strength to get through something hard. Sasha feels all she does is say goodbye to people lately, now it’s Britt and Lucy. Maxie refuses to give up hope on Lucy, who she says is resilient.

Sasha and Maxie at the salon GH

Talk turns to business, and Maxie asks if it’s weird having Gladys make her financial decisions. Sasha says it took getting used to, and Gladys is pushing to sell Brando’s garage. Maxie knows that must feel like another goodbye, but it is just sitting there empty. Sasha asks Maxie how she learned to keep going considering how much she’s lost. Maxie says material things are just that, and the memories she has of her loved ones will be with her forever.

MAxie gives Sasha advice GH

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At their safe house, Felicia offers Anna and Valentin a little kick for their morning coffee and pours some booze into it. Lucy and Martin are still holed up together in the other room. Later, Felicia makes an excuse that she needs to go to the pharmacy for her allergies, giving Anna and Valentin some alone time.

Spike the coffee GH

As they get passionate on the couch, Felicia eventually returns. She brings a surprise, and Charlotte rushes in and into her father’s arms.

Anna and Val kiss GH

Felicia and Anna give the father and daughter time to reconnect. Anna tells her friend she did a good thing. Felicia says seeing Valentin so hurt triggered something in her, but not to tell him as she needs Valentin to fear her in case he hurts her.

Charlotte tells her papa that she’s so happy to see him, and even confronted grandpa thinking he did something to him. Valentin is proud of her but asks her not to do that again. Charlotte knows he left to help Anna and realizes she is special to him. He tells his daughter Anna is, but she’s not as special as her.

Charlotte is brought to see Valentin GH

Later Valentin thanks Felicia for this gift, and she tells him he’s welcome. Meanwhile, Anna apologizes to Charlotte for her dad not being around these past few months. Charlotte thanks Anna for keeping him safe and bringing him home, and they hug.

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