Michael and Willow get good news GH
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It’s a new day in Port Charles and Drew and Carly wake up in bed together. She asks if he’s having any regrets. He says only that they can’t go public because of the insider trading accusations they could still face. Carly suggests they change the subject, so Drew says, “I love waking up with you.” She echoes the statement.

Drew Carly talk GH

After making love again, Carly doesn’t want to think about going back to the real world. She suddenly recalls Michael wanted her to bring Wiley to visit Willow. Just then, Sonny calls, and Carly learns Nina is not a match for Willow. Carly cries that Willow is so sick and they may not find a donor in time.

Carly Drew chat GH

At the Metro Court, on the phone Victor talks to someone about the flooding of the catacombs, and if they’ve found his son. The person says they haven’t, nor Anna or Lucy. Victor orders a team to get down there and find his son no matter how dangerous it is.

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Alexis runs into Victor, and he asks if she’s here having breakfast with her children. Alexis explains she’s here to meet Laura. She asks how things with Nikolas are. He admits he’s disappointed with his nephew, and she assumes it’s because he knocked up Esme. Victor reveals he’s taken a room at the Metro Court as Ava has taken Spoon Island in the divorce.

Alexis reacts to Nikolas and Esme GH

Laura arrives and lashes out at Victor that he has gone too far this time. Victor has no idea what she’s talking about. Laura explains she was just in touch with the Paris authorities and Valentin is dead.

Laura lashes out at Victor GH

Alexis is stunned, and Laura explains three bodies have been found in the flooded catacombs and one has been identified as Valentin. While the other two haven’t been identified, one is a female, but there is a possibility that Anna survived. Victor excuses himself to make some calls.

Laura claims Valentin is dead GH

In private, Victor over the phone orders someone to find out what the Parisian police know, and he demands answers as his son was never supposed to die.

Victor demands answers GH

Meanwhile, Alexis tells Laura she did well, and Laura just hopes Victor bought their performance. Alexis will do her part and run the story about Valentin’s death in the paper. Laura excuses herself to attend Britt’s memorial.

Later, Alexis finds Victor and asks if he’s found out anything. Victor hasn’t yet. Alexis says she’s so sorry for his loss, but Victor tells her not to be. He refuses to accept his son is dead.

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Martin steps into the elevator and thinks about last Christmas with Lucy. When the doors open, Martin tells someone, “You have been ignoring my calls which I do not appreciate!” The person grabs him by his jacket.

MArtin is abducted GH

Felicia and Robert lead a blindfolded Martin to a cabin where Anna waits for them inside. They take the blindfold off, and Lucy rushes out and into Martin’s arms. Valentin also emerges, and Martin says, “At last this nightmare is over.” Valentin says, “Not quite, there is the matter of my death.”

Blindfolded Martin GH

As Lucy and Martin run off to the bedroom to reunite, Anna, Felicia, Robert and Valentin discuss the plan to take down Victor. Felicia warns them that this plan will hurt many who care about Valentin, so can he live with this on his conscience? Anna says Alexis and Laura are in on this, and there is a plan to handle Charlotte.

Anna Valentin plot against Victor GH

Anna asks Robert if he’s heard from Holly. Robert hasn’t and doesn’t expect to until she finds Ethan. She asks about the ice princess, and Robert reveals Victor thinks it was destroyed. Anna can’t believe they are getting close to taking Victor down for killing Luke.

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Valentin eventually hears from Laura, who tells him Victor has bought the news. Anna feels they should try to exploit his grief and get him to admit something. Felicia has plenty of ideas on how to do so.

Felicia has ideas GH

In one of the bedrooms, Martin and Lucy get passionate with one another. Martin tells her that watching that footage of her getting shot was one of the worst moments of his life. She’s sorry he had to go through that and admits thinking about him helped pull her through everything. She has a lot of life left to live and was hoping he’d do it with her and be by her side. He kisses her and thanks her for coming back to him.

Martin and Lucy's reunion GH

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At Nina’s place, Ava finds Nina dressed up and remembers it’s Britt’s memorial at General Hospital today. Ava asks how she’s holding up. Nina wants to be strong for her Aunt Liesl. Ava was speaking about the fact that Willow is her daughter, which they haven’t discussed. Nina says, “A fact I’d never had known if that bitch Carly had her way.” Ava knows what Carly did was unforgivable. Nina says everyone will forgive Carly, and now that she’s not a bone marrow match, she’ll cry there was no harm and no foul in what she did. Nina vows she won’t rest until that woman pays for what she did to her.

Nina rants

Ava tries to calm Nina down and advises that Carly is what is not important now. Ava says she knows it’s easier to be angry with Carly than face the fear of losing another child. Nina cries, “I can’t save her.” Nina was hoping her being a match would be a way toward forgiveness, but Willow wants nothing to do with her. Ava has been there and knows how much it hurts. Nina cries, “I have to go say goodbye to my cousin knowing I can’t do anything to do to save Willow.” She tells Nina that she won’t survive losing her.

Ava gives advice GH

Ava embraces Nina and tells her to hold onto hope. If Willow is alive there is a chance for them to reconcile. Nina feels if Willow beats that cancer, there is little hope of that. Ava points out that her feelings changed towards Willow when she learned the truth, so Willow could too in time. Nina thinks back to waring with Willow over Charlotte, and it makes sense they didn’t get along because they are a lot alike and very headstrong. Ava makes Nina pinky swear not to give up on her daughter.

Nina breaks down GH

At the hospital, Willow wakes up and finds Michael has sat by her side through the night. Terry comes to see them, and they ask her what is next. Terry explains they have another option. She tells them they can use the stem cells from the placenta and the baby’s umbilical cord. Willow won’t jeopardize their baby’s health, but Terry says it only means their baby will be born a little early, and 99 percent of babies born at this stage will thrive and survive. After birth, they can harvest stem cells from the placenta and cord. In her opinion, this is Willow’s best option.

Terry brings good news GH

Carly drops by with Wiley, and Terry leaves them to consider their options. Wiley gives his mom a hug and a get-well card he made her.

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Carly and Michael step out, and Michael thanks her for bringing Wiley. Carly hopes this means they are okay, and he says they will be eventually. Carly asks what Terry had to say, and he fills her in on the good news.

Michael and Carly are okay GH

Carly and Michael head back in to see Willow and Wiley. Wiley jokes it’s time for the baby to come out. Willow agrees and tells Michael it’s time to call Dr. Navarro as they are having a baby and doing this.

Willow makes a choice GH

Later, Drew runs into a crying Carly in the hall, and she tells him that Willow might be okay. They hug as Nina arrives and hides around the corner from them.

Back at Nina’s place, Ava calls Demetrius and tells him to see that Nikolas is out by tomorrow. She explains she’s not moving in yet as she’s needed here for the time being.

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