Nina gets the call about Willow GH
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At Sonny’s place, Sonny tries to get Nina to eat something, but she wants to get to the hospital. Sasha arrives, having been called by Sonny feeling Nina could use a friend. Nina realizes Sasha knows about Willow and asks if Sonny told her. Sasha tells her it was Willow who told her. Nina asks her to give it to her straight, what did Willow say? Sasha says Willow is reeling, and she thinks they are both trying to reconcile their history with this news.

Sasha advises Nina GH

Sonny gives them some privacy, and Nina says aside from hoping to be a match for Willow, she doesn’t know what else she can do as Willow hates her. Sasha advises her to show up and be there for Willow like she showed up for her. Nina wishes she could, but Willow has made her feelings clear. Sonny returns and hears Nina tell Sasha that Willow and Michael seem hellbent on punishing her and Sonny.

Sonny encourages Nina GH

Sonny says to Nina that Willow could change her mind, and she has encouraged him to reconcile with Michael. Nina is happy for him. Sasha tells Nina maybe Willow will want to reconcile with her. Nina’s phone rings and she sees it’s the lab.

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At the hospital, Michael sits with Willow, who reads an issue of Crimson. He asks her to talk to him. She says this waiting is torture.

Michael supports Willow ABC GH

Brook Lynn is surprised to see her dad step off the elevator. He has come to support Michael and Willow, so she asks her dad to be nice. They head to her room and give Willow flowers and chocolates.

BLQ startled to see her dad. GH

Michael and Ned give the girls time to talk in private. Willow asks Brook Lynn how she is dealing with the breakup, as Chase is a hard man to forget. BLQ doesn’t know if she should hold out hope or move on. Willow says her life these days is holding out hope and believing in the impossible. She tells Brook Lynn if she can’t picture her life without Chase then don’t give up.

BLQ and Willow talk Chase GH

In the hall, Michael thanks Ned for coming to see Willow. Ned says they all love her, but he also came for him. Ned says what is important now is Willow, and no matter what happens in business, Michael is first and forever family.

Ned and Michael always be family GH

Later, Nina arrives at the hospital and sits with Willow alone in her room. She lets her know that she heard from the lab and she is not a match. She says she’s so sorry, she thought she could end this nightmare for her. Willow cries she’s not sure anyone can.

In the hall, Sonny and Sasha join Brook Lynn, Ned and Michael in dealing with the news. Sonny tells his son he’s so sorry. Brook Lynn thinks Chase needs to know, and both she and Sasha say in unison, “I should call him.”

Michael heads in to see Willow. She cries, “We’re out of options.” He tells her she’s wrong, and that they will find her a donor.

Michael Willow bad news GH

Later out in the parking lot, Nina loses it and screams, “Dammit!” Sonny embraces her and asks what she needs. Nina cries, “I won’t survive losing another child.”

Nina screams GH

At The Savoy, Ms. Wu tells Cody that he did very well in the game tonight. She also offers her condolences about Britt. Mac and Felicia walk in, and Mac vents that he warned Cody about getting involved with that woman. Felicia wonders why he’s so concerned about Cody.

Wu Cody at bar GH

Felicia and Mac grab a table, and Felicia knows he cares about Cody. Mac feels Dominique would want him to look after him, and he doesn’t want to see him mixed up with the wrong people.

Mac not a Wu fan GH

Mac and Felicia approach Cody at the bar. Mac says he’s sorry to hear about Britt. Felicia asks Cody to join them, but he says it’s been a long day and he should probably get going. Felicia asks if he’ll be at Britt’s memorial tomorrow. He thinks it will just remind him of his mistakes.

Cody Mac reach out GH

Ms. Wu heads over to find Gladys sitting at a table and sits down with her. She tells Gladys that it’s time for her to pay her debt as she owes the house $175,000. Gladys doesn’t have that kind of money but can offer her son’s garage. She explains she controls her daughters-in-law’s finances and she knows she’ll be fine with this, especially once she wins all the money back.

Gladys in trouble GH

Ms. Wu and Gladys shake on it, as Cody watches and listens in from the background. He recalls Sasha telling him about Gladys and the conservator agreement. Later, Cody approaches Ms. Wu with some concerns about the woman from the game earlier, as he may have connections to her. He asks what her last name is. Ms. Wu tells him Corbin, and she’s involved with Deception. Cody murmurs, “She sure is.”

Cody finds out about Glads GH

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At the Metro Court, Nikolas hands over the signed divorce agreement to Ava, who is drinking at the bar. He congratulates her for getting everything she wants, while he loses the only thing he treasures. Ava can’t believe she never saw how weak and pathetic he was, and signs the papers. He feels this could be the last time he gets to speak to her directly, so to please hear him out.

Nikolas hands over divorce papers GH

Nikolas swears to Ava that things aren’t exactly as they seem. He explains once the truth comes out, she’ll see things differently. He insists there is more to this story, and he still loves her with all his heart. He believes one day they will reunite and be back to living in Wyndemere together. He vows their story isn’t over, and one day she’ll realize all the sacrifices he made for what they have. Ava says, “For a moment I almost believed you, I almost fell for your lies. Believe me, I’ll never let that happen again.” Ava removes her wedding ring, slams it on the bar, and walks out.

Ava gives Nikolas hell GH

At Kelly’s, Trina is surprised when Spencer reveals he is filing for custody of his sibling. Spencer explains Diane believes he has a chance, and he wants to protect this baby. Trina knows Diane is a great lawyer but notes his father has resources and won’t give up without a fight. Spencer reveals he has a secret weapon and says Ava is on his side. Trina is surprised to hear for once Ava and Spencer are working together. He asks her for her opinion on this. Trina admits she doesn’t think he’s ready to be a father. She points out he’s still young and becoming an instant father will put a crimp in his social relationships. He asks if she’s saying no one will want to be his friend or girlfriend. She admits some might not want to be. He asks would she want to be with a man raising a baby.

Spencer and Trina get honest GH

Trina doesn’t know without experiencing the situation firsthand. He asks if this will impact what is going on between them. She doesn’t understand what he’s asking. He points out they’ve been hanging out a lot and texting constantly, and it all hasn’t been a show to lure the hook out. Trina admits she’s been seeing him in a new light. He hopes she knows he won’t ever hurt her again. Trina believes he won’t, and feels they don’t have to pretend anymore and hide their friendship. He would like it if he had her support in this endeavor. She is proud of him for stepping up. Spencer says he’s not his father, so when he makes a commitment, he sticks to it

Spencer and Trina connect GH

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Carly shows up at the Quartermaine gatehouse to check on Wiley. Drew explains he went to a sleepover at the main house, and he was just locking up. She turns to leave, but he stops her and invites her in to talk. Carly swears she did what she did to protect Willow, and not to hurt Nina as some think. He does believe she wanted to protect Willow. She thanks him and apologizes to him as well. She still doesn’t know if she’d ever have told Nina, but she should have told Willow and let her decide what to do with the information. She is grateful that Willow has forgiven her, and asks if he can.

Drew tries to forgive Carly GH

Drew notes that people will always make mistakes, and Carly is trying to make up for hers. She asks where they stand. He tells her that he can’t do this again, and even he has limits. She is sorry and goes to leave, but he stops her. He tells her in the future she can’t lie to him again, and he does want a future with her. He can’t promise it will be easy. She says she’s willing to try, and they kiss. Carly asks Drew to come home with her.

Carly wonders where they stand GH

Carly and Drew arrive in her bedroom and kiss. Carly says she’s wanted this for months, and he replies that he has too. They seductively undress one another and make their way to the bed to make love.

Drew and Carly make love GH

On the next General Hospital: Laura warns someone they’ve gone too far. With Wiley sitting next to her, an optimistic Willow tells someone to call Dr. Navarro. Victor, on the phone, yells, “I want answers.” Nina vows to Ava she won’t rest until that woman is punished. Someone grabs Martin, who blurts out, “What the hell!”

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