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Spencer and Trina run into Laura leaving Kelly’s. Laura tells them that Cam could use some friends tonight. Spencer promises to check in on him. Laura heads off, and Trina asks Spencer what’s happened with Cam. Spencer tells her, “Joss stabbed him in the back.”

Trina and Spencer head in to see Cam, and Trina asks Cam what is going on between him and Joss. They grab a table and Cam fills Trina in on the breakup. Trina thinks he and Joss could work things out, but Cam says they are over and storms off.

Trina questions Cam GH

Changing the subject, Trina asks Spencer if anyone is going to be there for him tomorrow at Britt’s service. He still can’t believe she’s gone and isn’t ready to say goodbye. Trina offers to go with him, and he accepts. Trina also says with the killer still out there, they should keep on pretending to be a couple to lure the killer out. Spencer smiles and says he’s okay with that. She warns him that her mom doesn’t like that she’s let him back into her life. Spencer notes her family just cares about her, just like a lot of people do.

Trina questions Spencer GH

Trina asks if Spencer’s spoken to his father lately. Spencer says he hasn’t, and he wants nothing to do with him. Trina understands but asks if he’ll let his feelings for his father prevent him from having a relationship with his new sibling. Spencer opens up to her about possibly raising this child himself.

Spencer and Trina chat GH

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Carly arrives at Joss’ dorm after getting her message. Joss cries to her mom that she screwed up. She fills her in on Cam catching Dex in the room with her right after they had been together, and Cam believes she’s a liar and a cheater and broke up with him for Dex. She wishes she had broken up with him weeks ago, but she didn’t want to hurt him. Now she cries she’s hurt him even more. To make matters worse, she tells her mother she had to ask Cam not to say anything as Sonny ordered Dex to stay away from her.

Joss cries to mommy GH

Carly recounts meeting Jason when she was Joss’ age, and he liked danger, and she liked how he made her feel. She asks if that’s how Dex makes her feel. Joss cries it is. Carly warns her she’s going down a dangerous road, and she must be sure this is what she wants. Joss likes Dex and doesn’t want to stop what is developing between them.

Carly asks Joss to always come to her with any problems she has, and not to lie to her. Their conversation turns to Drew, and Carly explains they hit a bump in the road because of the secret she kept about Nina. Joss understands why she kept the secret, to protect people from unnecessary hurt. Carly points out Willow and Cam still got hurt by their secrets. Joss thinks that’s why it’s better for one to tell the truth, it’s less painful than defending a lie. Carly calls her daughter very wise, and they embrace.

Carly gives Joss advice GH

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Drew arm wrestles with Wiley and lets him win. Olivia drops by to invite Wiley to a slumber party at the main house. The boy runs off to pick out his pajamas. Olivia tells Drew she felt he could use a break. The topic of Nina being Willow’s mother comes up and Drew vents that Willow could have had her bone marrow transplant long before it got to this point. Olivia wonders what he’s not telling her, and why does she think it has to do with Carly. Drew fills her in on Carly knowing Nina was Willow’s mother and keeping it a secret. Olivia asks if his relationship with Carly can survive this.

Olivia suspects a Carly problem GH

Drew admits he is angry that she lied to him and he doesn’t see what future they have moving forward. Olivia tells Drew she knows Carly and she had to have hated lying to him, but Drew notes she felt she did the right thing. Olivia says Carly will protect those she loves at all costs. Drew tells her the bottom line is they can’t be in a relationship where lying is okay. Olivia says he must decide what kind of relationship he wants, and he’ll have to do it on his own.

Drew isn't sure about Carly GH

Later after Olivia leaves with Wiley, Carly knocks on the door, and Drew answers.

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At the Metro Court, Victor talks on the phone to someone about their guest, who isn’t liking her accommodations. Victor says they’ll have to do, and she might be his best chance at bringing his son back to him.

Victor phone call ABC GH

Laura arrives with Charlotte for a girls’ night out. They run into Martin, and Charlotte invites him to join them. The young girl excuses herself to the restroom, leaving him and Laura to talk. Martin brings up their meeting with Cyrus and his suggestion they work together to take down Victor. She asks if he’s really considering it. Martin can’t stop thinking about Victor being the reason he’s not having dinner with Lucy right now. Laura assures him that Anna and Valentin will bring Lucy home.

Martin pondering GH

Martin thinks he may have his own way to force Victor’s hand. Laura asks if it has something to do with defending Esme. He explains her son forced him into that, but he knows Nikolas has something up his sleeve, and he’s been in thick with Victor lately. He is hoping this case will lead to information that can help him free Lucy. Laura warns him if he tries to outmaneuver Victor then he’ll be in trouble.

Laura questions Martin GH

Elsewhere, Charlotte runs into Victor, and he says he’s been meaning to visit her. He asks how she is doing. Charlotte vents, “I’d be a lot better if I knew where my father was.” She knows he sent her to that boarding school to keep her away from him, and now he’s forced him out of Port Charles somehow. Victor promises her that he’s working to bring the whole family together. Laura finds them, says that won’t be happening and leads Charlotte off with her.

Victor and Charlotte run into one another GH

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In the Paris catacombs, Anna and Valentin find Lucy tied up and gagged in a room behind a grate. Valentin and Anna manage to pull the rusted grate out of the wall and rush in to try and get Lucy out.

Rescuing Lucy GH

Suddenly Renee pulls a gun on Anna and Valentin. She states Lucy’s not leaving, and neither are they. Renee calls in two guards, they force Anna and Valentin to their knees and hold guns on them. One of the men calls Victor and lets him know everything is ready for him.

Renee betrays Valentin GH

Over speaker phone, Victor asks Anna and Valentin how the reunion is going and gloats he’s sorry it will be short-lived. Valentin asks if his dad is going to have them killed from half the world away like a coward. Victor insists he has no plans to kill him and still has hope for a relationship, though with “her” influence over him he didn’t stand a chance. Valentin asks who this “her” is. Victor orders the men to take Valentin and Lucy and get rid of Anna. Valentin shouts that he’ll kill his father himself as a guard grabs him.

Cal and Anna in danger GH

Suddenly Renee finds something while searching through Anna’s bag and asks what it is. Anna pushes a button on her watch, triggering an explosion. Valentin gleefully says Anna was onto Renee since the beginning, and Anna reveals she planted a C4 explosive on one of the water mains. As chaos erupts and the water begins to rush in, Anna decks Renee as Valentin goes for the guards.

Anna, Valentin, and Lucy escape, leaving Renee and the guards dead. Lucy begs for a phone to call Martin, but they tell her she can’t. Valentin says the world thinks they are dead, and it must stay that way.

Back at the Metro Court, Charlotte and Laura grab a table with Martin. Charlotte continues to worry about her father and if he will ever come home. Laura promises her that her father is moving heaven and earth to get back to her.  Laura excuses herself to use the restroom but instead confronts Victor. She warns him to leave Charlotte alone. Victor says she can try and turn his family against him, but Charlotte will come around if she wants to see her father again.

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