Valentin and Anna in Paris
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At Sonny’s place, Dex tells his boss about the night the hook attacked Joss and Britt, and his involvement. Sonny asks why he’s just hearing about this now. Dex explains he knew he and Nina were focused on Willow, so he delayed telling him. After explaining everything, except for sleeping with Joss, Sonny asks him to swear to him that he’s telling him everything.

Sonny Dex honest talk GH

Dex swears and says he can ask Joss. Sonny plans to, and thanks him for showing him respect for what Michael and Willow are going through. He also thanks Dex for looking out for Joss, who is very important to him. He tells Dex he’s doing good, and that the sky is the limit for him. Sonny is glad they talked, and Dex heads out.

Dex lies to Sonny GH

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In Joss’ dorm room, Joss begs Cam not to tell anyone about Dex. She sobs she’s afraid of what Sonny might do should he find out. Cam says, “So you want me to keep my mouth shut to save your boyfriend’s life?” He says he’s not doing a favor for her and her new boyfriend, and what goes around comes around. He can’t wait till the day that Dex cheats on her. He also tells her that their friendship is dead and buried, and it’s all on her. She pleads with him, but he vents, “I’ll be damned if I keep Dex’s secrets for him.” She begs him to do this for what they meant to one another, for the friends they’ve been since childhood.

Joss begs Cam GH

Cam asks Joss, “Does he mean that much, and I so little, that you are willing to compromise yourself and expect me to do the same?” He tells her to stop acting like she has any respect for him. She knows she hurt him, and she hates it, but she hopes somehow that their friendship has a future. Cam asks, “What if I can never forgive you?” Joss again pleads that Sonny could have Dex killed. Cam yells at her not to make this his fault, she screwed him over and he doesn’t owe her a thing. He goes to leave to get to work but tells her that her secret is safe with him. She thanks him, and he responds, “Don’t thank me for being a better person than you. Unlike you, I don’t betray those I care about.”

Cam tells Joss no way GH

Later, Joss calls Dex and tells him that she’s lost her oldest friend, but Cam will keep quiet. Dex tells her about his talk with Sonny, who doesn’t know about the two of them.

Back at Sonny’s, he makes a call to someone to check on Dex Heller.

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Maxie and Sam meet at The Savoy to catch up. With Britt’s memorial coming up, Maxie asks if Dante has shared any details about the hook case with Sam. Sam admits she and Dante are working together on the case and tells her about visiting Esme in Spring Ridge and tracking down Esme’s nanny, who may know who Esme’s father is. Sam fills her in that she and Dante are going to England to try and find this nanny.

Maxie and Sam discuss love GH

Maxie is excited for Sam that she and the man she loves are going to England. Maxie knows that raising kids can be exhausting and leaves little time for romance, so she should take advantage of being alone with Dante in London. Sam admits she’s excited about that. Maxie giggles that Dante likely is too.

Maxie gives Sam advice GH

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At Kelly’s, Liz tells Laura that her mother is in town to see a patient. She says they talked, and she seemed sincere about wanting to make up for their lost time. Laura asks if her mother just wants a fresh start, could she meet her halfway and begin the healing process? Liz admits she’s still struggling with letting go of the past and forgiving her parents. Laura feels she owes it to herself to try and give her mother a chance, so Liz agrees to try.

Liz ponders forgiving her mother GH

Laura feels something else is weighing on Liz. Liz doesn’t want to bring her into her other troubles, but Laura feels if it has to do with Nikolas then she’s already involved. Laura assures Liz she can confide in her. As Liz begins to open up about Esme, Cam appears and is happy to see his grandma and mother. He offers to treat them both to a special dessert, on the house and rushes to the back. Liz realizes her son is trying too hard to put on a brave front, and Laura agrees.

Laura gives Liz advice GH

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At Wyndemere, Carolyn tells Nikolas that she came because he called her claiming Liz was in trouble. Nikolas tells Carolyn he knows all about what happened with Reiko, and how Carolyn suppressed Liz’s memories. He tells her if she wants to help her daughter then she’ll do what he says. She assumes if Liz is in trouble that he is to blame. He admits he is, but they are both in trouble and well past laying blame. He tells her about Esme, who has memory loss, and he needs her to never remember. He wants Carolyn to condition her as she did Liz.

Nikolas asks a favor GH

Carolyn asks what Nikolas doesn’t want Esme to remember. He says it’s best she not to know. Carolyn says if Liz wanted this done then she would have asked her herself. Nikolas says her daughter has a good heart, which is how she got into this mess. He tells her that this is her opportunity to make things right with Liz, one last chance. Carolyn tells him to go to hell. She says she won’t make the same mistake again with this poor woman. Nikolas warns her that Liz will regret it if she doesn’t do this. She accuses him of being out to save himself. Nikolas swears he’s trying to save himself and Liz. Carolyn turns and storms out.

Carolyn refuses Nikolas request GH

In Paris, Valentin and Anna enter an old cathedral. Anna thinks they should start looking for the entrance to the catacombs, but Valentin feels they should wait for Renee as she knows the building better than anyone. Renee soon arrives, and flirts with Valentin about how he must be feeling the rush of the adventure like in the old days. Valentin tells her they need to stay focused on the job. Renee leads them through a secret passage and into the catacombs.

Anna and Valentin in church GH

As they walk, Renee assures them the compound can’t be far now. Suddenly Valentin realizes they’ve lost Anna. Valentin says they need to go back and look for her. Renee pulls him close and suggests they celebrate that it’s just the two of them now. She tells Valentin she knows he still feels the heat between them, and it can be like it was back then, only better if he plays his cards right.

Valentin and Renee in catacombs GH

Renee moves in for a kiss with Valentin, when Anna catches up with them. Anna explains she made a wrong, turn, and asks if something happened while she was gone. Renee says that Valentin was worried sick about her. As they make their way further, Valentin gasps when he comes across a gagged and chained-up Lucy in a cell.

Lucy is alive GH

On the next General Hospital: Victor orders someone to hold it. Spencer tells Trina that he doesn’t know if he’s ready to say goodbye. Laura hopes Martin isn’t going to consider something. Olivia tells Drew she gets the impression this has something to do with Carly. Carly asks Joss to think about what she really wants. Anna tells Lucy they are going to get her out of there.

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