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At Wyndemere, Victor reveals to Nikolas that he agreed to give Ava Spoon Island in their divorce, minus important family heirlooms. He feels Wyndemere is a small price to pay given how Ava could damage their family name.

Victor is tired of Nikolas GH

Nikolas refuses to allow his uncle to take away his home. Victor reminds him of the evidence he has against him for his crimes involving Esme and also brings up the mess with Hayden. Victor’s patience is coming to an end with him and warns him the next time he defies him will be his last. Victor pulls out the divorce settlement papers and tells him to sign them before he gets back, and walks out.

Nikolas and Victor argue GH

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At General Hospital, Austin checks over Ava’s wounds and how they are healing. She’s distracted so he asks if she’s okay. Ava wonders if there is a medical procedure to remove her heart altogether. He jokes there is no way without putting another heart back in, but he’d offer himself up as a test patient. They joke about their messy breakups.

Austin treats Ava GH

Ava changes the subject to Nina, and if he’s seen her around. He has, and while he doesn’t know anything about her test results, he says she’s suffering the same affliction as her, heartache. He offers to give her a reference to a plastic surgeon for her scar. As she goes to leave, Ava tells him she doesn’t know him well, but it would be a mistake to remove that heart of his.

Austin goes to his office and finds Mason sitting in his chair. Mason chastises his cuz for not treating the latest patient sent to him. Austin blows up and says he’s done taking orders from the boss. Austin says he’s lost a lot recently and is starting to feel he has nothing left to lose.

Austin yells at Mason GH

Mason brings up running into Georgie at the playground this morning and thinks they’ll soon be good friends and that kids are so trusting. Austin grabs him by his jacket, and Ava returns and wonders if she’s interrupting something.

Mason taunts Austin GH

Michael and Carly run into one another in the halls. Michael blasts his mother for confessing the truth only to save Willow’s life. She reminds him that initially, Willow didn’t want to know who her birth mother was, and it was clear how Willow felt about Nina. Carly tells him to think about the damage Nina would have caused if she knew the truth, so she won’t apologize for keeping this secret.

Michael runs into Carly GH

They sit down, and Michael wants to know the whole truth. She admits to paying off the firefighter to lie to Drew, and that she only helped him with his investigation to obstruct it. He tells her that he doesn’t believe she did this out of malice, but the lies and manipulation sound a lot like something Nina would do. He asks if Nina is the enemy, what does that make her? Carly truly believed Willow needed protecting from Nina, and still does. Michael notes she’s not wrong about Nina, but they need Nina. He has not changed his opinion of Nina, and she’s the last person he wants to be Willow’s mother. He understands why she did what she did and admits he would have considered hiding the truth if he was in her place.

Carly cries to Michael GH

However, Michael says he wouldn’t have kept the secret, and he would have let Willow decide where to take things with Nina. Carly knows she should have done that now, but she was trying to protect them from Nina. She thought it was the only option at the time. Michael asks where things stand with Drew. She admits he is disappointed in her. Michael notes Drew is forgiving, so don’t give up hope. She asks what about him… is he as done with her as he is with his father? Michael states dad didn’t just make one mistake, he chose Nina over their family again and again. He says what she did was wrong, and however he needs her in his life, and his children need her. She cries she needs him too, and they embrace.

Michael comes around GH

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Finn brings Violet to Kelly’s to visit with Cam, as she’s missed him. Cam explains he’s just been busy with school. Violet wonders if this really has to do with her dad and asks if he doesn’t like Aunt Elizabeth anymore. Suddenly, Liz enters. Finn invites Cam and Liz to join them for lunch and sends Violet to find a table. Finn explains to Liz that Violet has questions about them. She suggests they deal with this together.

Violet misses Cam GH

Finn sits down with Violet privately to talk to her about his relationship with Liz.

Violet is hopeful GH

Meanwhile, Liz sits at the bar to check on Cam. She thinks it must be hard for him not to be able to be there for Joss with her family going through this nightmare. He asks what nightmare. She fills him in on what has transpired, and he decides to go find Joss and see if she’s okay.

Liz goes over to see Violet and Finn. Together they explain to the little girl that they realized maybe they don’t belong together, but they still like one another as friends. Finn reminds Violet that Liz and her kids will always be family.

Fin and Liz explain breaking up GH

Eventually, Finn says it’s getting late, and he and Violet head home. Alone, Liz looks at her phone, when suddenly her mother enters and says hello to her.

Caroline returns GH

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Dex walks Joss back to her dorm room, and she invites him in to talk. They sit on her bed, and she opens up about her mother’s secret. She feels terrible for Michael and Willow and what they are dealing with, but she also feels bad for her mother. She thinks Michael needs to understand their mother was trying to protect Willow, not hurt her. She hates that her mom is taking the heat when Sonny and Nina are to blame.

Joss cries to Dex

Joss vents about Sonny and what he and Nina did to her mother, and she knows her sisters will end up being failed by Sonny at some point. She also wishes Dex didn’t work for Sonny. Dex tells her he has something to finish first, but he expects to no longer be working for Sonny soon. He can only explain everything after the fact and needs her to trust him. Joss feels a bit relieved by this news.

Dex is quitting Sonny GH

Dex tells her for what it’s worth, he thinks she’s handling her family’s mess well. She feels guilty for hiding away with him, but he says she deserves a breather. They begin kissing and end up making love in her bed.

Joss and Dex have sex again GH

After working up an appetite, they decide to order food. Later when there is a knock at the door, Joss asks Dex to get it so she can put something on. A shirtless Dex answers the door to find Cam standing there. Cam looks past Dex to see Joss in a robe.

Cam finds Dex with Joss GH

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At the Robinson-Ashford house, Portia pushes Marshall to find out if he was misdiagnosed. He yells out, “Enough, why can’t you mind your own business!” Curtis appears and asks what is going on. Marshall apologizes to Portia for speaking to her the way he did, and she apologizes as well. Curtis demands to know what is going on. Marshall explains Portia feels he may have been misdiagnosed.

MArshall yells at Portia GH

They sit down, and Portia explains since his initial diagnosis Marshall’s exhibited no other episodes of symptoms in 40 years. Marshall thinks it is the medication, but Portia reminds them Curtis has none of the genetic markers either. Curtis feels it may be time for his father to see a psychiatrist and talk about this.

Portia and Curtis talk to Marshall GH

Marshall cries this disease ruined his life and family, so if he was misdiagnosed then everything was for nothing. He sobs, “Have I wasted my entire life, or was it stolen from me?” Curtis assures him none of this is his fault, but genetic testing is the first step. Portia also advises him to think about how freeing it would be to be out from under this diagnosis. Curtis points out that if he gets answers, the next chapter of his life could be completely different.

MArshall feels he wasted his life GH

On the next General Hospital: Liz and her mother clash over her father. Laura wonders if something else happened. Cam asks Joss if Dex is the reason they broke up. Sonny advises Spencer he’s not ready. Heather assures Esme she has nothing to worry about ever again. Ava recognizes Mason.

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