Nina Calls Carly a Monster Upon Learning the Truth — and Willow Tries to Swear Michael to a Promise Should She Die

Friday, January 13, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Portia wants Trina to stay away from Spencer, Spencer gives Alexis a lead on the hook's identity, and Joss is questioned about the attack on Britt.

Nina learns truth from Carly GH
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At home, Portia, Curtis and Trina play cards. Portia asks Trina who she keeps texting. She explains it’s Spencer, who needs a friend right now. She reveals he’s going through a lot with his father and Esme resurfacing. They ask her about her feelings on Esme’s return. Trina admits she’s conflicted about Esme.

Curtis Portia Trina cards GH

Trina says for so long she wanted Esme to pay, and she wanted revenge on her. However, when Esme showed up on The Haunted Star, she was wet, pregnant and pathetic looking. She knows Esme has amnesia and wonders if it has changed her. Curtis and Portia ask her not to let her guard down because Esme could be a killer. Trina doubts she’s the hook killer, and she is ready to end the chapter of her life involving Esme and move on. Portia asks how letting Spencer back in does that.

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Trina tells them that since Rory died, Spencer has been there for her. Curtis gets a call and excuses himself. Trina insists to her mother that Pentonville changed Spencer and has given him a purpose. Portia is sorry for what Spencer is going through, but the Cassadines are dangerous and everyone who gets near them gets burned.

Trina portia talk GH

Trina says she knows Spencer’s family is messed up, but Spencer is his own man. Trina hopes her mother sees Spencer as she does one day, but she doesn’t have to because Spencer isn’t her mother’s friend, he’s hers.

Trina defends Spencer GH

Trina heads to her room as Curtis returns with two glasses of wine. He overheard their conversation. Portia thought Trina had put Spencer in the rearview, and she won’t let them revive this friendship. Portia refuses to let Spencer worm his way back into Trina’s heart.

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Alexis visits Spencer at Sonny’s place. He thanks her for coming, and vents about Britt’s death, and the fact that there is someone out there possibly crazier than Esme. Alexis assumes he knows that Esme is no longer suspected of being the hook. He does, and almost wishes she was guilty so he could stop worrying about someone targeting Trina and those close to her. Talk turns back to Esme, who is about to give birth and continue to their family tree.

Alexis Spencer talk GH

Spencer worries if Esme recovers that she’ll take that baby far away. Alexis doubts that given Esme is in other legal trouble, and Nikolas is going for full custody. She explains Nikolas is suing based on Esme being an unfit kettle. Spencer blurts out, “Pot meet kettle!”

Spencer and Alexis discuss baby GH

Alexis gets back to the topic of the hook, and asks Spencer if Trina has any other enemies. Spencer says everyone loves Trina, so he doesn’t know. She asks if there is anyone besides Ryan that has a connection to Esme. Spencer remembers Esme’s nanny Maggie, who Sam investigated for him, and might be devoted enough to kill for her. He recalls that Esme said Maggie claimed to know who her birth parents were, but never told her. Alexis thanks him for the information and asks him to be careful himself because of his association with Trina.

Spencer has a lead GH

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Dante that she can take the lead in the questioning if he doesn’t feel comfortable, but Dante says he can handle this. She hopes his connection to the witness will play in their favor.

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At the hospital, Drew tells Michael there is something he needs to know regarding Nina. Michael vents he doesn’t need to know anything when it comes to Nina, who won’t stay out of their lives. He vows to get a restraining order if need be. Drew explains that would be a mistake, and he believes Nina could be a match for Willow. He reminds Michael that he was looking for Willow’s birth family.

Drew tells Michael truth GH

Michael fumes, “Don’t tell me she’s a distant relative.” Drew responds, “Not so distant.” Michael learns that Nina is Willow’s mother and that Harmony knew all along. Drew explains Carly tried to tell Willow, but she still isn’t awake. Michael feels Willow needs to hear this from him.

Michael learns about Nina GH

Sonny runs into Joss outside of Willow’s room. Joss explains something has come up and she has to go, but she doesn’t want to leave Willow alone. Sonny says he’ll sit with Willow and will explain it to Michael.

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Sonny sits with Willow. He tells her that she’s a fighter and that Michael will take care of her. He just wishes he knew how to help them both. Sonny cries that Michael can’t lose her. He also knows Willow has encouraged Michael to reach out to him, and fears losing her would mean the end of hope for his family as well. He begs her to open her eyes.

Sonny sits with Willow GH

Michael enters Willow’s room, and Sonny explains Joss had to go and he didn’t want Willow to be alone. He leaves them. Michael sits down and tells Willow that he can hear her voice in his head telling him to go after Sonny. He says life is too short, and at least Sonny’s trying. He cries to Willow that he needs her, she’s the voice of his conscience, but he needs to hear her voice out loud. Suddenly, Willow wakes up.

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Willow is confused, so Michael fills Willow in on what happened, and that Wiley knows now she is sick. He says they’ll explain everything to him together. Willow can see there is something bothering Michael that he isn’t telling her. Michael says it’s about Nina. Willow fumes, “I never want to hear that woman’s name again.”

In the chapel, Nina tells Carly she doesn’t want to fight right now. Carly assures her that’s not what this is about, and tells Nina she may be the only person on earth who can help Willow. Nina is happy to get tested like everyone else, but Carly’s being a little over dramatic. Carly explains she has a better chance at matching than any of them as a family member. Confused, Nina reminds her that she’s only connected to Willow through Nelle, who was her daughter.

Carly admits truth GH

Carly confesses that Nelle wasn’t Nina’s only daughter, Willow is too. Nina thinks Carly has lost it. Carly insists to Nina that she had twins, and Madeline separated the babies and gave Willow to Harmony. Carly explains Harmony tried to kill her and Alexis to keep this secret safe, and only confessed everything on her deathbed. Nina calls this insane, that Harmony was a pathological liar, and there is no proof. Carly insists she has proof. Carly admits after what Harmony told her, she conducted a DNA test which confirms Willow is her biological daughter. Nina accuses Carly of saying this to punish her because she hates her. Carly cries she’s not lying and that Willow needs her right now.

Nina accuses Carly lying GH

Nina thinks back to all her arguments with Willow, but also the good conversations they had as well. Carly tells Nina to hate her all she wants, but this is about Willow, and Nina needs to go get tested. Nina calls Carly a monster and says she made her feel like the scum of the earth for over a year now for destroying her family. She screams, “What about my family? You kept me from my daughter!” Carly tells her to lash out at her after she gets tested. Nina yells, “You selfish bitch! I’m going to go save my daughter.”

Nina is stunned GH

Back in the hall, Sonny tells Drew it’s good that he’s here as Michael needs all the support he can get. Sonny asks Drew if he knows why Carly is in the chapel with Nina rather than with Michael and Willow. Drew does, but it’s not his place to tell him. Sonny says if it’s about his family that he needs to know.  Eventually, Carly appears and orders Sonny to back down.

Sonny questions Drew

In Willow’s room, she vents about Nina to Michael and begs him to promise her that if she dies, he’ll never let Wiley see Nina again. Nina bursts in, and Willow yells at her to get out. Michael tells Nina, “Not now.” Willow yells, “Get out of my room and out of my life for good.” Nina responds, “I’m sorry, but your life may depend on me.”

Joss arrives at the PCPD, and Dante explains he has some questions about the hook killer. They head into the interrogation room where Robert and Jordan are. Jordan tells her to have a seat. Dante explains they’ve been looking for the victim Britt rescued, and they have a lead from some security footage at the pier. He shows her some footage, and Jordan gets to the point and asks Joss if it was her life that Britt saved the other night. Robert assures her that she’s in no trouble, and asks her to help them out. Diane enters and says, “Not one word.”

After privately conferring with Diane, Diane tells Jordan and the others that her client is ready to make a statement. Joss says she was on the pier, and someone came at her with a hook. She doesn’t know who it was as they had a mask on. She was about to be stabbed when Britt came out of nowhere swinging her bag and told her to run.

Diane to the rescue GH

Jordan asks why she didn’t come forward earlier. Joss states she only found out about Britt’s death a few hours ago, and there was a family emergency. Dante asks if she noticed if her attacker was pregnant. Joss doesn’t know, she was more focused on the hook and getting away. Diane says, “I understand completely.”

Jordan questions Joss

After the questioning ends, Dante tells Joss that he’s sorry about this. Joss says he didn’t need to ambush her, if she knew anything she’d come forward. Dante asks what the family emergency she mentioned was.

Dante questions Joss

On the next General HospitalSpencer confers with Diane about Esme’s baby. He doesn’t want either of the baby’s parents in its life. Esme blurts out, “Oh!” as if she’s had a contraction. Sonny questions what Carly knows. Michael asks Willow to listen to what Nina has to say. Nina insists she may be able to save Willow’s life. Curtis warns Portia against interfering in Trina’s life.

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