Carly has to reveal truth
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Carly, Drew and Joss arrive at the hospital. They locate TJ and ask about Willow. He explains he just arrived, and he’ll find someone to update them soon.

Michael looks in on Willow, who is in a hospital bed and hooked to oxygen. He begs her not to leave him and to fight for their family.

Michael begs willow to fight GH

Michael reunites with his family, and he asks how they knew where he was. Carly explains Nina called her and told her that Willow collapsed. Drew explains Carly already knows the truth, and Joss says Sonny told her. Michael wonders how Sonny knows. Carly asks what he needs from them. Michael says he’ll explain in time but has to take care of something. He walks off.

Drew pulls Carly aside and insists that Willow and Nina need to know the truth. Carly says it’s not the right time for Willow. Drew says there will never be the right time, and he won’t sit on this secret. She doesn’t expect him to and just wants to focus on Willow and the baby.

Drew tells Carly to tell the truth. GH

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Liz stops by Kelly’s where Cam is franticly cleaning. She asks what is going on with him and asks if this is about Esme. Cam goes off on Esme and says after what she’s done that he wants to see her pay and hopes they take that baby away from her. Afraid, Liz says this doesn’t sound like him.

Cam is angry GH

Cam informs her that Joss broke up with him and it’s all Esme’s fault. He says they never got back to where they were before the video was posted. Liz councils that she has had her fair share of heartache, and rarely is it just one issue that breaks up a couple.

Liz worries about Cam GH

They sit down, and Liz reminds Cam there were other issues between him and Joss, such as his keeping Spencer’s secret. Cam cries that it hurts. Liz says it will hurt for awhile, but one day he’ll look back and be grateful for what they did have. He thanks her for making him face the facts that he can’t just blame Esme, and that will only keep him angry. Liz tells Cam she loves him and is always here for him. They embrace.

Liz gives Cam advice GH

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Alexis arrives at The Invader and is surprised to find Gregory in her office. He explains he wanted to impress her so he came to double-check things given all the big news of the day. Alexis tells him that he’s already gone above and beyond in helping her. She doesn’t know why he’d want to continue to stick around and do so. He admits teaching journalism is one thing but being involved in actual journalism when stories break is invigorating.

Gregory and Alexis work together GH

Alexis asks if he’s considering becoming a reporter. He feels it’s a little too late for that. Alexis calls bull as she’s on her second act. She thinks he’s good at this and doesn’t want to see him write it off without trying. He says he’ll think about it. After they finish up some work, Gregory tells Alexis he had fun and likes spending time with her. He heads out, and Alexis gets a call with some alarming news that grabs her attention.

Alexis gives Gregory advice GH

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At the Quartermaines’, Cody and Sasha return to the living room with food and wonder where Brook Lynn and Chase went to. They later learn that Michael and Willow are at the hospital. Cody suggests they make use of the biscotti they found while they wait for news.

Sasha and Cody bond GH

As they snack, Sasha tells him all about her problems as of late. When he learns her mother-in-law is named Gladys, he notes he knows a Gladys,but doubts it is her. She laughs that Gladys is memorable, he wouldn’t forget her. Talk turns to Britt dying a hero, which Sasha says is also how Brando died. They toast to Britt and Brando.

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Outside the gatehouse, BLQ knows Michael wouldn’t want Nina watching Wiley. Chase suggests they go in and thank her for watching Wiley and explain they can take over.

Brook Lynn wants to stop Nina GH

Inside, Wiley asks Nina what is wrong with his mommy. She tells him not to worry and that the doctors are going to make his mommy all better.

Nina tries to comfort Wiley GH

Elsewhere, Sonny, on the phone, gets into his car. He tells the other person that he’ll be right there.

Back at the gatehouse, Sonny arrives, and Wiley runs to hug him. He says grandpa is here and everything will be OK. Brook Lynn and Chase enter, and she’s shocked to see Sonny. Brook Lynn says Michael called her to come to check on Wiley. Chase asks if they know what is going on with Willow. Brook Lynn sends Wiley to brush his teeth, and Sonny breaks the news to them that Willow has leukemia, and Nina reveals she’s in stage four.

wiley hugs sonny GH

Sonny and Nina decide to head to General Hospital, and Wiley says goodbye to his grandparents. Nina tells Wiley to remember if he doesn’t see her for a while that she’s always with him and loves him so much.

Later, Wiley asks Brook Lynn why his mommy said Grandma Nina is bad. Brook Lynn explains Nina and his mommy just want what is best for him, and sometimes people make mistakes. She suggests he make his mom a get-well card, which he does. Chase notes she is very good with Wiley but he’s not surprised. He recalls when they took care of Bailey. She knows he likely wants to leave to see Willow and urges him to. He thinks he’ll only be in the way, and the best way to help Michael and Willow is to help her keep Wiley happy.

Brook Lynn cheers up Wiley GH

Chase reads Wiley a bedtime story on the couch, only for Brook Lynn and Wiley to both fall asleep. He tells them to rest and he’ll watch over them.

Chase reads a bedtime story GH

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Back at the hospital, Carly storms off when Nina and Sonny arrive. Sonny forgot to ask why Nina was at the Quartermaines’. She admits she had words with Michael and knows she shouldn’t have.

Terry and Dr. Navarro gather the family. Terry says the baby is fine, but Willow is critical. Terry explains she’s running out of time, and that she will look into trials and other options.

Terry gives them news GH

Terry and Navarro head off, and Drew is confused as he thought Willow had a donor match. Michael explains the donor isn’t healthy enough to go through with the transplant. A stunned Carly looks over at Nina. Michael goes to take a walk, and Sonny and Nina decide to go to the chapel and pray for Willow. Drew tells Carly they need to put an end to this madness now. Carly knows what she has to do.

Bad news for Michael GH

Sonny and Nina sit in the chapel, and Sonny doesn’t know what to do given he and Michael are estranged. She says just being there for him and Willow is a lot. Sonny wants to let his son know he’s here for him. Nina does too, even if Michael and Willow don’t want her to be.

Sonny and Nina pray GH

Joss finds and comforts her brother. She gets a text from Dex saying he’s thinking about her. She asks Michael if there is anything she can do for him. He says, “Just be here with me.”

Carly goes in to see Willow, who is being checked on by TJ. TJ reveals she’s stable, but they don’t know when she’ll wake up. He leaves her with Willow. Carly sits by her and cries, “I need you to wake up. I’m so sorry, and I never intended for anything like this to happen. Please wake up so I can tell you what I need to say, it might save your life.” Willow stirs, and Carly continues to beg her to wake up, but she doesn’t.

Carly begs Willow to wake up GH

Back in the hall, Carly informs Drew that Willow won’t wake up. Drew says he can tell her later, but Carly knows they are past that. Carly asks Drew to tell Michael the truth for her, and that she’s so sorry. She knows what she has to do and walks off.

Carly asks a favor of Drew GH

Sometime later, Joss sits with Willow and tells her how sorry she is that this is happening to her. She promises Willow that her baby will be healthy, and so will she. She begs Willow to believe that. Joss gets a call, answers it, and says, “Right now? OK, I’ll be there.”

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Michael finds Drew and asks if he knows where his mom went. Drew does and explains she went to see Nina. Drew tells him there is something he needs to know.

Back in the chapel, Carly enters and asks Sonny to allow her to speak with Nina alone. Sonny leaves them, and the women stare at one another.

On the next General Hospital: As Drew tells Michael he must know something, Carly explains to Nina that she may be the only one who can save Willow’s life. Portia questions why Trina is letting Spencer back into her life. Alexis has a bone to pick with Spencer and wants the truth. Jordan asks someone why they didn’t come forward sooner with this information.

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