Drew dumps Carly
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A shirtless Chase is doing yoga poses at the studio when Sasha and Gladys arrive. Gladys comments, “That is some hot yoga.” Chase notices them, puts his shirt on, and greets them. Gladys tells Chase the good news that they have a buyer for Brando’s garage. Sasha notices Gladys doesn’t have her earrings and she covers that she’d never wear them to yoga. She excuses herself as she forgot her water bottle.

Chase hot yoga GH

Alone, Chase asks if Gladys is pushing Sasha to sell the garage. Sasha admits she is, but she knows Gladys is just looking out for her, and she trusts her. Chase is glad to run into her and asks how she’s been. Sasha explains she made it through the holidays, and for the most part, is doing well. She admits the quiet nights are tough. He tells her that she can call him day or night to talk, his phone is always on, a habit from when he was a cop.

Sasha still worried GH

At the Quartermaine’s, Brook Lynn works on a song and fights the temptation to call chase. Cody enters and says, “Sounds good in here.” He explains he found Leo in the stable trying to sleep with the new filly and just put him to bed. He asks how it’s going with her. She explains she’s writing a new song for Blaze and Chase, but she is singing the blues. Cody heard that she and Chase broke up. BLQ admits she may have concocted a plan to get Chase over here tonight and is hopeful things between them will change.

Cody and BLQ's plan GH

Back at the yoga studio, Chase gets a call from Brook Lynn. She explains she fixed the song that he and Blaze are singing tomorrow. She asks if he can come over and learn the new parts. He looks at Sasha, stammers, but agrees.

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Back at the mansion, Brook Lynn changes into something sexier, and Cody answers the door when Chase arrives. However, he brought Sasha with him. Chase explains he was with Sasha when she called, so he invited her to tag along. When it’s apparent Sasha and Chase are very buddy-buddy, Cody suggests to Sasha they go get something to eat in the kitchen so that Chase and BLQ can do their thing.

Brook Lynn surprised to see Sasha GH ABC

Chase sits at the piano and looks over her sheet music, but he can’t read her terrible handwriting. She sits down with him at the piano and says they should get to work.

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At the gatehouse, Nina tells Michael that Willow has put herself at risk so that they can have another baby, but where does that leave Wiley if Willow dies? He snaps, “How dare you!” She says as Wiley’s grandmother she is concerned about his emotional needs and losing the only mother he knows. She tells him she knows about cancer and how she found out about it. She is sorry for what Willow is going through, but Willow putting this baby’s needs over Wiley’s is selfish. She demands to know why Willow did not get chemo in her first trimester.

Nina and Michael argue Willow GH

Upstairs, Willow dreams about bringing the new baby home and beating cancer. However, her dream soon turns into a nightmare. The scene goes from bright and light to dark and dreary. Nina appears holding Wiley’s hand, and she tells Willow that she’s gotten too weak to take care of Wiley or the baby. Willow suddenly finds herself in a wheelchair and on an IV drip, with Michael holding the baby. Nina gloats Michael is working so much that she might as well take the baby too. Michael hands her over to Nina. Nina calls the baby her second chance and says, “What do you think about the name Nelle?” Willow screams and wakes up.

Willows nightmare

Back downstairs, Nina asks if Wiley knows about Willow. Michael states it’s too early for that. Nina tells Michael she knows he and Willow went through pain losing Jonah but isn’t it better for them to mourn than for Wiley to mourn his mother? Suddenly Wiley appears and is thrilled to see his grandma. He asks her to play with him because mommy’s always too tired and daddy is too busy. Michael orders Wiley back to bed, but he refuses. Nina tells Wiley that his dad is right and it’s time to go to bed.

Wiley sees Nina

Suddenly Willow rushes in and yells at Nina to get away from Wiley. She screams, “You can’t have my children, I’m not dead yet!” Nina is stunned, and Michael holds an angry Willow back. Nina assures Willow she’d never take her kids away from her. Wiley runs to his mom and asks what is wrong. Willow tells him that Nina is a bad person and she doesn’t want him talking to her. She says she’ll explain upstairs. However, on the way up the steps, Willow collapses, and Michael rushes to her.

Willow flies into a rage GH

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At Carly’s, Drew is stunned that Nina is Willow’s mother. Carly says she needs to call Michael and Willow as Nina is a bone marrow match. Drew says Willow already found a match, and Carly is relieved. Drew backs things up and reminds Carly she did a DNA test on Willow and Nina which came back negative. Carly admits she lied about that too. He can’t believe he has to ask this but was she ever going to tell Willow the truth about Nina? Carly answers no.

Drew calls out Carly GH

Drew accuses her of withholding this information to get back at Nina. Carly swears this was about protecting Willow from the pain that Nina was her mother. Drew asks Carly why she lied to him about the DNA results. She yells that she didn’t want to put him in this position. He theorizes she knew he wouldn’t go along with the lie because she knew on some level it was wrong.

Carly was never going to tell truth GH

Drew knows Carly would never intentionally hurt Willow, but keeping this secret almost cost Willow her life. He says if they didn’t find a match for Willow, they wouldn’t have known Nina could have helped until it was too late. Carly knows and that thought terrifies her. She wishes Michael would have told her as she could have helped him. Drew notes maybe he takes after his mother in thinking he can shoulder everything alone. She says, “It’s my MO, take care of everything myself so I don’t need other people.” He assumes he is on of these other people she is speaking of, but she swears he’s not.

Drew has had it with Carly GH

Drew laments that he was beginning to think they were becoming something more, that he opened his heart to her, yet she lied to him over and over. He calls this a wake-up call that they weren’t headed in the direction he thought they were. She quips, “So that’s it, one mistake and I’m out?” He tells her it’s not one mistake, it’s been lie after lie.

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In Sonny’s office, Joss goes off on him and says she doesn’t have to listen to him on how to live her life. Sonny tells Joss that he asked her here to let Michael and Willow know that he’s here if they need help. Joss appears confused, and Sonny says Michael and Willow must be dealing with a lot what with the chemo and leukemia. Joss is stunned to learn Willow has cancer. Sonny thought Michael would have told her. She explains he didn’t, and asks if her mom knows, but Sonny isn’t sure. Dex appears, sees Joss crying, and asks if everything is okay. Sonny eplains she just got bad news. Joss rushes out, and Dex promises Sonny to get Joss home.

Joss and Sonny squabble GH

Later, Gladys shows up to see Sonny. She explains Sasha needs his help. Gladys tells him about the offer that Sasha got on the garage, but Sonny feels it’s too low and Sasha shouldn’t take it. Besides, Sasha doesn’t need to worry about money. Gladys doesn’t feel it’s unhealthy for Sasha to be hanging onto Brando’s things. Sonny asks if something going on that he doesn’t know about with Sasha. Gladys says nothing specific. Sonny tells Gladys it will be okay, and they have to look after each other.

Gladys later visits Sonny GH

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Dex drives Joss home, and she confides in him that Willow has leukemia. Joss explains her first serious boyfriend Oscar had cancer and he died. She knows what it’s like to watch someone fight for their life, and you can fix anything. She cries it’s the most helpless feeling and Michael doesn’t deserve it. They arrive home and Dex holds her before she goes in.

Joss cries about Michael and Oscar GH

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At the Quartermaine’s, Brook Lynn and Chase are interrupted when Michael calls BLQ. He tells her about Willow, and sires are heard in the background.

At his office, Sonny calls Brick to find the best oncologist in the country. He explains it’s not for himself, but Willow.

As Drew and Carly continue to argue, Carly’s phone rings and it’s Nina. Carly answers and Nina tells her that Willow has collapsed, and Michael and Willow are on their way to the ER. Drew and Carly rush out the door.

On the next General Hospital: Cam fumes to his mother that he hopes she gets what she deserves. Drew tells Carly that Willow and Nina deserve to know the truth. Cody talks to Sasha and recognizes her mother-in-law’s name Gladys. At the gatehouse, Sonny plays with Wiley and says, “Grandpa is here, there is nothing to worry about.”

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