Carly forced to admit Nina Willow's Mother GH
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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Willow and Michael spend time with Wileym who notices Willow isn’t eating her cookies. After Michael takes the boy to bed to read him a story, Willow breaks down.

Michael returns, and Willow cries to him that she doesn’t understand why he isn’t angrier with her. She didn’t include him in her decision-making about her treatment, she gambled with her life and with Wiley’s security, and now she’s lost. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t hate her for shutting him out.

Willow cries to Michael GH

Michael says Willow chose to protect the life she’s carrying the best way she knew how. He doesn’t regret a single day they’ve spent together or making her Wiley’s mother. He says even if Wiley has to grow up without her, he won’t let him forget her. Michael says he will love her for the rest of his life. They lean in for a kiss.

Michael listens to Willow GH

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Drew arrives at Carly’s and finds her with two glasses of champagne waiting for him. Upset, he brings up her resistance to finding Willow’s parents and has realized she doesn’t want her parents to be found. Carly admits she doesn’t.

Drew upset with Carly GH

Carly reminds Drew that Willow didn’t want to find her birth parents after Harmony died. She says Willow was afraid her mom would wind up awful, someone like Nina. Drew tells her to cut it with the excuses because Willow’s biological family can give them things none of them can. She knows Willow needs a biological profile because of the baby, but she feels Willow is better off without the stress that could come with knowing the truth.

Carly admits what she did

Carly confesses to a stunned Drew that she’s been actively working against him. She admits to paying Denise to back Harmony’s original story and hiding the identity of Josiah the commune leader from him. Carly explains she swore to protect Willow long before they got together. Drew reminds her that Willow changed her mind about finding her parents, and if she had all the information then she may have acted differently. Carly asks, “What information?” Drew blurts out, “Willow has leukemia, stage four.” Carly is shocked and can’t believe she didn’t see it as all the signs were there. Drew says she needs to find her birth family because she needs a bone marrow transplant. Carly cries, “You don’t have to keep searching, Nina is Willow’s birthmother.”

Carly finally confesses GH

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At Nina’s place, Sonny shows her one of the papers he found in the box indicating Willow is getting chemo. Nina reads through the report and realizes Willow has been sick for a while and she delayed treatment because she was pregnant. Nina has no idea how Willow is getting through this, having to choose between her own health and the health of her baby.

Nina realizes Willow sick GH

Nina begins putting the pieces together. She once found Willow and Michael in Terry’s office, and it was because Terry was treating her. Sonny assumes they are keeping this quiet. Nina wonders if Michael pushed Willow to delay treatment, as they know how he can be. Sonny tells her that this infighting has to stop, and they have to pull together to help Willow.

Sonny wants no more fighting GH

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Joss arrives at Dex’s place, and he invites her in. She cries she can’t stop thinking about Britt’s death and how it’s all her fault. He tells her she has survivor’s guilt, and if she doesn’t stop thinking this way then it will eat her up. She can’t stop feeling that they are partly responsible for her death. Dex suggests she look at it a different way, Britt saved her life, and she owes it to her to live the best life she can. They quickly end up in a passionate kiss.

Joss cries about guilt GH

The kiss leads to Dex and Joss making love on the couch. After, Joss admits she doesn’t know what she feels for him, but she knows it’s strong. He agrees. Joss’ phone chimes and she checks it. She has a message from Sonny saying he needs to see her in his office. She fumes as she dresses. She says she’s going to tell Sonny she can see whoever she wants and it’s none of his business.

Dex Joss couch sex GH

Later, Joss arrives at Sonny’s office and says she has a few things to say before he speaks.

Back at Dex’s place, he calls someone and leaves them a message that they have a problem.

Michael tucks an exhausted Willow into bed at the gatehouse. There is a knock at the door and he heads down to answer it. He’s surprised to find it’s Nina. He tells her it’s not a good time. Nina knows he doesn’t want her here, but they need to talk about Wiley.

In her room at the hospital, Esme asks Liz if her lawyer is any good. Esme says he feels that if she can find out where she’s been, it could give her an alibi. She vents she doesn’t know where she had been, who she is, and even who got her pregnant. Liz assures her traumatic memory loss is temporary, and that Martin Grey is a good lawyer.

Liz gives Esme advice GH

Spencer meets with Laura in the halls. He is still in shock about Britt and says if Esme is the hook then she has to pay. Laura feels Esme doesn’t have the strength to attack Britt with a hook in her third trimester. She adds no matter what Esme has done he must remember her baby is innocent. Laura asks him not to confront Esme or interrogate her as it could cause stress for the baby.

Spencer wants Esme to Pay GH

Liz exits Esme’s room, and Spencer asks if he can see her. Laura allows him to go in and visit with her. Spencer steps into her room, and she asks if she knows him. He introduces himself and explains he and Trina found her and brought her to the hospital. He asks how she’s feeling. She says she’s been accused of terrible things and the only thing that can exonerate her is if she can figure out where she’s been hiding the past few months. He doesn’t know where she’s been, but he does know her.

Esme gets a visit GH

Esme perks up and asks Spencer how he knows her. He explains they went to boarding school together in France, and when he graduated he came home to Port Charles. He tells her that he brought her along as she was his girlfriend at the time, but they broke up eventually. She asks if this is his baby. He answers, “Possibly.”

Spencer tells Esme he knows her GH

At the nurses’ station, Laura talks to Liz about Esme and says she has the feeling that Kevin believes she’s not lying about the memory loss. Talk turns to Nikolas, and Laura knows Liz has always been there for her son. Laura says she thinks of Liz as another daughter, and she is very worried that Nikolas is in a very dark place.

Laura questions Liz GH

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Outside of Wyndemere, Jordan and Dante discuss the Christmas ornament found among Esme’s belongings. Dante says it’s a hand-painted ornament from Poland. If they can find out who it was sold to, they may know where Esme’s been.

Dante Jordan chat Wyndemere GH

Inside, Victor tells Nikolas what he discovered in the north tower and accuses him of keeping Esme prisoner right under his nose. Nikolas explains she turned up pregnant with his child, and he thought she was the hook. He locked her up to protect his child from being born in prison. Victor fumes that he has been protecting him for the sake of the family, and perhaps the Cassadines would be better off cutting their losses with him.

Victor confronts Nikolas

The doorbell rings and Victor tells Nikolas to answer it. He finds Jordan and Dante at the door with more questions for him. Victor invites them in and asks how they can be of help. Dante informs them that they believe Esme may have been hiding out somewhere on Spoon Island, or right in this house. Nikolas asserts that he’d know if Esme was living here. Jordan points out there are plenty of rooms, and she could have been hiding in one. They ask to search the house. Nikolas refuses, so Jordan informs him they have a warrant. Victor tells the officers they have nothing to hide, and perhaps Nikolas should accompany the officers in their search.

Dante searches Wyndemere GH

Later, Dante and Nikolas return to the living room. He says the other officers are still looking around, but he and Nikolas looked through the north wing. He notes there is no sign of Esme. Nikolas sees them out as the two other cops remain searching. Outside, Dante tells Jordan that one tower bedroom had just been cleaned and painted, and they were definitely hiding something there.

Victor has goods on Nikolas GH

Back inside, Victor reveals he had Demetrius scrub and clean Esme’s room, but everything was put in storage. Victor calls it leverage in case he needs to force Nikolas’ future cooperation.

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