Michael and Willow get more bad news GH
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At Nina’s place, she looks through the box of items Obrecht packed up from Britt’s office, not spotting the folder on Willow. Ava returns as Nina is still sorting through the belongings and thinks she needs to take time to process her loss. Nina tearfully admits she can’t believe Britt is gone.

Nina is upset GH

They sit down, and Nina tells Ava about Britt’s big party, which was a goodbye of sorts. She confided in Ava that Britt had Huntington’s Disease. She’s at least glad Esme is in custody. Ava says yes, with more surprises. She reveals Esme is pregnant with Nikolas’ baby, leaving Nina speechless with her mouth hanging open. Ava is furious and plans to get this divorce over as quickly as possible. She teases once she pulls off her plan there will be something in it for Nina.

Ava's revenge plan GH

Ava explains she’s moving out and taking Spoon Island and Wyndemere in the divorce. Nina admits she’s going to miss her. They both chuckle over how far they’ve come and how important they’ve become to one another.

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At the hospital, Willow gushes to Michael about how excited she is about their future now that she has a bone marrow donor. She wants to have this transplant so she can finally tell his family about her diagnosis. Michael doesn’t want her to feel she has to protect his family, as they are her family too. She asks, “Even Sonny?” Michael vents about everyone trying to force him to try and reconcile with Sonny. Michael says the Sonny who came home from Nixon Falls is not his dad, he’s a hypocrite. Willow notes that it must be hard for Sonny knowing he’s not the man he once was and that he’s lost Michael and Carly’s faith in him. She thinks Sonny needs Michael, and maybe he should have some compassion for the man he’s turned out to be.

Willow and Michael talk Sonny GH

Near the nurses’ station, Liz checks on Terry and how she’s doing. Suddenly Martin appears, with Jordan and Dante. He insists Terry not allow Jordan and Dante to question his fragile client. Terry feels Esme is well enough to be questioned and asks Finn to check to see if he agrees. Finn, Martin, Jordan and Dante head off.

Terry Liz questioned GH

Terry opens up to Liz about how busy she is having taken on Britt’s workload, and that she can’t believe Britt is gone. She says she’ll miss Britt, who became a good friend to her. Terry gets a reminder that her next appointment is here and wipes her tears away.

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Terry meets with Michael and Willow in her office and has the results of her bloodwork. Unfortunately, the chemo is not having the effect they wanted. Terry suggests they induce labor because the transplant can have complications for the baby. The doctor assures them that many babies are born prematurely safely. She leaves them to discuss their options.

Terry has news for Michael and Willow GH

Willow admits to Michael that she’s afraid of giving birth early, but Michael thinks Terry wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t safe. Terry returns and reveals she has more bad news. All donors must be screened to make sure they are able to donate, and the donor’s doctor couldn’t clear her for the procedure. Terry says they will just have to keep looking for another match.

Terry has more bad news GH

In her room, Finn checks Esme out and tells Dante and Jordan she can be questioned. Dante shows her photos of Cam, Joss, Trina and Oz on his phone. She swears she doesn’t know any of these people, and she can’t believe she would do these horrible things they say she did. She cries for Dante to stop with the pictures. Martin thinks this is getting to be too much for his client, so Jordan and Dante step out.

Dante shows Esme photos GH

Martin tells Esme not to worry as he knows how to set her free. He explains that the only testimony against her in the porn case is a dead man, and as for the murders, she’s far too pregnant to have attacked the last few victims. He says if she had an alibi, it would help. He notes it’s vital to find out where she’s been hiding.

Martin has a plan GH

In the hall, Dante voices to Jordan if Esme’s faking, she’s doing a hell of a job. Dante says they still have evidence against her for the porn and the attack on Oz, and she should still pay even if she has no memory. Jordan asks about the hook killings. Dante admits he doesn’t believe it’s her given her condition. Dante thinks they could eliminate Esme if they can find out where she has been hiding out for the past few months.

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Finn spots Liz and checks in on her given Esme is pregnant, and she just miscarried. Liz tells him that he doesn’t have to pretend as if he cares. He says he’ll always care about her, and she’ll always be Violet’s aunt. Liz tells Finn there is something he should know about Esme. Before she can say anything, Jordan interrupts and needs a statement from Liz about Esme. Liz is confused as she gave a statement after the attack on the pier. Jordan needs to know if during that attack if Liz could tell Esme was pregnant. Liz explains it was dark and she wore black clothes, and it all happened so fast.

Finn is sympathetic GH

Liz inquires if Esme is still a suspect in the murders. Jordan isn’t sure based on Britt’s statement of the attacker, as she would have noticed she was pregnant and made no mention of it. Dante believes if they can find out where Esme has been hiding it would be helpful. Finn suggests they start at Wyndemere. Finn explains every time she’s been seen it’s near the pier, the launch or on the island. Dante notes she was found on The Haunted Star and wet, so she could have fallen into the water from the island.

At Kelly’s, Alexis meets with Nikolas, who needs legal advice because he’s the father of Esme’s child. Alexis is floored. Nikolas knows what he did was stupid and selfish, and he’s heard it all from his mother. Alexis asks what he wants from her. Nikolas explains Martin is protecting Esme from being sent to prison, but he wants full custody of the baby when it’s born and that’s where she comes in.

Nikolas shocks Alexis GH

Alexis won’t help him. She reminds him that her father took Sam away from her, so she won’t do that to another woman, even Esme. Nikolas pleads that he wants to give this baby what he didn’t give Spencer. Alexis tells him that he doesn’t get a do-over with this baby. Nikolas swears he loves this baby and wants to protect them, and this is Esme they are talking about. Alexis agrees to find him a lawyer that specializes in difficult custody situations.

Alexis gives advice GH

At Wyndemere, Victor learns Sonny is taking Spencer home with him and forbids it. Spencer thanks his great-uncle for what he’s done for him, but the custody arrangement is over. Victor begs him to stay, but Spencer refuses to stay here given Esme is pregnant with his father’s child. Victor allows Spencer to get his things.

Spencer goes to pack, and Victor tells Sonny they need to work together for Spencer’s sake. Victor explains he has done everything he can to bridge this chasm between Nikolas and Spencer. He asks Sonny to try and convince Spencer to work on his relationship with his father. Sonny doesn’t think it’s in Spencer’s best interest to be around his father, and Nikolas has failed him on every level.

Sonny and Victor face off GH

Victor doesn’t disagree but says Nikolas loves Spencer. He points out Sonny should have sympathy for Nikolas given his relationship with Michael. Sonny warns him to keep his family out of his mouth. Sonny tells Victor that if Spencer changes his mind about his father then it won’t be because of him. Victor comments they don’t always have as much time as they think, which puzzles Sonny.

Victor is cryptic GH

Spencer returns with a small bag and says Demetrius is going to collect and send the rest of his things from the North Tower. Victor thought it was closed. Spencer reveals it’s open now. Spencer thanks his great-uncle, and he and Sonny depart.

Spencer thanks Victor GH

Back at Nina’s, Sonny arrives and reveals Spencer is across the way at his place unpacking. Ava is glad Spencer has Sonny. He is surprised to hear her voicing concern about Spencer. She says Spencer apologized to her, and now he’s one less person she’ll have to evict. She tells Sonny that she’s taking Wyndemere in the divorce. She heads out to meet with her lawyer.

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Nina excuses herself to get them some hot ciders, and Sonny notices one of the reports from Britt’s box and reads it. Nina returns and asks if he’s okay. Sonny tells her that he isn’t.

Sonny finds something GH

Nikolas returns home and finds Victor furious. He tells him he has some explaining to do, starting with what’s been happening in the north tower. He holds up a burnt Christmas ornament.

On the next General Hospital: Spencer says she needs to be held accountable. Esme cries, “Do you think I really did those things?” Victor fumes at this point it might be best if the Cassadines just cut their losses. Willow sobs to Michael and asks, “Why don’t you hate me for that?” Sonny tells Nina the infighting has to stop.

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