Willow gets good news GH
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In Britt’s office at the hospital, Nina looks through the box of her belongings that Obrecht packed up. Sonny arrives to help Nina and gives the box to Frank to take out to the car. Nina explains she’s worried about her aunt, who doesn’t handle grief well. She was supposed to be here, and she doesn’t know where she is. Sonny wonders if Obrecht knows Esme is in the hospital. Nina gasps and rushes off.

Sonny Nina discuss Obrecht GH

Obrecht sneaks into Esme’s room, wearing Britt’s coat. Esme moans that she can’t sleep and needs something stronger. Obrecht smiles and says that can be arranged. Suspicious, Esme asks who she is. Obrecht tells her she’s a mother whose daughter was taken from her, and she wants her pound of flesh. She produces a syringe, and Esme panics.

Obrect Esme GH

Esme swears she doesn’t know what happened to her daughter, she doesn’t remember anything. Obrecht tells Esme that she owes her daughter an explanation and she should think of one fast as she’s about to see her. The doctor shoves a cloth in Esme’s mouth to muffle her screams and tells her it’s her turn to die. Esme pushes the tray of food in front of her aside revealing her baby, shocking Obrecht.

Esme syringe GH

In the halls, Liz tells Nikolas that Esme is stable, and the baby’s heartbeat is strong. He wishes he could go in and see Esme, but she tells him that seeing his face could cause Esme to begin to remember, which is the last thing they need. She still doesn’t know how they’ll get out of this. Nikolas assures her that he has Demetrius scrubbing the tower of evidence of Esme, and it will be her word against theirs.

Liz deals with Nikolas GH

Sonny and Nina step off the elevator and begin searching for Obrecht. Nikolas finds Sonny and asks if he’s talked to Spencer. He’s worried because Spencer isn’t taking his calls and might not know about Britt. Sonny asks, “What have you done now?” Nikolas knows Sonny will find out soon enough and tells him that Esme’s pregnant. Sonny assumes it’s Spencer’s, so Nikolas sets him straight and admits it is his. Sonny grabs him and calls him a sick son of a bitch, and decks him across the face.

Sonny gets physical with Nikolas GH

Nina locates Esme’s room in time to find Obrecht injecting the syringe into Esme’s IV, and the girl passed out. Nina asks, “What have you done?” Obrecht says it was only a sedative and grabs a pillow to smother Esme. Nina stops her and insists this isn’t what Britt would want. Nina asks if she’d really kill a mother and her baby. Obrecht says, “No, not the baby.” Nina convinces her to leave Esme and helps her sneak out before anyone notices she was in the room.

Nina stops Esme GH

Meanwhile, Sonny has departed after his altercation with Nikolas. A police officer asks Nikolas if he wants to press charges, but Nikolas doesn’t. Later Liz asks Nikolas what happened to his face. He relays that Sonny punched him after he told him about the baby. Liz asks, “Do you have a death wish?”

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Later the nurse finds Nikolas trying to sneak into Esme’s room and stops him. She again reminds him why this is a bad idea and that they just have to hold right and ride this out. Liz goes in to check on Esme, who wakes up screaming, “Don’t’ hurt me!” Liz tells her it seems like she was having a bad dream and to go back to sleep.

Nina and Obrecht arrive back at Nina’s. She tells Obrecht to go to her room and sleep, which she does. Nina looks through the box of Britt’s belongings but doesn’t notice there is a file on Willow and her chemotherapy in it.

Willow and Michael bring Wiley to the Quartermaine stables to see Comet and get out of the cold for a bit. Outside, Drew speaks with his reporter about tracking down the last three Josiahs in Arizona, who seem to have gone off the grid.

Drew makes a call GH

Drew heads into the stable and says hello to Michael and his family. Wiley takes Drew out to see the new filly Thor, and Drew later returns and explains the nanny lured Wiley back into the house with some hot chocolate. Drew is glad he ran into them and asks Willow if Harmony or her dad Doug ever mentioned someone named Josiah. Willow explains Harmony took her to visit Josiah once after they left the commune. She doesn’t remember much as she was young, and Shiloh made Harmony cut ties with him when they joined Dawn of Day. Drew admits Josiah may be their best bet to find out who her birth parents are.

Later, Willow gets a call from Terry. Willow asks if her chemo results are in and if it’s working. After getting off the phone, Willow cries that her results aren’t in, but she’s matched someone on the donor registry. She and Michael embrace as she cries, “I’m going to live!”

Willow gets news GH

Joss walks into her mom’s kitchen to find Dex standing there with Carly. She asks why Dex is here. Dex explains he came to tell her about the latest hook attack and Britt. Carly interjects and tells her the story being reported in the papers about Britt saving an unknown woman from the hook. She explains during a scuffle, Britt was scratched and died from the poison on the hook an hour later. Joss breaks down and blurts out, “This happened because of me.”

Joss blames herself GH

Joss confesses to her mom that the attacker came after her, and Dex and Britt intervened to save her. A stunned Carly asks why they didn’t talk to the police. Joss tries to make excuses, but Dex says, “Because of me.” Dex explains he was carrying an unlicensed gun that Sonny gave him which would raise questions. Joss tells Dex she’ll fill her mom in on the rest and walks him out.

Dex confesses to Carly GH

Outside, Joss says she’ll make sure her mom knows he didn’t talk her into doing anything. He tells her that she knows how to reach him if she needs him.

Dex comforts Joss GH

Joss heads back in and laments to her mother that Britt died because of her. She explains Britt agreed to help them cover for Dex. She explains they briefly went back to Dex’s place, and then she went to break up with Cam before coming home. She cries that he was so hurt, and she hasn’t been able to sleep and has just been replaying last night over in her head. Carly wishes she had called her because she needs to know when she’s in danger. Carly swears she’ll always have her back, and they embrace.

Joss blames herself GH

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At Kelly’s, Spencer tells Cam that he looks like hell. Cam says he worked late and wasn’t supposed to be in today, but someone called off. Spencer fills Cam in that they found Esme and she’s pregnant. He asks Cam for some tips on how to be a good big brother because his dad is the father.

They sit down, and Spencer drops another bomb on Cam, that Esme claims she remembers nothing. Cam asks if she could be faking it. Spencer doesn’t know, but with Esme pregnant, he doesn’t think she is the hook. Spencer suggests they along with Joss and Trina should get together and speculate as to who could be doing this.  Cam says he has to pass and reveals he and Joss broke up. Spencer is stunned, and Cam says so was he when she dumped him. Cam tells him that Joss claimed they’ve grown apart. Spencer wonders if this is because of that jerk Dex.

Spencer and Cam chat GH

Cam says Joss never mentioned Dex so why would he suggest that? Spencer says his dad slept with his girlfriend, so he doesn’t have much faith in relationships right now. Cam assumed he and Trina were getting close again, but Spencer tells him they are just friends. He explains their plan to set themselves up as bait.

Cam reveals breakup GH

Sonny enters and asks to speak with the boys. He sits down and breaks the news of Britt’s death at the hands of the hook. Spencer refuses to believe it, and notes he just saw Britt and she was having the time of her life at her party. Cam asks when it happened, and Sonny relays the story from the paper. Spencer excuses himself and sits on the stairs and holds back his tears.

Sonny arrives with bad news GH

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Spencer soon rejoins Sonny and Cam at their table. Dex appears and interrupts, but Sonny tells him not now. Cam must get back to work, and Spencer asks if Britt was alone when she died. Sonny explains she was with her mother. Spencer laments he’s so tired, and the last thing he wants is to go back to Wyndemere and see his dad. Sonny suggests Spencer come home with him. Spencer leaves with Sonny and Dex, but not before Dex and Cam exchange looks. Cam looks at a photo of himself and Joss on his phone.

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