Esme gets shocking visitors GH
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Felicia stops by the Quartermaine stables to see Cody. He asks what brings her by so bright and early. She explains Mac would have delivered this bit of news himself if he wasn’t working on an investigation. She tells him that Britt died last night. Felicia fills him in off-screen about the details.

Felicia gives Cody bad news GH

Cody says as smart and as beautiful as Britt was, life never seemed to give her a break. She thinks he and Britt had a lot in common. Cody says they had a connection, but he wasn’t straight with her and used her. Now she’ll never know he learned too late that all he wanted was her. Cody thanks Felicia for coming to give him the news. She says it was Mac’s idea. Felicia gives him a hug and leaves him as he fights back tears.

Cody learns Britt's dead GH

At the Metro Court, Nina throws out a reporter who is hounding Maxie in the hallway for a quote about Britt’s death. Brad arrives and also helps toss the guy out. Nina thanks them for meeting her as she needs to pick something out for Britt to wear at her memorial, and her aunt isn’t up for it. Brad doesn’t know how he will go on without his BFF. Maxie reminds him that Britt wanted them to be friends, so they should help Nina do this for Britt and for Obrecht.

Nina has something to tell Maxie and Brad GH

They head into Britt’s room and discover most of her wardrobe has already been packed up and shipped off, and a lot was also donated. Maxie says it was like she was planning to go somewhere and never come back. Brad recalls she was just writing her will and gave Cody the heave-ho. Maxie says she also wanted them to become friends. Nina informs them she knows something they need to know.

Nina sits them down and tells them that Britt knew she had a ticking time bomb in her head and that she inherited Huntington’s Disease from Faison. Nina says she only knew because her aunt broke down and told her. Maxie realizes Austin knew, and that’s what his gift was about. Brad and Maxie both sob and Nina comforts them. Eventually, Nina leaves them to figure out something for Britt to wear. The two immediatley disagree on the type of dress for Britt’s last look.

BRad and Maxie are devastated GH

Austin finds Obrecht packing up Britt’s office at the hospital and says she doesn’t need to do this now. He promises her no one will come in here and touch Britt’s things. Obrecht thanks Austin for the lovely photo tribute to her daughter, and beams about how much Britt was loved. He believes it changed her mind about leaving town. Obrecht says she was just going on vacation. Austin reveals Britt was planning to leave and not come back. Obrecht realizes she was planning to leave to die alone.

Austin Obrecht talk GH

Austin says he’s sorry Obrecht had to find out this way. He only knew about the plan because he caught her at a vulnerable moment. Obrecht wonders what might have changed Britt’s mind. Austin doesn’t know but says Britt’s last week involved delivering a miracle baby, throwing an epic party, and saving someone else’s life. He says that’s a pretty badass way to go. Obrecht appreciates his words, but her Britta is still gone.

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Liz checks on Esme, who is handcuffed to her bed. Esme has no idea what is going on, and the police say she has done terrible things. She swears to Liz she has no memory other than waking up here. Liz believes she knows someone who can help when suddenly Kevin walks in.

Liz checks on Esme GH

Esme looks at Kevin and says she knows him, and she remembers his face. Liz introduces Dr. Kevin Collins, and she appears confused. He explains he is a psychiatrist. Liz leaves them, and Esme tells Kevin she feels she knows him but she can’t recall how. He explains they have several people in common, including his twin brother Ryan. He informs her that she used to take care of him and tells her about her internship.

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Suddenly, Martin barges in, followed by Liz, and tells Kevin he needs to stop questioning Esme, who is now his client. He’s been assigned to her by Judge Holloway as a pro bono case. Kevin leaves, and Martin asks Liz if she can leave them too. Esme says Liz has been good to her and doesn’t mind if she stays. Esme notes everyone acts like she’s done something horrible, and she doesn’t understand what it is. Martin tells her she’s been charged with murder in the first degree.

At the PCPD, Dante has brought Nikolas in for questioning about his relationship with Esme. Nikolas says he already confessed that Esme is carrying his baby. Dante is having trouble with the idea of a very pregnant Esme taking down Rory or Brando. He says if she is the killer then she had help. He asks who else would help protect and hide Esme all this time other than the father of her baby. Nikolas refuses to be a part of this fishing expedition and tells Dante he has nothing on him. Dante wonders why he’s getting so angry then. Nikolas storms out as Dante advises him not to leave town.

Dante grills Nikolas GH

Later, Kevin turns up and tells Dante that he met with Esme, and he believes she has suffered memory loss. Dante says in her condition, Esme couldn’t have taken out Britt, so that leaves them with the question of who the killer really is.

Kevin has news about Esme GH

Back at the hospital, Martin leaves Esme’s room, and rants about the judge putting him on this case. Nikolas appears and says it’s not the judge’s fault. He admits he pulled strings to get Martin on the case because he is family and Esme is carrying his child. Nikolas promises to double his normal fee, so Martin agrees.

Martin is furious GH

Back in Esme’s room, Liz tells Esme if she is faking that she’ll know, so don’t even try. Esme swears she remembers nothing and asks Liz if she believes her. Liz walks out without answering, and Esme attempts to eat some of her food.

Nina arrives at Britt’s empty office having received a text from Obrecht to meet her there. She texts her aunt as to where she is.

Wearing Britt’s coat and badge, Obrecht sneaks into Esme’s room. Esme complains that she can’t sleep and asks for something stronger. Obrecht tells her, “That can be arranged.”

Obrecht pays esme a visit GH

At Spring Ridge, Heather lets herself into Ryan’s cell. He asks Heather where she was last night. She says her favorite security guard looked the other way while she took another walk in the moonlight. He wonders if her walk took her near the pier, where Britt Westbourne was hooked. He can’t believe he never figured it out till now and realizes she is the killer. She says someone had to protect their daughter and he’s in no position to do so. Ryan wants her to confess so that their daughter can go free.

HEather and Ryan talk GH

Heather says that is unnecessary and points out that the next time she hooks the cops will realize Esme is innocent. He grabs her by the wrist, and she winces. He asks what happened. Heather explains she took one for the team last night. She gloats that one day Esme will thank her for what she’s done. Ryan notes, “Not if the rest of our family has to pay for it.” Heather doesn’t understand, so Ryan reveals Esme is pregnant.

HEather has it all planned GH

Heather is overjoyed as this is her first grandchild. She wants to make up for lost time and be there in the delivery room when her baby has her baby. Ryan tells her that is impossible. Heather tells him to just leave things to her and her friendly guard who looks the other way. She says, “Mama will take care of everything.” She just needs to get another hook since hers got snagged. Heather then rushes out of Ryan’s cell.

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Portia and Curtis meet at the coffee café. Curtis says Trina called him and was worried about how she was taking Britt’s death. Portia laments Britt wasn’t just her boss but her friend. Curtis assures her that he’s here for her.

Portia and Curtis celebrate GH

Portia says their family has been through a lot over the past year, but they’ve come through it stronger. She also can’t wait to become his wife in a few weeks.

Curtis brings a plant GH

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