Esme has no memory
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Laura drops by Nina’s place to see Ava. She’s worried about Nikolas and asks what Victor has on her son. Ava thinks about Esme going over the parapet but claims to Laura that she can’t help and has realized Nikolas hasn’t been honest with her about everything. Laura thought their relationship would make him a better man. Ava admits she thought the same.

Laura questions Ava GH

Ava thanks Laura for always supporting her in this marriage, and sobs that she feels like such a failure. Laura knows divorce feels like death. Ava is mad as hell at Nikolas, so Laura wonders what she’ll do about it.

Ava plays innocent with Laura GH

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At the hospital, Esme wakes up in her room shocked and confused as to where she is. Dante asks where she has been for the last six months. When he asks, “Do you want me to repeat the question, Miss Prince?” she responds, “Why do you keep calling me that?”

Dante questions Esme GH

In the waiting area, Spencer takes a moment alone with his dad. They step aside, and Trina tells Liz that seemed tense.

Spencer Nikolas argue Esme GH

In a hall, Spencer asks Nikolas if Esme is carrying his kid. Nikolas tells him to keep his voice down. Spencer shouts when Esme wakes up she will blow him out of the water.

Nikolas Esme Spencer fight GH

Later, TJ arrives to check on Esme, and Liz drags Nikolas off to talk. Spencer rejoins Trina and thinks their plan worked and they lured the hook out. Trina isn’t so sure. She can’t see Esme out there attacking people when she’s that pregnant.

Trina got it wrong GH

Liz tells Nikolas they are in trouble, and that perhaps she should call Scott. Nikolas excuses himself to make a call of his own.

Liz worries GH

Back in Esme’s room, TJ checks over Esme and orders a fetal heart monitor. She’s baffled by the order and then stunned to see she’s pregnant. TJ calms her down and asks what her name is, but Esme doesn’t know.


Dante exits the room and tells Spencer, Liz and Trina that Esme claims she remembers nothing.

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Back at Nina’s, Nikolas calls Ava to let her know Esme has been brought to the hospital, and they need to get their stories straight. Ava says she’ll be right there and then tells Laura that Esme has been found.

Back at the hospital, Spencer thinks this is another one of Esme’s tricks, and Nikolas also thinks she’s playing an angle. Meanwhile, TJ checks on Esme, who cries she’s scared.

Ava arrives and learns from Trina that Esme is claiming she remembers nothing. Trina questions why Ava bothered to come if she doesn’t think Esme isn’t the hook.

Meanwhile, Liz tells Nikolas it’s possible Esme really has amnesia because if she told the truth about what they did it would get her off as being the hook. The truth would give her an alibi. Laura appears and asks, “What is this about an alibi?”

Across town, Scott finds Cam still working at Kelly’s and asks why he isn’t with Joss. Cam texts Joss, and brings Scott the last brownie available. Scott decides to wait for Obrecht to come and share it with him as he texted her to come join him.

Scott avises Cam GH

At his place, Joss and Dex snuggle and kiss on his couch. He asks how she feels after what happened at the docks. She feels lucky and uneasy but safe with him. However, he still works for Sonny, and she’ll never be okay with that. She won’t lie to herself about Sonny being an honorable man ever again. Suddenly Joss gets a text from Cam asking to see her as he’s about to get off work.

Joss no regrets GH

Joss quickly dresses and tells Dex she needs to talk to Cam and not let him go into the new year believing they are something they aren’t. Dex won’t let her go alone with the killer out there and promises to stay out of sight.

Dex in his undies GH

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Back at Kelly’s, Cam worries when he hasn’t heard back from Joss. He explains to Scott that they’ve both been busy, and he is planning a New Year’s do-over. Scott thinks he should close up and go after her.

Cam Scott advice GH

Dex and Joss arrive outside, and Dex tells her that he’ll be right here if she needs him. She doesn’t know how to do this. She heads inside, and Cam says he was just about to come to find her. She says they need to talk.

Joss dumps Cam GH

Scott leaves them, and Cam realizes something is wrong. Joss cries that things have changed between them and she can’t ignore it anymore. She tells him they are growing apart, so he says they just need to spend time together. Cam feels they can still get back to where they were, but Joss says they can’t. Cam realizes she came there to break up with him.

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Joss cries about how sorry she is, and that she should have come to him sooner. However, the thought of losing him terrified her. He asks if she still loves him. Joss says she’ll always love him, but she’s not in love with him anymore. Cam vents that he has to get back to work and asks her to leave and not make this night any harder than it is. She says goodnight and leaves him.

Outside, Dex walks a sobbing Joss home.

On The Haunted Star, Britt collapses and has trouble breathing. She claims to her mom she’s just had more to drink than she thought. Obrecht wants to call for help, but Britt tells her it’s too late. Obrecht tells her this is only a scratch and don’t be a defeatist. She orders her daughter to get up and come back with her to her room, but Britt asks her to make a toast first. Obrecht grabs a glass and toasts to many more years together. Britt begins coughing up blood, and Obrecht realizes something other than Huntington’s is going on.

Obrecht worries GH

Obrecht calls for an ambulance but learns they are 10 minutes out. Britt weakly tells her mom she came back to find her so she didn’t have to die alone. Obrecht is confused and says she’ll take her to the hospital herself. Britt says they won’t make it in time, and reveals the scratch is from the poisoned hook. She says they won’t make it in time to the hospital to get the antidote.

Britt dying GH

Britt tells her mother they’ve been together since the beginning, and now they are together in the end. Obrecht cries there must be something she can do. Britt asks her to hold her, so Obrecht does. Obrecht recounts stories from Britt’s childhood, and how smart she was from such a young age. Obrecht breaks down when she realizes Britt is gone. She cries, “Mama loves you.”

Obrecht holds Britt GH

Later, Scott finds Obrecht sitting stoically alone at the hospital and asks if she’s okay. Obrecht cries she’s alone, she tried to protect them, but now she is alone. Scott is confused and asks what happened. Obrecht tells Scott that her little girl, her Britta, is gone.

Scott comforts Obrecht

Obrecht goes to visit Britt’s body in a hospital room. She knows their time together was too short, but she was proud to be her mother. She whispers a message in her ear to give to Nathan and then kisses her daughter on her forehead. Obrecht cries, “Godspeed until we are all reunited.”

Elsewhere, Nikolas tells Laura that he and Liz were discussing how Esme might talk her way out of this. Laura wonders why Nikolas is here as she didn’t think he knew Esme well. Nikolas reminds his mother that Esme terrorized many people. Meanwhile, Ava tells Trina that she had to be here after everything Esme did to her. A nurse wheels a fetal heart monitor into Esme’s room, and Ava is stunned when Trina reveals Esme’s pregnant. Trina says Spencer also doesn’t think the baby is his. Ava seethes, “Spencer is right.”

Ava finds Dante and asks how far along Esme is. Trina joins and asks if TJ has indicated is Esme could commit violent crimes in her state. Laura, Nikolas and Liz join the group as Dante explains he can’t answer their questions. Nikolas asks Ava to talk in private. Ava refuses, and asks Nikolas, “The baby is yours isn’t it.” Everyone gasps. Nikolas replies yes, and Ava slaps him. She states, “That’s all I needed to know.”

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