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On The Haunted Star, Britt becomes emotional when the shirtless waiters bring out her cake for her to make a wish over. When she has trouble blowing out all the candles, Nina steps in to help. Brad asks Britt to cut the cake like the surgical pro she is, but her hand starts to shake. Terry immediately takes over, claiming she’ll need the practice covering for Britt while she’s on her vacation.

Britt gets emotional GH

The drag queen hostess calls Obrecht to the stage, and she performs a song she did at the Nurses’ Ball a few years ago. However she sings it during the commercial break, so the audience isn’t privy to it.

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Liz sneaks out, and Finn follows her when he sees her leave with a drink. On the deck, Finn confronts her and tells her drinking is not good for the baby. She breaks the news that she miscarried, and Finn says he’s sorry. She reveals that Ava knows, but she never told the boys. Finn promises no one will hear it from him. He wishes her a Happy New Year and heads inside.

Liz tells Finn the baby is no more GH

Terry joins Liz on the deck and offers her comfort. She knows Liz will tell her what’s going on when the time is right for her.

Terry comforts Liz GH

Elsewhere, someone spies on Spencer and Trina from afar. As Spencer and Trina appear to move in for a kiss, the individual speeds toward them. They stop when Trina hears a jingling and wonders what that was. Spencer suggests the wind, and Trina thinks maybe it’s someone at the party.

Trina hears something GH

The killer quickly hides. They later raise their hook while slowly approaching Spencer and Trina again, but Maxie comes out and urges the two to come inside, which they do.

Hook spies GH

Back inside, Scott makes an announcement that the party is missing one thing still. Britt shouts out, “Presents!” Obrecht offers Britt a box, which she opens, and finds a remote control inside. Brad shouts for the boys to bring it in, and a huge television set is wheeled in. Britt hits play on the remote and on the screen begins a slide show of photos of Britt from a baby onwards, which include real-life photos of Kelly Thiebaud. The show progresses through photos and videos of Britt with her friends, family, and co-workers, including one with Epiphany.

Cute young Britt Kelly GH

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After the show, Britt thanks all her friends and is moved to tears. Maxie tells her the photos were Austin’s idea, and they’ve uploaded them all on a digital frame so she can take them all on her vacation with her.

Sonny takes Nina out on the deck for some privacy. They reminisce about last New Year’s, and how she drove a drunk Sonny home. Nina thought he would have gone back to Carly, but he says here they are a year later. They share a kiss.

Sonny and Nina steal a kiss GH

Back at the bar, Spencer wishes Britt a happy birthday. He introduces Trina to her and says he was just telling Trina about her. When Spencer and Britt hug, Britt mouths to Trina that Spencer is the best. Brad pulls Britt away for a dance, and Spencer asks Trina what Britt said to her. Trina smiles and says, “I’ll never tell!”

Britt meets Trina GH

The drag queen hostess tells everyone to grab some champagne and someone they don’t hate because it’s almost time for the countdown. As everyone begins to partner up, Liz and Finn exchange looks. Finn decides to head out, telling Austin he’s leaving to be with his daughter.

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Britt hugs Austin and thanks him for the gift, and for his silence about her plans. As the countdown reaches midnight, Obrecht looks at Britt, who turns and walks out as everyone shares kisses and hugs.

Britt Austin goodbye GH

Trina and Spencer get close to a kiss, but Spencer ends up tooting a horn instead. Nearby, Maxie and Brad ask Austin if he’s seen Britt as she’s missing the best part of the party. Austin tells them, “Say what you want about Britt, but she knows how to make an exit.” The three of them toast.

Sprina almost kiss again GH

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael and Willow spend a cozy evening at home. Wiley zonked out before making it to midnight. Michael says there is always next year. Willow brings down the mood and suggests she might not be here next year. She quickly apologizes for being a downer and says she knows her life right now is full. Michael tells Willow that she changed his life, and he’s never felt this type of love for anyone else.

Michael proposes Willow GH

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Michael excuses himself and returns with his great-grandmother’s ring, which he gave her when they married the first time. He hopes she’ll accept it back and this time forever. He asks Willow to marry him. She cries that she will, and they kiss.

Willow accepts proposal GH

Sam and Dante head to Kelly’s to celebrate New Year’s because Sam wanted an ice cream sundae rather than a fancy dinner. Outside, Joss asks her bodyguard to wait here as she needs privacy to talk to Cam. She heads in and runs into Dante and Sam. They ask what she’s doing here, and she explains she came to see Cam. A waitress lets Joss know Cam is working with the catering crew and won’t be back until after midnight. Dante suggests Joss join them.

Dante Sam and Joss at Kelly's GH

As they discuss New Year’s resolutions, Joss reveals one of hers is to become a doctor and she’s switching her major to pre-med. They talk about their other wishes for 2023 and Joss just hopes Esme is caught and thrown in jail. Dante reminds her they don’t know if Esme is the killer, and at one point Dex was a suspect if Joss recalls. Joss remembers how Sonny put Dante in a tight bind, and Michael was worried Dante would have to arrest his own father for torturing Dex. Joss rants about all the horrible things Sonny has done, and even though Sonny has one of his men protecting her, she doesn’t feel grateful towards him.

Joss whines about Sonny GH

Sam advises Joss not to give Sonny too much thought as she has better things to focus on. Joss decides to head out and try and make it to Britt’s party.

Sam gives Joss the sideeye GH

Outside, Joss tells her bodyguard she is going home to change and then to Britt’s party. She tells him that Sonny is going to be there, so he doesn’t need to worry. Later, Sam and Dante exit Kelly’s to steal a kiss and a moment alone as midnight approaches.

After changing into a black party dress, Joss heads to the pier to board the boat. Suddenly the hook killer lunges towards her as she turns and sees them.

Killer goes after Joss GH

At Windermere, Nikolas warns his mother to leave Victor alone or she’ll lose her son. Laura asks if he’s fallen so far that Victor is his only way back. Nikolas says he owns his mistakes, and he loves her for fighting for what soul he has left, but it’s no longer about just him. He feels it may have been best if he just stayed dead.

Laura tries to reason with Nikolas GH

Laura yells at him never to say that and she promises to do whatever it takes to help him. She tells him it’s possible for him to start over, to wipe the slate clean. She asks him to make it his resolution, but he says it’s not New Year’s yet. However, he will take her words into advisement. She assures him as long as they stick together, they will all be just fine, and they can toss Victor out of their lives. She tells Nikolas she loves him and embraces him before she departs.

Nikolas is weak GH

Up in her room, Esme warns her baby no matter how scary this gets, she is with them. Esme lights the match and sets the tree ablaze.

Esme sets tree on fire GH

Downstairs, Nikolas hears the smoke alarm go off. Back in her room, Esme realizes this might not have been such a good plan after all as the tree quickly goes up and the room fills with smoke. Nikolas bursts in with a fire extinguisher, and Esme makes a break for it.

Esme jumps off parapet GH

Esme makes it out to the parapet to catch her breath, but Nikolas is right behind her. He tells her she took a good shot, but there is no way out for her but down, unless she’s forgotten. Esme hasn’t and casts him a wicked look. Nikolas begs her not to do something foolish and take his hand. She instead climbs onto the ledge. She says she’s survived the drop once before and will again, Nikolas yells out as Esme jumps.

On the next General Hospital: General Hospital will not air January 2, and will return with a new episode on Tuesday, January 3, when the hook goes after Joss, and Britt tries to make her getaway out of town.

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