Britt and Brad Sing GH
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At Wyndemere, Liz gives Nikolas a list of things Esme will need in the coming weeks. She then heads up to check on their pregnant prisoner.

Laura stops by, and at the front door, Nikolas tells her this isn’t a good time. She’s sorry to hear that and barges in. Laura says she went to visit Cyrus, and he had information to tell her about their family. Laura is wondering what else she doesn’t know and asks what he did to alienate Spencer.

Laura questions Nikolas GH

In the tower, Liz checks on Esme to see how she’s feeling. Esme begs Liz to help her get out as she fears Nikolas will kill her the minute she gives birth. Liz tells Esme she’s wrong about Nikolas and wrong about her. She promises not to let anything happen to her. She checks the baby’s heartbeat is notes it is strong.

Esme complains to Liz GH

Esme worries there could be other complications they don’t know about. Liz assures her that women have been giving birth since the dawn of time. However, her concern makes Liz realize she really does care about this child. Esme says she may not be innocent, but the baby is, and she wants to give it a better life than she had. Liz says she’ll have Nikolas order an ultrasound machine and she’ll get her a photo of her baby and make sure everything is okay. Liz heads out.

Liz takes care of Esme GH

Downstairs, Laura ponders it’s not the affair that has upset Spencer, but maybe who it was with. Suddenly Liz appears and says she had no idea Laura was here. Liz explains she’s going to Britt’s party, and Laura suggests they catch up soon. Nikolas thanks Liz for stopping by. Liz leaves, and Laura begs Nikolas to tell her it isn’t Liz.

Laura is stunned GH

Nikolas says nothing, and Laura can’t believe him. She rants that Liz has been in a fragile state lately, and she’s family, so no wonder Spencer is angry. She asks if Finn knows. Nikolas says he does, but it’s over, and he doesn’t want this secret to hurt anyone else. Laura continues to worry about how this has affected Spencer. Nikolas informs Laura that Spencer will survive and he plans to move out of Wyndemere once he’s no longer in Victor’s custody.

Nikolas begs Laura GH

Laura is stunned to learn Victor has custody of Spencer and will do whatever it takes to get Spencer away from him. Nikolas warns her that she’s no match for Victor and to leave it alone. Laura begs him that if he knows something to tell her. He says he can’t, and if she takes down Victor then she’ll take him down too. He implores her to leave Victor alone or she’ll lose her son.

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Back in the tower, Demetrius brings Esme her dinner, and she asks him to join her. He delines and stays with her as she enjoys her candlelight dinner. After she finishes he takes the dinner away, not realizing Esme swiped a single match.

Demetrius gives Esme a match GH

Michael meets with Dex on the pier. Dex informs him about the Pikeman Security Group that Sonny’s made a deal with, one he could regret. Michael knows of them and assumes they are paying Sonny to smuggle military weapons, which is as illegal as it gets. Dex says this deal is lucrative for Sonny but very dicey.

Dex warns Michael GH

Michael thinks this is how they bring Sonny down. Dex warns him Pikeman isn’t to be messed with and is concerned things could be traced back to them if they get involved. Dex also says if Sonny is convicted for this, he could be in prison forever. He asks Michael if this is okay with him. Michael says this is a new low for Sonny, so forever is fine with him.

Michael doesn't care GH

Britt’s party is in full force on The Haunted Star, complete with shirtless waiters. Terry runs into Finn and thinks this is not his scene and asks if Liz dragged him here.

Terry questions Finn GH

Britt and Obrecht arrive and meet up with Brad and Maxie. Britt thanks Maxie for making everything look fabulous, and Brad for the waiters. Austin runs into them and tells Maxie she looks great, as does his boss Britt. Brad and Maxie excuse themselves to check on other surprises. In private, Austin tells Britt he hopes she reconsiders her plans to ditch everyone.

Britt has fun GH

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Trina meets up with Spencer on the deck. They start the night with a selfie to post which will hopefully drive Esme nuts. Sonny and Nina arrive, and Spencer hugs his uncle. Nina tells Trina that she was sorry to hear about her friend Rory. Nina and Sonny head inside, and Trina asks Spencer what if they’re wrong about Esme. She ponders what if she’s not the killer as Ava and Ryan believe, and the killer is on this ship at this very moment and someone they never even considered.

Trina Spencer Selfie GH

Spencer gives Trina his coat when he notices she is cold. Trina tells him that she’s sorry she told him they weren’t friends because it’s not true. He thanks her, and knows he hurt her, Britt, and so many others. Spencer says he and Britt have a lot in common, including pushing away those they desperately need. They end up looking into one another’s eyes and slowly begin to move in for a kiss.

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Inside, Nina appreciates Sonny coming out with her, as this is a lot livelier than their last New Year’s Eve. He says she doesn’t have to thank him because he likes being out with her. Nina just wants to be there for Britt, who has become like a sister to her. Sonny warns her that Britt is going to have a rough road ahead. Nina laments about how she lost Nelle, she doesn’t get to see Wiley and the thought of losing Britt… Sonny understands as he lost his dad, and he doesn’t see Michael or Wiley, and likely won’t get to see the new baby. She thinks he’s paying a big price being with her.

Meanwhile, Britt tells Austin she is not running away, she’s making a graceful exit. She plans to slip away when the midnight countdown begins with a one-way ticket to destiny.

Britt lectures Austin GH

By the bar, Finn asks Terry where Yuri is. She says he has the sniffles and is being a cute, but big baby.

Suddenly, a drag queen appears and tells everyone it’s time to dance. Britt gushes to Brad and Maxie about how much she loves the drag queen and says she’ll never forget this night.

Britt drag queen GH

Obrecht approaches Austin and thanks him for being a good friend to Britt. She notes that Britt really needs her friends now.

Obrecht thanks Austin GH

Meanwhile, Terry asks Finn if Liz is coming. Finn says he’d be the wrong person to ask as he and Liz broke up. Terry is stunned and asks what happened. Suddenly, Liz walks in.

Finn Terry talk Liz GH

Sonny and Nina continue to talk about those they’ve lost, but also those they’ve found, including each other. Sonny wants her to consider Donna, Avery and himself as her family. They share a kiss.

Sonny and Nina talk loss GH

Obrecht warns Britt not to overdo the dancing and get overly tired. Britt tells her mom not to worry about her tonight and just have fun. Later she runs into Sonny and Nina, and Britt tells Sonny that she knows he knows about her illness. He tells her that Jason would want her to live life to the fullest.

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The drag queen gathers everyone’s attention to announce Brad and Britt to the stage to perform some karaoke. They sing, “I Knew You Were Waiting.”

After the performance, everyone gathers around a birthday cake for Britt to make a wish. She’s moved to tears.

Britt gets emotional GH

On the next General Hospital: Austin hopes Britt will change her mind. Finn assures Liz no one will hear it from him. Laura asks Nikolas if he would do it if it meant a clean slate. Joss scoffs that if she’s supposed to be grateful that she’s not. Michael asks Willow to marry him. Esme teases, “It won’t be long now.” On the deck of The Haunted Star, Trina says, “What’s that?” as someone approaches her and Spencer.

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