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In the Netherlands, Anna and Valentin meet with a former colleague of Anna’s, Andrew Maddox. Andre and Anna embrace, and he says it’s been too long since they’ve seen one another. Anna explains she needs Andre’s help in clearing her name. Valentin isn’t sure how Andre can help them, and even Andre agrees. She is interested in his old interactions with Victor and Helena involving his memory mapping work.

Anna asks for help GH

Anna asks how he, Victor and Helena communicated back in the day. Andre explains he had to deliver personal updates to Victor from time to time at a secret location. Anna asks if he can tell them where this base is. He knows it was in Paris, but he was always blindfolded when he was taken there. He got the sense they turned off the main boulevard onto a side street. Andre asks what Victor did now. Anna explains he framed her for killing Lucy Coe, and she believes he could be hiding her at this base.

Andre is back GH

Andre provides Anna and Valentin with what else he can recall, including the place was like a bunker and they entered it via an elevator. He offers to go with them to help as he may remember more details once there, and doesn’t trust Valentin. He knows Helena feared him and how dangerous Valentin can be. Anna notes they are all dangerous, but they are all trying to be better. She trusts both Andre and Valentin.

Valentin and Anna need information GH

After Andre leaves, Valentin tells Anna he still doesn’t trust Andre. He also doesn’t know why Andre wants to help them. Anna says Andre has reason to hate the Cassadines and to want to bring down Victor.

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At the Metro Court, Britt packs a suitcase to make her exit after her party. Obrecht knocks on the door, so Britt quickly stashes the suitcase in the bathroom. She lets her mother in, and Obrecht thought she’d help her get ready for the party. Obrecht sees the dress she’s going to wear but thinks it needs to be streamed. When she heads to the bathroom, she spots the suitcase. Britt explains she’s decided to take an extended vacation and is headed out right after her birthday party tonight, the first birthday party she’s ever had.

Obrecht betrayed Britt GH

Obrecht apologizes for not giving her parties, she never had any, and she thought it would inspire her not to be soft. Britt feels they have both grown and changed over the year. Obrecht cries she hasn’t changed enough and she betrayed her trust. Obrecht admits she told Nina about her illness, and Sonny overheard. Obrecht says they promised not to tell anyone, and she broke and told Nina because carrying the burden alone was so hard on her. Britt never realized keeping her secret was taking such a toll on her, and she’s sorry she caused her pain. Obrecht says any pain is worth it to have her as her daughter. Britt knows they’ve come a long way, and there is no mother more fierce, loyal and protective than her. She says it’s been an honor and adventure to be her daughter.

Britt and Obrecht get personal GH

Obrecht promises her daughter she won’t go through this illness alone, and she’ll be by her side through it all. Britt tells her mother she loves her, and they hug. After Britt changes into her dress, Obrecht says she looks stunning. Obrecht takes a selfie of them to remember the moment.

Britt and Obrecht take a selfie GH

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At Wyndemere, Victor tells Spencer he was hoping they could have New Year’s Day brunch with the family tomorrow. Spencer insists he wants nothing to do with his father and soon will hopefully never lay eyes on him again once his parole is over. Spencer seethes over his father taking advantage of Liz’s fragile state and hopes she comes to her senses and kicks him out of his life. Victor says that won’t happen, leaving Spencer confused. Victor doesn’t reveal Liz is supposedly pregnant, and they continue to argue.

Victor and Spencer argue GH

Meanwhile, Nikolas checks on Esme, finds that she hasn’t eaten her food, and says this isn’t going to work. He orders her to eat her food and not to push him. He heads out, and she vows to push him off a cliff.

Nikolas heads to the living room to find Spencer and Victor fighting over his wanting to leave Wyndemere. Nikolas agrees it’s best Spencer leaves. Spencer storms out, and Victor doesn’t know why he’s not fighting for his son. He thinks Nikolas is foolish if he thinks a baby will be a second chance for him. A stunned Nikolas asks how he found out about the baby. Victor says Ava told him. Nikolas reveals Liz miscarried, and Victor is sorry.

Nikolas and Victor argue about Liz and Ava GH

Nikolas asks why Victor was talking to Ava in the first place. Victor says he wanted to talk about the terms of their divorce. Nikolas rants about the mess he’s made of his life. Victor believes with his marriage to Ava behind him that he’s headed in the right direction. He says Nikolas is meant for better things, and so is Ava.

Victor and Nikolas still bicker GH

Back in Esme’s room, Demetrius checks on her and pleads with her to eat. He says he’ll have the chef make her anything she wants. She pretends to be sad and lonely and asks him if he will stay and join her for dinner. Demetrius says Mr. Cassadine won’t like it. She says to consider it his job to guard her and make sure she eats her food. He agrees to do it. Esme smiles and tells him that he has no idea how much this means to her. She suggests a nice candlelight steak dinner. Once alone, Esme looks at her tree and notes how flammable it is, and Demetrius will provide just what she needs to launch her escape plan.

Esme plays Demetrius GH

Trina meets with Ava at Kelly’s, and Trina comments she can always count on her. Ava shows her the photo of her and Spencer in the paper and wonders if she can count on him. Trina admits she still has feelings for Spencer, and she was on her way to break up with Rory when he was attacked. Trina feels she can’t tell Spencer any of this now. Ava tries to comfort her, but Trina vents that nothing will be okay until Esme is brought to justice.

Trina wants vengeance GH

Ava says the police are doing everything to catch the killer whether it’s Esme or someone else. Trina thinks about her and Spencer’s plan and says she needs to follow her heart. Spencer enters, and Ava hopes she protects her heart as well as follows it. Spencer approaches them and Trina thanks him for her support at the memorial. Ava decides to leave, but Spencer wants to talk to her alone and then wants to speak with Trina about Britt’s party.

Ava and Trina chat GH

Trina leaves them, and Ava begins to ramble that she won’t help him with Trina, and doesn’t want to discuss his trust fund. He tells her to shut up because he’s trying to apologize. Ava is stunned. Spencer says he put her through hell because she broke a promise to him, and he thought she wasn’t good enough for his father. He’s come to see that his father is not the man he thought he was, and nobody deserves what he did to her. Ava is almost moved to tears and says Nikolas let them both down. Ava asks about Britt’s party. Spencer explains he’s taking Trina so she’s not sitting home alone and sad. Ava warns him to be a better man than his father, and if he lets Trina down then he’ll answer to her. He knows that.

Spencer apologizes GH

Ava leaves, and Trina and Spencer discuss using the party to get people talking about them being together. He says she can still change her mind. Trina won’t let him do this alone. He says when Esme comes after them they’ll be ready.

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Laura meets up with Martin at Pentonville. Martin thanks her for pulling strings and getting him out of jail in Ireland. Laura tells him that he didn’t have to come here, but he wouldn’t let her face Cyrus alone. Cyrus enters the visiting room and thinks a visit from both his siblings is truly a blessing and praises God.

Cyrus praises God GH

Laura asks Cyrus why he wanted to see her. Cyrus warns of a serpent in her garden, and that her deputy mayor works for Victor. It was she who pulled strings to get Spencer released, and that could look bad for her. When Laura doesn’t bat an eye, he realizes she’s already on to Ashby. He suggests they can work together to take down Victor as he has the resources to do things she can’t. Laura says, “You mean I won’t.” Cyrus asks her if she doesn’t think Victor should pay for Luke’s death. Laura suspects Cyrus is only using her to get rid of Victor. Laura gets up to leave, and he tells her that he’ll be here when she needs him.

Laura questions Cryus motives GH

On the next General Hospital: Esme asks Liz, “Can you live with that?” Trina tells someone they need to clear something up. Nikolas warns Laura if she takes Victor down, she’ll take him down too. Michael rants, “Forever is fine with me.” On The Haunted Star, a shirtless waiter serves Britt a drink and she jokes, “Happy Birthday to me.”

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