Carly deceives Drew again GH
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Carly heads to the Quartermaine gatehouse to babysit Wiley and is intercepted by Drew outside. They kiss, and he has a box with him that he hopes will help find Willow’s birth parents. He managed to locate an old photo of the commune leader Josiah thanks to an associate in Arizona. He has also compiled a photographic list from databases of everyone in the area with the name Josiah and hopes to one matches the photo.

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Inside, Willow is nauseous after another round of chemo. When Wiley asks to go sledding, Michael explains mommy isn’t feeling well and that they have another doctor’s appointment today. The boy screams that she’s always at the doctor’s office and wants to go sledding now. Carly and Drew enter and witness Wiley’s meltdown.

Michael and Willow sick GH

Michael takes Wiley to his room for a 30-minute time out and then apologizes to his mother and Drew. Carly says Wiley being jealous of the new baby is normal. Drew reveals he has good news and has a possible lead on a connection to Willow’s birth parents. Willow can’t believe her birth family could still be out there and thanks them both for their help. Michael and Willow head out, and Drew tells Carly it’s time to get to work on the photos.

Carly and Drew begin to look through the files of the different Josiahs, but none appear to be a match to the old photo of the commune leader. Drew excuses himself when he gets a call from Aurora. Carly looks through more of the files and finds a match to a Josiah Black. Carly swipes the file and shoves it in her purse when Drew returns and catches her. She quickly says she was just going for her lip balm as her lips were dry.

Josiah Black identified GH

They get back to the photos, and Drew doesn’t understand how if someone’s baby went missing that they didn’t file a police report. Carly says their theory that Harmony kidnapped Willow is just a theory, and maybe something else happened. Carly suggests to Drew that they take a break and come back to this with fresh eyes. She reminds him that he gave her a key for Christmas, and they should use it to get away and be alone. Drew says he sees wisdom in this plan, and they kiss. Carly excuses herself to check on Wiley, and Drew makes a call to his friend in Arizona who got him the photo. He explains he hasn’t found the right Josiah yet, so he asks him to question every Josiah in the area until he finds the right one.

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In Britt’s office, Cody asks her to hear him out and she’ll never have to see him again, so she agrees. He admits when he first met her at the Metro Court that he had no interest in her. However, when he learned about her father, that’s what got his attention. He knew Faison and his father had dealings, and he thought she may have inherited some of his father’s things through Faison. She more or less knew all this and asks what the point of this confession is. He admits he was wrong, and his agenda was messed up, but he began to have genuine feelings for her. He hopes she will give them a second chance.

Cody apologizes Britt GH

Britt says there is a part of her that wishes they could get back what they were beginning to have, but she can’t do it. Cody asks why she keeps saying she can’t and asks what is keeping them from trying to see how good they could be together. She cries they weren’t meant to be, and maybe if things were different. He understands and knows he made too many mistakes. Britt tells him for the record, it means a lot that he came to her. She says goodbye and walks out.

Britt rejects Cody GH

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Brook Lynn arrives at the hospital and Maxie rushes up to her. Brook Lynn advises Maxie not to hug her as she thinks she’s sick. She’s hoping to see a doctor. Maxie offers to wait with her. They sit down, and Maxie already knows she and Chase have broken up and wonders what she did. Brook Lynn fills her in her mistakes off-camera. Maxie suggests Chase may come around, but BLQ knows he won’t. She thinks this weird sickness is karma for what she did to him. Maxie feels her forehead and says she doesn’t have a fever and thinks she’s not sick, she’s in love.

MAxie gives BLQ advice Gh

Brook Lynn says this is the hardest she’s ever taken a breakup, and the guilt she feels about what she did to Chase is killing her. She wonders if she’s never been really in love before this, and ponders if Chase is in love with her too. Maxie thinks if he isn’t, he at least cares about her a lot. Maxie tells her the only thing she can do is fight to win Chase back.

Brook Lynn is in love GH

After their appointment, Michael takes Willow to the nursery and tells her soon their perfect baby girl will be in there, and then they’ll take her home. He promises her the four of them to have a long life ahead of them and asks her not to lose sight of that.

Michael and Willow look at the babies GH

Chase arrives at the Metro Court and gets a message from Dante about his scheduled review board hearing at the end of the second quarter of 2023.

Nearby, Sasha and Gladys have lunch and Gladys thanks her for the Christmas gift — diamond earrings. Sasha tells her all about Brando’s bike helping to save a pregnant woman and baby on Christmas. She feels Brando is looking down on them and smiling. Chase interrupts them, and Gladys asks if he would like to join them. He explains he’s just picking up an order. Gladys offers to grab him a mimosa from the bar while he waits and will be right back. She has to powder her nose anyways.

Sasha is happy GH

Chase sits with Sasha and notes she seems a lot happier than she has in a long time. Sasha says she’s in a good place and is trying to get better for Brando. She asks him how he is doing after their talk about Brook Lynn. Chase admits Brook Lynn finally got the board to revisit his reinstatement. Sasha is happy and asks if this changes anything for him. He insists he and Brook Lynn are over, and he’s only helping her take down her sleazy ex-manager. She has faith that whatever happens, it will work out for the best for him. They embrace.

Chase is supportive GH

Gladys runs into Ms. Wu near the bathroom Ms. Wu reminds her that she owes her money. Gladys is sorry about that and explains she’s had some bad luck in the last few poker games. Wu says she is a reasonable woman and asks when she’ll pay her back.

Miss Wu and Gladys

Gladys promises she can win back what she owes Ms. Wu if she can front her for another game as she’s low on cash. Wu says the other players like her, and she thinks they can work something out. Gladys offers her the diamond earrings Sasha gave her as a line of credit for the next game. Wu agrees to the deal but says this is a one-time credit extension.

Gladys owes Wu GH

Later, Britt meets with Ms. Wu and asks if she got what she asked for. Wu has but says it will cost Britt. Britt promises her after tomorrow night she’ll never see Brad again. Ms. Wu has heard that before. Britt reminds her of the information she has on her, which she’s free to release if she doesn’t hold up her end of the deal. Wu hands her an envelope with a fake passport and other documents she needs to disappear.

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Gladys returns to Sasha and says she got sidetracked by a phone call in the bathroom. Sasha excuses herself to check on a friend. The bill for lunch comes, and Gladys pulls out Sasha’s credit card from her purse to pay for it.

Sonny, Dex and Frank wait in a room in the Metro Court for their big meeting. A man arrives alone with a briefcase and introduces himself as Roman. Sonny explains he doesn’t negotiate, so if he wants to do business in Port Charles then he’ll follow his rules.

Sonny and Dex take a meeting GH

Roman explains his associates need some assurances of their own, number one is discretion, and that the details of their business won’t be leaked. Sonny assures him that is the last thing he wants, and he also wants a guarantee that no civilians will be hurt. Roman opens the briefcase which is full of money. Sonny calls it a start.

Roman GH

Roman says he’s looking forward to doing business and heads out. Dex tells Sonny he wasn’t expecting this guy would show up alone, and that he’d be ex-military. Sonny asks how he knows that detail. Dex recognizes when someone is ex-military. Sonny notes Pikeman Security does employ some vets and must have promoted Roman up from the inside. Dex had no idea they were dealing with Pikeman. He warns Sonny that while overseas his unit encountered a lot of private security firms, and they all knew to steer clear of Pikeman. Sonny is touched he’s concerned and tries to reassure him that he can handle this.

Dex warns Sonny GH

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