Heather makes a deal GH
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At the hospital, Cody looks in on the baby that was born at the Quartermaine residence.

In her office, Britt meets with Terry, and they find out Austin, who soon arrives, tricked them into thinking the other asked to meet. He says they need to talk business.

In the waiting area, Brad runs into Maxie, who is working on Britt’s party. Brad said Britt asked him to help because he’s a professional party animal, so he sits next to her to look over her big book of plans so far.

Dante, in his dress blues straight from Rory’s memorial, checks on Heather, who is in the hospital for a checkup. She flirts with him and indicates she could help him find the killer if he helps her out. Portia arrives, so Dante leaves them. Portia explains this is a routine exam to decide if she can return to Darkham. Heather notices Portia’s last name and asks if she’s related to that girl who was on trial for filming her friends having sex.

Heather meets portia GH

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In Rice Plaza, Trina, Marshall, Curtis Robert and Laura just came from the public memorial for Rory. Marshall wonders when these killings will end. Spencer and Sam approach the group, and Spencer says, “It ends when we find Esme.” Laura asks, “Who is we?” Spencer covers and says he meant we the people. Laura thinks it’s nice that Spencer is here to support Trina, but it’s also important to let the PCPD do their jobs. Suddenly, Robert gets a call from Dante, who says Heather is dropping hints that she can help them find the hook. Robert says he’ll be right there.

Rory's memorial Trina and Curtis GH

A reporter from The Invader asks Laura for a comment about the hook and Rory’s death.  As she talks to the reporter, Spencer and Trina step away to discuss their plan to make themselves targets and draw out Esme. When the reporter asks Laura for a photo, Trina and Spencer crash it. Trina tells Spencer hopefully that photo will get Esme’s attention.

Reporter talks to Laura GH

Curtis approaches Trina and Spencer and notes, “That was a nice photo, but what was it really about.” They play innocent, and Laura pulls Spencer away for a word. Alone, Curtis suggests Trina that she stick with Joss and Cam as her friends and not forget how Spencer has treated her. Trina hasn’t forgotten but knows what she must do.

Curtis is suspicious GH

Marshall approaches Trina and Curtis and offers to get Trina home if his son wants to go see Portia. Curtis thanks him and takes off. Marshall warns Trina, as her step-grandpa to be, to be careful around Spencer. She assures him that she knows who Spencer is. He reminds her that he’s a liar. She recalls Marshall once told her some lies are told for the greater good.

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Elsewhere, Laura asks Spencer what exactly he and Trina are up to. Spencer promises her that he is working to live up to being the good man she expects him to be. They see Marshall leave with Trina, and Laura reminds him that he’s already hurt Trina once. He promises he’ll never hurt her again, and neither will anyone else.

Back at the hospital, Maxie and Brad continue to discuss the party, and Maxie asks if he knows why this party is so important to Britt. He doesn’t know but says she does want to be remembered as more as the girl in the viral video at the pool party that Cody crashed.

Maxie and Brad plan a party GH

Mac, in his dress blues, joins Cody who is still looking at Britta Noel. Mac tells him he heard he did a great job helping with the delivery and got the mother and baby to GH. Cody brushes it off, and Mac asks why he always acts like he doesn’t deserve a compliment when someone gives him one. Cody says, “Because I don’t.” Mac doesn’t know about his past, but it’s clear he’s been burned and is letting it dictate his life. He tells Cody he wishes he had a good dad growing up. Cody says if he had a dad like him, maybe he could have stopped him from making a decision he’d always regret. Mac notes this is the second time he’s alluded to a past mistake. Dante interrupts and tells Mac that Heather is claiming to have important information for them.

Mac advises Cody GH

In Terry’s office, Austin pitches the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment to Terry and Britt. However, Terry says they can’t afford or approve it themselves. Britt suggests they pitch it to the board and let them decide. Terry senses something is going on with Britt because she is usually a penny pincher. Austin asks Britt if she wants to tell her or should he. Britt rants that she is a good doctor and not just a Scrooge. She says she delivered a miracle baby on Christmas, and it was the first time ever that she realized life is a miracle and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Terry asks if she was visited by three ghosts last night too. Britt promises she won’t go making some Tiny Tim speech over a turkey. Britt again thinks they should let the board decide, so Terry agrees. Britt takes off to plan her party. Terry orders Austin, who was about to slip out, to stay behind.  She demands he tell her what is wrong with Britt.

Austin wants an expensive machine GH

In the exam room, Portia tells Heather that Trina is her daughter as she examines her. Heather runs her mouth about watching Trina’s trial in Darkham and that she knew from the beginning Trina was set up. She asks who the other suspect was. Portia says that was Esme Prince. Heather knows she’s gone missing and wonders if Trina ever talks about Esme.

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Robert interrupts and says he heard Heather has information for them. Heather says she can help them track down this killer. Robert asks Portia if Heather is clear to go back to Darkham, and Portia says she is. Heather offers to tell Robert what she knows if he offers to help her. Portia leaves them and bumps into Mac in the hall. She tells him that she is going to process Heather’s release and get her crazy ass the hell out of this hospital.

Robert interrupts exam GH

Mac heads into Heather’s room, where she explains that she’s gotten to know Ryan and can get him to open up. In return, she wants to stay in Spring Ridge. Heather says the gossip is Esme and Ryan had some tight psycho bond.  Robert asks if Ryan cares about Esme, then why he would give her up. Heather swears she can take Esme’s place in Ryan’s crazy world, and she’ll get him to talk.

Robert and Mac talk to Heather GH

Mac and Robert leave, and Mac doesn’t trust Heather. Neither does Robert, but he thinks Heather may be their best shot to get the killer before they strike again.

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Later a cop enters and checks to make sure Heather’s cuffs are secure. He gets a news update from The Invader on his phone when a nurse interrupts to have the officer sign papers. He exits but leaves his phone behind. Heather grabs it and sees the article and photo of Spencer and Trina together with Laura.

In the halls, Curtis arrives to find Portia. He tells her that he’s worried about Trina with Spencer back in town.

Back by the nursery, Cody assumes Dante told Mac about his delivering the baby. Dante says he deserved a gold star for it and for connecting him and Sam the other day. Cody wishes he was a better friend to Britt, as he used her to get a prize that he thought belonged to him. He thinks about how differently his and Dante’s lives turned out, and he’s still chasing after shiny objects instead of what matters. He admits he and Britt made a great team delivering the baby. Dante says perhaps they can still have a chance, and 2023 could be his year.

Dante and Cody chat GH

Britt finds Brad and Maxie arguing over the theme of her party. Brad suggests a foam party, or a disco theme, but Maxie will not allow either to happen. Britt scolds them and says this is her party, and they are both her friends, so get along for her sake. Brad asks why it’s so important they become friends. She says she hopes one day they’ll look back at this party as something that brought them together, and that they have one another to turn to when she’s not around. They question where she is going. Britt says she’ll never be too far away, which Brad notes is cryptic. She says they need to get to work and make this the best birthday ever. She walks off, and Maxie and Brad give one another a look. They agree to work together to make this party a success.

Britt returns to her office, and Austin joins her. Austin suspects her party is her way of saying goodbye without having to say goodbye. Britt says, “What if it is?” Austin feels people deserve to know the truth. Britt tells him she’s busy and she doesn’t have much time. He leaves her. Later, Cody stops in to see a clearly frustrated Britt.

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