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In Rice Plaza, Brook Lynn is shocked when Chase appears. She wasn’t expecting him to show up. He says Dante informed him the board is going to review his case in the spring, thanks to her. He wonders what she did. She thought this is what he wanted. Suddenly Linc interrupts and asks if this duet is happening or not. He says if it isn’t, then Brook Lynn can kiss their partnerships and her songs goodbye.

BLQ shocked to see Chase GH

Mac and Felicia arrive and meet up with Dante and Sam. Mac’s phone pings so he excuses himself.

Nina, dressed as Mrs. Claus, and Sasha as an elf run into Sonny and Donna. Sasha and Nina give Donna an ornament and candy cane to put on the big tree, but she would rather eat the candy cane. Sonny says she can do that if she wants. Sasha takes the girl to see the reindeer.

Nina and festive Sasha GH

BLQ takes to the stage to announce Chase and Blaze. The duo sings their new single, which drops tonight.

Chase and Blaze sing GH

After the song, Mac tells Felicia he has to cut out early. Dante overhears and asks if there is a lead. Mac says they do have a lead, that goes back to Felicia and Ryan Chamberlain. He says forensics pulled DNA off the earring, and it’s Ryan’s ex-wife he killed three decades ago. Felicia realizes there is only one way to get answers about how this killer got that earring.

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Mac gets a lead GH

Dante lets Sam know there is a lead on the hook, and she tells him it’s okay and to go to work.

Meanwhile, Linc scolds Blaze for her matronly wardrobe when he told her to dress as Santa’s mistress. He drags her off, and Brook Lynn vents that she can’t wait until that sleaze is taken down. Chase agrees. She asks if this means they are still in this together. He is willing to give their business partnership another try to stop Linc, but nothing more. BLQ was hoping that the letter and his second chance with the force could give them a second chance too. He says she took away his agency and played God with his life. She asks if they can get passed this, but he says they can’t and walks away.

Chase won't reunite BLQ GH

After Donna visits Sant, she tells Sasha that she asked Santa to bring her a happy New Year. Sasha is touched and takes the little girl to get some cocoa.

Donna makes a wish for Sasha GH

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At home, Carly calls Joss and leaves a message asking her to text her when she leaves Trina’s. The doorbell rings, and it’s Ava and Avery. Avery and Carly hug and Ava explains they were on the way to the gingerbread jam and thought they’d stop by and visit. Carly asks if they have time for hot cocoa, and Ava says they can squeeze it in. Ava sends Avery in and tells Carly she’ll wait in the car, but Carly invites her in.

Carly invites Ava in GH

Carly gifts Donna with a set of walkie-talkies. She runs off to test them, leaving one with Ava. Carly and Ava try and make small talk. When Carly brings up Nikolas, Ava chokes on her cocoa. Carly realizes there is trouble in paradise, and after Ava reveled in her divorce. Ava says, “Karma is a bitch.” Ava tells her that Nikolas cheated on her, multiple times. Carly thought Nikolas was smarter than that. Avery calls Ava on the walkie-talkies to test that it works. Ava suggests she get back to the living room because it is time to go.

Carly Ava chat GH

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At Trina’s place, she’s shocked to find Spencer at her door. She invites him in, and he looks around and notes they went all out with the decorations. She says this isn’t her style, Marshall and Curtis went all out to try and make things better for her. She appreciated the effort, but it didn’t work. Her only Christmas wish is that these past few days never happened. For him, it’s the past few years, though he doesn’t regret meeting her.

Trina and Spencer talk GH

Spencer says he is sorry about Rory. Trina laments it’s all her fault, and if Rory hadn’t met her then he’d be alive. He tells her this is his fault for bringing Esme to Port Charles. Trina vents that Esme being caught is the only thing that will make this right. Spencer vows to bring her to justice if the PCPD can’t.

Spencer has a plan GH

Spencer suspects he’s Esme’s biggest target right now, and he can draw her out. Trina thinks his plan to lure Esme out has potential but is missing one thing… her. She thinks if they pretend to turn to one another after Rory’s death, it will kill Esme. He fears it is too dangerous for her, but she tells him that he knows it will work. They shake on it.

Spencer and Trina agree on a plan GH

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In her room at Wyndemere, Esme sings her own rendition of “Jingle Bells” to the tune of “Jingle Hell.” She dreams of spending New Year’s with her family.  Nikolas appears, with a drink in hand, and asks what family. He tells her she has no adoptive family left, and her biological family is a mystery. Nikolas laughs that the only person who gives a damn about her is him, which is pretty sad.

Esme sad tree GH

Esme wonders how Ava would react to him being here and not with her on Christmas Eve. She realizes Ava finally wised up and dumped him. She mumbles, “Daddy will be so pleased.” She cries to him about how she’s so lonely up here with no one to talk to, it’s cold and she sleeps on rags. He says she doesn’t know the meaning of loneliness, but will when she gets to Cassadine Island. Nikolas eventually leaves and locks her back up. She cackles through the door that the closest thing he has to companionship this season is his prisoner. He later returns, brings her better sheets, and says he turned the heat up. He wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Drunk Nikolas GH

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At Spring Ridge, Heather puts a Santa hat and beard on Ryan. She tells him this year they will get justice for their little girl and deliver pain to those who hurt her.

Heather dresses up Ryan GH

Later she dresses him as Rudolph and hands him a small present. She realizes he can’t open it, so she‘ll do it for him. Suddenly, Mac, Felicia and Dante arrive, and Mac orders Heather to step away from Ryan. Heather can’t believe it’s Mac Scorpio, and bows to the Aztec Princess herself, Felicia. Mac asks if she knows who she is with. She does and says she’s filling in for the off-the-clock orderlies as his caretaker. Mac shows Ryan the earring and asks if he lost something.

more heather and ryan rudolph GH

Heather acts as a translator as Mac asks questions of Ryan, but Ryan signals, “No Ava, no info.” Mac and Felicia confront Ryan about Rory’s death and the possibility that Esme is involved. Mac lets Ryan know his room is being tossed right now, and he’s involved up to his ears in this case. Felicia gloats he’ll spend the rest of his life in Darkham. Mac advises Ryan to give up Esme before she gives him up. Before they all leave, Felicia warns Heather to tread carefully as Ryan’s still dangerous even locked up.

Mac questions Ryan GH

Once alone, Ryan grabs Heather’s wrist and says that the earring was on the chain she stole from him. He realizes she still has it. Heather tells him for being so naughty he doesn’t get his present. She then sings, “Silent Night” to him and walks off.

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On the side of the road somewhere, Joss has a flat tire and no bars on her phone. A car pulls up, and naturally, it’s Dex. She asks what he’s doing here. He admits he was tailing her and asks if she is okay. As Dex attempts to fix the tire, Joss walks up the hill to get a signal and call a tow truck.

Joss stranded GH

Joss returns shivering, so Dex gives her his coat. She tells him that if she wants him to take his clothes off she’ll ask. Dex suggests she stop joking and tell him how she’s feeling. They play a game of trading single words back and forth to describe their current feelings until they finally embrace in a passionate kiss. A tow truck pulls up, and they pull away from one another. Dex apologizes for complicating things, but she tells him to stop making excuses for her choices.

Dex Joss Kiss GH

Dex brings Joss home, and Carly tells Joss she was worried about her. Joss says Dex took over for Steve, and she had car troubles, so he gave her a ride home. Carly says she’ll go get the popcorn and start their annual Christmas movie. Alone, Joss thanks Dex.

Dante returns to the plaza as Sam just as Chase and Blaze sing “Silent Night.” It begins to snow, and Sonny and Nina kiss, as do Sam and Dante. Elsewhere Dex and Joss think about one another, and Spencer says goodnight to Trina.

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