Spencer rails at Nikolas GH
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At Sonny’s gym, Sam sees Cody and thought he was leaving town. Cody explains Dante convinced him to stay. Cody is worried about him because a cop was killed last night. Sam doesn’t know how he’s doing as he didn’t come home. She says he texted her to let her know he was okay, but she knows he’s bottling his feelings up. Cody says Dante is the first one to help others, but the last to ask for help when he needs it. He calls Dante the strong silent type. Sam says Dante isn’t that way at all and they don’t keep anything from one another.

Sam questions Cody

In the hospital chapel, Ava confronts Liz, who says she’s sorry to Ava. Ava says she’s not, but she will be. Liz swears she has no intentions of having a future with Nikolas, they only turned to each other… Ava knows this one by heart and says, “They were lost, alone and in pain.” Ava seethes neither one of them knows what real pain is, but will. Ava warns her if she thinks she can tear her life apart… Liz cuts her off and says, “Oh shut up, not everything is about you!”

Liz and Ava argue baby GH

Liz points out Ava left Nikolas months ago. Ava notes she does that all the time and always comes back. Ava laughs that Liz wasn’t even Nikolas’ first choice, that award went to Esme. Liz reveals she knows about Esme. Ava says so what, she thinks she, Nikolas and the baby will live happily ever after. Liz blurts out, “There isn’t going to be a baby.” Liz explains she lost it, and Nikolas doesn’t know yet. Ava warns her if she expects comfort from Nikolas don’t, as he only cares about himself. Ava storms out.

Ava threatens Liz

Alone, Liz doesn’t know what she’s doing, other than tearing her own life down brick by brick and piece by piece. She says, “This isn’t me. I’m a good person… aren’t I?”

In the halls, Dante talks to TJ and asks for Rory’s personal belongings for the case. TJ departs to get them. Mac arrives, and he tells Dante the autopsy report showed snake venom in Rory’s blood. Dante knows that means they have a serial killer on their hands. Mac suddenly gets a call from Cody, who says he’s concerned about Dante and so is Sam because he didn’t come home. He tells Mac they are at the gym. Mac assures Cody he’s on it.

Mac and Dante talk killer GH

TJ brings Dante and Mac Rory’s effects, and Cody thinks he and Dante should go to the gym because a workout will do him good.

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At the gym, Dante and Mac arrive, and Dante and Sam embrace. Mac gives Cody the thumbs up. Later, Cody and Mac chat, and he asks Mac how he’s doing with the loss of the officer. Mac has been through this before, but it never gets easier. Mac can’t stop thinking about what if Rory didn’t go to that apartment alone. Cody notes, “It’s amazing how one bad decision can change your life.”

Cody apologizes for calling Mac again and offers to delete his number. Mac tells him to keep it, maybe they can get together again sometime. Mac heads off, leaving Cody looking conflicted.

Cody mistake GH

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Nikolas returns home to Wyndemere, and Spencer walks into the living room with a book. Spencer tries to go elsewhere, but Nikolas needs to speak with him. Spencer assumes it’s about Esme, who killed Rory last night. Spencer blames himself for Trina’s pain because he is the person who brought Esme to town. Nikolas says he’s not responsible for Esme’s actions.

Nikolas Spencer chat GH

Nikolas explains there is something else Spencer needs to know. Nikolas says he served Ava with divorce papers and it’s over. Spencer hopes he’s seen her for the toxic person she is. Nikolas tells him not to talk about Ava that way as he still loves her. Nikolas admits he left her because he was unfaithful again, with Elizabeth.

Nikolas makes confession GH

Spencer is floored as Elizabeth is practically family. He doesn’t understand how this happened. Nikolas claims they were both having a hard time. Spencer yells that Cam’s mom had been in pain, sleepwalking, and addicted to pills. He accuses his father of taking advantage of her. Spencer never thought he could think less of him after Esme, until this. He says his father is a Cassadine through and through, and when his sentence is over, he’s out of here.

Spencer floored GH

Nikolas is sorry he disappointed Spencer again. Spencer feels sorry for his father, but the good thing about this is he is determined to be a better man than him. Nikolas tells Spencer that he loves him and believes in him. Nikolas’ phone rings and he steps away to take the call. It’s Liz, who tells him about having it out with Ava and telling her that she had a miscarriage. Liz says now she must fix all the other mistakes she’s made. Nikolas knows this is hard, but there is no going back.

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At Carly’s, Joss pulls out of the embrace with Dex and apologizes. He tells her not to stop denying herself what she needs. She gets a text from Cam checking in and excuses herself.

Joss dex chat GH

Joss checks on Dex later and admits she thought he was mad at her after what happened at Kelly’s. He says he can defend himself, especially against Spencer. He also doesn’t care what Spencer or Cam thinks about him. He quickly apologizes for making trouble for her and Cam. She tells him that he hasn’t caused problems for her and Cam, that’s all on her. Dex gets a text that Steve his replacement is here. Before he leaves, he asks her if she’s sorry they kissed. She doesn’t answer, so he says, “Me either.” Once alone, Joss can’t stop thinking about Dex and screams into a pillow.

Dex wants Joss GH

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At Charlie’s, Carly walks in just as Drew tells Denise that every word out of her mouth about Willow’s mother was a lie. He asks who she’s trying to protect. Carly spots Nina at the bar, and they stare at one another.

At the bar, Nina tells Phyllis she is just waiting for Carly to come down on her over what happened the other day with Willow. She feels terrible about it and had no idea Willow was having such a tough pregnancy. Nina reflects on when she was pregnant and Silas was cheating on her, with Ava of all people. She thought that baby would save her marriage, but thanks to her mom, she never got to experience the one time she could have had a baby. She’ll never forgive Madeline for that.

Nina laments to Phyllis GH

At the table, Denise refuses to be called a liar and stands up to storm out. Carly runs interference, and Drew introduces her to Denise. Drew confronts Denise with the fact Joan doesn’t exist and demands to know why she lied. Carly tells Drew that perhaps Denise was trying to protect Lorraine, aka Harmony. Carly points out that Harmony is gone, so if Denise tells them the truth then she’ll make it worth her while.

Carly runs interfearance

Denise admits Lorraine and Doug had the baby with them when they joined the commune. She says they claimed their friend Joan gave them the baby to raise. She felt Lorraine was running from something or someone. Denise advises not to dig into Lorraine’s past because whatever she was running from, she was afraid of it. Denise leaves, and Carly notes she left her gloves.

Denise spins story GH

Carly runs outside and gives Denise her gloves, and some money. Carly asks if Lorraine really was running from someone. Denise admits she was jumpy around strangers and always looking over her shoulder.

Carly heads back in and rejoins Drew. He says if Harmony and Doug had the baby when they arrived at the commune then this changes everything. Drew ponders Harmony may have kidnapped Willow, and it’s possible her mom could be out there.

Drew wants truth

Outside, Nina runs into Ava. She says she was just thinking about her. Ava just came from seeing Liz, who says she lost the baby. As much as she wants to go after Nikolas, can she when he just lost a child?

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