Drew accuses Denise of lying GH
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Chase works out at Sonny’s gym shirtless when Brook Lynn shows up. She has a big ask for him, and wonders if he is still performing with Blaze tomorrow at the gingerbread jam. Chase puts a shirt on and tells her he’s not, and he’s done with singing. He vents that his only focus is regaining his career as a cop, the one she doesn’t care about.

Chase works out GH

Brook Lynn cries that she made mistakes, and she did write the letter to the board, but it was just too late. Chase says he is not giving up on being a cop again. BLQ says that’s good, but she could still help him with his music to make money. Chase rails that it was never about the money, and he’d take any other job if it means not being tethered to her.

BLQ eats crow GH

Brook Lynn assumes he hates her. He replies never, but it’s clear they don’t work well together. She asks him to at least not let Blaze down. She notes if he records the single he can use the money to help him with getting back to being a cop. He still refuses, so says she’ll draw up papers dissolving their business relationship.

Chase won't agree to BLQ idea GH

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At the hospital, Dr. Navaro asks Michael and Willow, who is going through an ultrasound, if they are ready to learn the sex of the baby. Michael asks for a moment alone, and when the doctor steps out, he tells Willow they don’t have to do this today given the news she got from Drew earlier.

Michael unsure GH

Willow gets dressed and tells Michael how she wanted to meet her birth mother to see if they look alike, or if they sneeze or laugh the same. Michael says perhaps they can find photos of Joan. Willow thinks that would be nice. She realizes she can still have the chance to see herself and her mom in their baby and asks him to bring Dr. Navaro back in as she wants to continue and learn the sex of their baby.

The doctor returns and performs an ultrasound, revealing they are having a little girl. Later after dressing again, Willow begins to worry she could still leave this daughter motherless like she was. Michael swears they will find a match for her, and they won’t give up.

Willow Michael learn Sex GH

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At the nurse’s station, a panicked Nikolas arrives and asks if Liz is going to turn him over to the cops. They head to the chapel for privacy, where she tells him she needs time to think Nikolas notes they don’t have time and need to figure out a plan of action. Liz rails that for weeks they’ve kept an innocent pregnant girl locked in a tower. He says she’s far from innocent. Liz rails that if she had known Esme wasn’t the killer then she’d have called the cops on him immediately. Nikolas says even though she’s not the hook, she’s still a danger. He swears once the baby is here that he’ll keep Esme living in the lap of luxury on Cassadine Island forever. He begs her not to punish this baby for the sins of the parents.

Liz upset with Nikoas GH

Liz realizes they are both in too deep and she’ll go to jail along with him as an accessory. She can’t leave her boys and has no choice but to stay the course. Nikolas reminds her there is also the issue of their baby. Liz says they need to come up with a story about that. She laments they’ve hurt so many people, and sooner or later, will have to face that. He thanks her for sticking with him, and leaves.

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At Charlie’s, Drew thanks Alexis for meeting him. She tells him that she had him at the mention of Harmony. He brings her up to speed on helping Willow find her birth parents and that Denise confirmed Harmony’s story about Joan, but he can find no record that this woman existed. Alexis says she had a reporter look into the story of Joan’s death, and there is no record of a woman dying of a drug overdose in a flop house at that time in Arizona. Alexis says either Joan wasn’t her name or… Drew realizes she could still be alive. Alexis says it’s clear Harmony isn’t the only one telling tails about Joan. In the background, Phyllis overhears them as she cleans up.

Alexis had me at Harmony GH

Phyllis apologizes for interrupting and asks if they are talking about Harmony. Drew explains they are looking for Willow’s birth mother. Phyllis reminds them she used to work with Harmony and even back then she had issues with honesty. Phyllis gets back to work, and Drew decides to put Denise in the hot seat.

Phyllis buts in GH

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At the gallery, Nina, Sonny and Dex arrive to find Ava in the same clothes from the day before. Nina was concerned as Ava never came home, nor did she go to Wyndemere. Ava says Wyndemere is no longer her home, Nikolas made that clear. Ava thanks Sonny for his help, so he and Dex walk-off

Ava fills Nina in GH

As they exit, Dex asks Sonny if he wants him to stay and guard Ava. Sonny thinks the only thing she has to worry about is her husband. Dex asks what about Joss?

Ava cleans up the shattered martini glass from the previous night and tells Nina that Nikolas served her with divorce papers. Nina is stunned, and Ava tells her that’s not all. Ava explains Nikolas slept with Liz, and she’s pregnant with his child. Ava fumes how humiliating it is that the entire world will realize what a worthless man-child she married.

Nina worries about Ava GH

Ava assures Nina that she’ll be okay, and gloats that Uncle Victor knows the importance of keeping family secrets. Nina begs her not to do something, especially involving Victor, that she may regret. Ava vows that she’s going to make them all pay.

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At Carly’s place, Joss arrives as Carly gets off the phone with Jax. She tells Joss that her father wants her to come to spend time with him given what’s going on here. Joss admits she is freaked out about what happened to Rory, but she can’t walk out on her life or her friends. Carly wants Joss to promise her to take this seriously and be careful. Carly admits she is also very concerned about her involvement with Dex.

Carly worries about Joss GH

Carly and Joss sit down and enjoy some muffins and coffee Olivia sent over. Carly says she knows the dangers Joss could be getting into with Dex given her history with Sonny and Jason. Joss does too. Carly asks if she has feelings for Dex. Joss thinks it’s a none issue right now, especially after what Spencer pulled last night. Carly is surprised that Spencer is out. She explains Spencer got an early release, and she doubts she’ll see much of Dex anymore thanks to Spencer’s big mouth.

Joss and Carly hug GH

The doorbell rings and Carly heads to answer it. She finds Sonny and Dex standing there. Carly invites them in, and Sonny wants to assign Joss protection. Joss agrees only because Carly says it would make her feel better. Carly notes they need to get ready to meet Michael and Willow for lunch, and Joss fills Sonny in on the fact they are learning the sex of their baby today. Joss decides to cancel lunch and instead wants to stay home and call Trina. Sonny says he’ll leave Dex with her until a replacement arrives. Sonny asks Carly to give Michael and Willow his best.

sonny arrives GH

Sonny departs, and Carly does as well. Joss tells Dex that he doesn’t have to stay, but he insists he was given an order. He notes even without an order, he’d still stay to make sure she’s safe. She rolls her eyes and says, “Whatever.” He asks her if she isn’t exhausted with putting up this charade. He can see that she’s scared, and promises she’s safe with him. She cries and jumps into his arms.

Dex and Joss get real GH

On the pier, Sonny asks one of his men to send a gender-neutral baby gift to the Quartermaine guesthouse but no card.

Nina stops by Charlie’s and finds Phyllis on her cell phone at the bar. She asks her friend if she’s playing a game. Phyllis admits she gave her number to a man and they’ve been texting. Nina is thrilled and knows Lenny would want her to be happy/ Phyllis asks how she and Sonny are doing. Nina admits she finally feels happy and at peace after all she’s lost. She wants the same for Phyllis.

Meanwhile, Denise arrives and speaks with Drew before her flight home. Drew accuses Denise of not telling him everything she knows. He says he checked out her story, and she hasn’t told him the truth. Carly enters as Drew exclaims, “Every word out of your mouth has been a lie.”

Back at the hospital, Liz goes to leave the chapel only to find Ava at the door. She tells Liz she’s not going anywhere.

On the next General Hospital: Dex tells Joss to stop denying what she wants. Cody says one bad decision can ruin your life. Dante advises Mac that they’ve got a serial killer on their hands. Drew refuses to let Denise leave without telling him the truth. Carly tells someone that she’ll make it worth their while. Liz cries to Ava that she’s sorry, and Ava tells her she will be.

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