Rory attacked GH
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Rory approaches the apartment of the exotic animal smuggler, finds the door open, and enters it. The door quickly slams shut behind him. He draws his gun when suddenly we see the hook killer raise their weapon and slash. At the same time, Rory spins around and fires his gun. Outside, Dante hears the shots and radios it in. He then bursts in gun drawn.

Dante approaches apartment

At the PCPD, Trina asks Jordan if she’s seen Rory. Jordan assumes he’s around here somewhere as his shift just ended. She tells Trina that she’s welcome to wait for him and he’ll be happy to see her. She notes, “Not for long.” She decides to head to Kelly’s. Trina leaves, and Jordan gets the call about Dante’s report.

Back at the apartment, a middle-aged bald man is on the ground having been hooked. Dante hears someone in another room. Suddenly Rory, who has been hooked, stumbles out and falls onto the couch. He is bleeding from his mouth. Jordan and the other officers soon arrive. Dante relays that Rory said it was the hook, and she got away. Jordan calls in the medical examiner as Dante and the cops help get Rory to the hospital.

Dante dead body GH

At the hospital, Portia admits to Liz that she’s not sure about having this wedding with Esme still on the loose. Liz assures her that Esme will never be able to take another life again. Finn walks by, ignores Liz, and heads off. Portia asks how she knows Esme won’t spill more blood. Liz suspects she’s probably holed up somewhere waiting things out, but she’ll eventually get caught.

Portia worries about Esme

They get back to the topic of the wedding, and Portia hopes Liz and Finn will come. Liz says she will be there, but she can’t speak for Finn. She reveals they are over.

Liz promises Portia GH

Finn runs into Gregory, who wants to take his son to dinner. Finn would rather throw himself into work, but Gregory thinks he needs a break. He can see his son is in a bad way. He also informs him Violet also senses he is sad about something. He hands Finn a drawing Violet made of herself and Finn.

Gregory worries about Finn GHThey talk about what happened between Finn and Liz without Finn going into the gory details. Gregory asks his son if he still thinks it is worth fighting for Liz.

Finn and Greg talk Liz GH

Suddenly Jordan, Dante, and the others enter with Rory. Jordan tells Portia they need the antivenom, and Liz is stunned when Dante says it was the hook.

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At Kelly’s, when Dex tries to leave after paying Cam for the meal he didn’t eat, Spencer decks him. Spencer taunts him to hit back and do some damage if he can. Cam tells them to knock it off, and not to do this here and now. Joss points out that Spencer just got out of prison and asks what did Dex do to him. Spencer knows he put Joss in danger and orders him out. Joss tells Dex he doesn’t have to go, but Dex storms out in anger.

Spencer threatens Dex GH

Spencer asks what is it about Dex that makes Joss want to save him. Joss explains he saved Donna’s mother’s life. Cam scolds Spencer for decking him. Spencer says he did it for him, walks out, and runs into Trina.

Joss is pissed GH

Curtis and Alexis work out at Sonny’s gym while discussing their next move regarding the hook. Alexis is unsure what else they can do unless Jordan will confide in him. Curtis says she won’t directly. He explains there is some new information on the case from the devil himself, Ryan Chamberlain. Curtis excuses himself to shower.

Curtis and Alexis chat GH

After Curtis changes, he reveals to Alexis that Chamberlain believes Esme is not the killer. Curtis suspects there is more to Ryan and Esme’s relationship than meets the eye. Just then he gets a call from Jorda. She asks him to pick up Trina and bring her to GH. She says the hook struck again.

Curtis and Alexis talk hook GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Trina asks what Spencer is doing here. He says he came for food, only to find out he’s no longer allowed to stick up for friends. He vents to her and reveals once the remainder of his sentence is up he plans to leave town.

Spencer Trina chat GH

Suddenly Curtis arrives and says he has something to tell Trina, and Cam and Joss should know too. Curtis, Trina and Spencer head inside Kelly’s, and Curtis states they all need to come to the hospital for police protection. He reveals there was another attack, and it’s Rory.

Back at the hospital, Alexis arrives and sees Dante covered in blood. He explains it’s Rory’s. Dante gets off the phone after telling some cops to secure the scene of the exotic animal smuggler’s place. Jordan approaches and gives Alexis an official statement that one of their finest was cowardly attacked, and she refuses to lose another one of their own. Later Alexis connects with Gregory, and they discuss that this attack was clearly the hook, even if Jordan won’t confirm it. Gregory recalls when Rory arrived, Jordan asked for the antivenom.

ALexis Dante Jordan GH

In the OR, Finn and Portia work on Rory. Liz asks Finn what if this wasn’t the hook because the antivenom is in short supply and shouldn’t be wasted. He says they have to use it because if they save him from his wounds, the poison will still kill him.

Elsewhere, Dante asks Jordan if he can go to the smuggler’s apartment, but Jordan wants him here for Rory’s sake. Just then, Trina arrives with Curtis, Cam, Spencer and Joss. Trina asks Jordan how Rory is, but Jordan doesn’t know. Portia exits the OR and tells them that Rory has lost a lot of blood, and he’s very weak.

TRina asks for news GH

Rory is wheeled out, and Trina runs over to him in tears. She says she’s so sorry. Rory whispers to her that it may have been too soon to tell her how he feels, but he doesn’t regret it and is glad she knows. Suddenly Rory codes as Trina sobs.

trina watches rory die gh

Dex heads to Sonny’s gym and can’t stop thinking about Joss. He hits the heavy bag and continues to think about their times together recently.

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Nikolas surprises Ava at her gallery and calls her beautiful. He tells her no matter what has happened, he’ll always love her. Ava says she has a lot of work to do and was going to order takeout. She invites him to join her. He wishes he could but he can’t stay long. He came to give her something and hands her divorce papers. He states it’s over.

Nikolas leaves Ava GH

Ava is stunned and doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Nikolas has made her a generous settlement offer. Ava believes he’s being driven to do this against his will. She cries he has options and asks what or who is behind this. She promises to stand by him. Nikolas tells her that he’s not worthy of her and is still the unfaithful man he’s always been. She asks what is going on with him. He blurts out, “I had an affair with Elizabeth.”

Ava is devastated ABC screenshot

Ava is floored and asks what Liz can give him that she can’t. He says, “My child, Liz is pregnant.” She can’t believe he would do this. He tells her to just take his offer. With her back to him, she grips a letter opener. She spins around and rushes at him with it, only to use it to stab the divorce papers into the wall. He gasps, “You could have killed me.” She suggests he remember that. She tells him to leave and be with Liz, and good luck with his daddy do-over. Nikolas swears he didn’t want to hurt her and hates this. She seethes that he doesn’t know what hate is, but maybe she’ll teach him. She tells him, “God have mercy on you, you’ll get none from me.” He leaves and Ava breaks down.

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Sam meets with Maxie at the coffee house. Maxie needs her opinion of Austin. Sam admits she isn’t a fan. Maxie fills her in on Austin blackmailing Spinelli to run his algorithm on the two of them. She realizes now that while she saw the good side of Austin, she ignored how mean he was to Brook Lynn, and how he blackmailed Chase. She says even Georgie doesn’t like him, and maybe everyone’s been right about him.

MAxie Sam Chat Austin GH

Maxie wonders what is wrong with her, first Peter now Austin. Sam assures her that Austin is nowhere near the level of Peter. Sam thinks unlike Peter she’s not in denial, she’s trusting her instincts and reevaluating what she knows. Once she sorts it out, then she can decide on the next step.

Sam advises Maxie GH

On the next General Hospital: Joss, with Trina next to her, asks someone if there is an update. Dante tells Jordan he might have gotten a lead. Cam asks someone to go someplace private to talk. Anna asks Valentin, “What do we have to show for it?” Victor tells someone, “The sooner you put this incident behind you the better.” Nikolas says to Laura, “I’ll give you three guesses but I bet you can figure it out in one.” On the docks, Liz calls someone to warn them they be about to walk into a trap. Ava sits at her computer and plots her next move.

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