Rory investigates the hook GH
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In Carly’s kitchen, Joss asks Trina about her dinner with Rory. Trina fills her in that Spencer is out of prison, and he and his uncle showed up at the PC Grill and crashed their date. She also says Rory told her that he loves her, but she said nothing back because she was shocked. She thinks it’s too soon to say the words. She likes Rory, but she’s not in love with him yet. Joss asks if time is holding her back or her feelings for Spencer. Trina insists she doesn’t love Spencer but has confusing feelings for him. Joss thinks about her own issues with Dex and tells Trina she gets it. Trina says she’s drawn to Spencer but doesn’t want to be. She also doesn’t have that same pull toward Rory. She wonders if it’s fair to keep dating Rory when she doesn’t feel the same way about him that he does her.

JOss and Trina chat Rory GH

Trina frets that it was so much easier when Spencer was away, and she doesn’t want to date Rory because she can’t have Spencer. She doesn’t even want to want Spencer. Trina says Spencer asked to start over, but she doesn’t think she can. She rants that Spencer is going to cost her Rory now, and it’s not fair. Joss suggests Trina be honest with Rory about how she feels toward him and let him make up his mind if he wants to keep dating her. Trina thinks she should wait until the new year. Joss says, “No, Cam deserves to know the truth now.” Trina wonders where that came from. Joss claims she meant Rory obviously. Trina agrees Rory deserves to know.

TRina doesn't love Rory GH

Rory comes to see Jordan in her office to discuss the domestic abuse case he dealt with last week. She says thanks to him, the wife has decided to finally press charges against her husband and he did a good job. Jordan asks if they’ll see him at the holiday party. Rory asks if he can bring a guest. Jordan assumes things are going well with Trina.

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Dante arrives with an update on the hook, and Rory asks to sit in. Dante reveals the venom on the hook came from an exotic snake that originates in the Southeast Asian islands. Dante has found someone in Port Charles who may know more about the snake. Rory wonders if the hook is done given she hasn’t attacked again. Jordan notes serial killers rarely stop on their own, and perhaps the killer left town. Dante feels wherever she is and whoever she is, she needs to be brought to justice.

Dante and Rory get leads GH

Rory thanks them for letting him sit in on this. Dante gives him the file to put on his desk. After Rory leaves it he snaps a shot of the file contents on his phone.

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Later, Trina stops by looking for Rory and asks Jordan if she’s seen him.

Rory heads to an apartment listed in the hook file. He knocks on the door, and the door swings open. He announces himself and heads inside. Suddenly the door slams shut behind him.

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At the hospital, Brad asks Britt why Cody isn’t on the guest list for her party. Britt fills him in about Cody off-screen, and that Society Setups is a fraud. Britt goes over a list of things she needs to do before the party, including speaking to her lawyer about her will. Brad says she’s scaring him. Britt says this mess with the necklace reminded her that some things need to be written down. Britt lets Brad know that she’s leaving everything she has to him. Britt hopes it will help him be independent, get away from Aunt Selina, and start fresh.

BRad is surprised GH

Brad thinks working for his aunt decades from now seems depressing unless Britt’s planning on dying tomorrow. Britt says that’s not the plan. Brad tells her this really means the world to him, and they hug. When they get back to the party planning, Brad admits he’s confused because she never has celebrated her birthday, so why is this one so important? Britt wants to be more than the woman who fell in the Metro Court pool, she wants people to see her in all her glory. Brad promises her this party will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

BRitt leaves BRad everything GH

At the coffee house, Cody finds Maxie and can see she’s upset. He sits down and offers to help. Maxie says they aren’t related seeing Mac’s not his father, he’s under no obligation to be nice to her. He assumes they are still friends and says to lay it on him. Maxie tells Cody what Austin did, and she doesn’t know why Austin didn’t talk to her about their relationship if he was having doubts. Cody thinks he’s not the one to come to for relationship advice and tells her that he screwed up with Britt and it’s over.

Maxie asks Cody advice GH

Cody asks her if she wants to forgive Austin, or stay mad at him. Maxie is terrified Austin isn’t the person she thought he was. Maxie in turn advises him that if he likes Britt then don’t give up on her. Maxie feels Britt just needs time.

Cody gives bad advice GH

At Sonny’s gym, Nina and Sonny find Obrecht beating the bag to death. Nina rushes over and tells her to stop before she hurts herself. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Dex the meeting is set for tomorrow.

Sonny Dex meeting GH

Dex heads out, and Nina asks Sonny if he has some ice because her aunt’s hands are swollen. Nina and her aunt sit down and Nina wonders if she’s missing Nathan with the holidays here. Obrecht says a woman should never lose her children. Nina says Nathan lives on in James. Obrecht cries, “But Britta won’t.” Nina doesn’t understand. Obrecht says Britt never had children, and when she’s gone, there will be nothing left. Nina asks why she’s talking about Britt leaving. Nina swears she can trust her and she won’t tell anyone. Obrecht tells her about Britt’s sickness as Sonny returns and overhears.

Nina comforts Obrecht GH

Obrecht doesn’t know how she can sit and watch Britt waste away because she doesn’t have the strength. Sonny approaches and says she’ll find the strength because her daughter will need her. Obrecht is furious with Sonny for eavesdropping and thinks he likes seeing her in pain. Sonny doesn’t and tells her about what he went through with his own father. He says the time he had with his father at the end was a gift. Obrecht takes his hand and thanks him for what he said. They embrace as she cries. Obrecht departs, and Nina tells Sonny how wonderful he is given the horrible things her aunt has done to his family and friends.

Obrect admits Britt sick GH

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At Kelly’s, Cam is surprised to see Spencer is out. Cam can’t believe Spencer didn’t text him that he’s back. Spencer explains things have been hectic, and he and his uncle are living at Wyndemere. Cam asks if he’s told Joss, but Spencer says Trina is the only one he’s seen, and that didn’t go well. Spencer laments that his relationship with Cam and Joss is pretty much all he has now.

Cam and Spencer talk GH

Spencer asks about Trina, and Cam says she’s doing well and seems happy with Rory. Spencer is glad because Trina deserves nothing less. Dex walks in, and Cam vents to Spencer about him. He fills him in on Sonny detaining Dex, and Joss coming to his rescue. Joss now hates Sonny more than ever and wants to see him in prison. Dex shouts from the bar, “Is anyone working here?” Cam heads over and Dex orders a cheeseburger to go. Cam heads into the kitchen to make it.

Cam hates Dex GH

Spencer introduces himself to Dex. He explains he’s Sonny’s nephew, and given Dex works for Sonny, it means he works for him too. Outside, Joss shows up with a handful of gifts for the Toys for Tots drive. She sees Cam, and he holds the door open for her. When they head in, Spencer shouts at Dex, “Stay away from Joss!” Joss says, “Excuse me?” Dex tells Cam to cancel his order and that he’ll go somewhere else. Suddenly, Spencer ups and decks Dex!

On the next General Hospital: Curtis tells Alexis they have to be careful with this information. Jordan calls someone from the hospital and asks them to pick up Trina immediately. Maxie says to Sam, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Spencer tells Dex to do some damage if he can. Liz assures Portia that Esme won’t take another life again. Ava asks Nikolas, “Tell me what’s behind this?” Joss screams, “What did he ever do to you?” Dante kicks in the door to the apartment Rory entered.

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