Willow confides in Drew
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At Sonny’s place, after sex, Nina tells Sonny she should whip up a dessert for them since he made dinner. Sonny reveals he had dessert delivered and heads to the kitchen to get it. Nina sits on the couch and discovers some of the toys Donna left behind, and a drawing of her mom. Sonny brings the dessert out and he spots Donna’s blocks. He is glad Nina got to spend time with Donna, and he doesn’t want distance between her and his daughter. Nina thinks it might be for the best. Nina says she has a hole in her that will never be filled because of the daughter she lost. She fears the more time she spends with Donna, the more she worries the lines will be blurred.

Sonny and Nina talk GH

Nina explains she doesn’t want to use Donna as she did Wiley. Sonny says Wiley is her grandson and she didn’t use him. Nina just doesn’t want to hurt Donna or Carly. She tells Sonny when it comes to Donna, they’ll tell her she’s just his friend. He will follow her lead but would like her to have a rich relationship with his daughter. She would like that but has to hold back until she’s sure they’ll last. She loves him, but the cards are stacked against them. Sonny doesn’t care what others think as he sees a future with her and is in this for the long haul. Nina says she is too, and they kiss.

Nina doubts herself GH

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At the Metro Court, Denise assures Carly that Drew has no reason to keep looking for that poor girl’s mother. Carly feels this is for the best, as Willow is better off not knowing. Denise doesn’t care, she only cares that Carly’s check clears.

Carly gets blackmailed GH

Denise tells Carly what she told Drew about Joan. Carly snaps that she was supposed to tell him that the father was dead too. Denise says her check only covers one dead parent, so two will cost her. Carly pays her again, and tells her she is awful.

Denise extorts Carly GH

Drew sits down with Willow and informs her that her biological mom, Joan, is dead. He says Joan was an only child, but there is still a chance her biological father is out there. They could try genealogical services, and people find lost relatives all the time.

Drew realizes Willow Sicks GH

An emotional Willow steps out to the terrace for some air. Drew follows her and finds her outside in tears. She tells him that he has no idea how important this was, and how much she was counting on it, but her hail mary isn’t going to happen. Drew begins to connect the dots, thinking back to all the times he found her tired and realizes she’s sick. Willow admits she has leukemia and is in stage four. She says unless she can find a family member or a match for a donation, she doesn’t know… Drew holds her as she sobs.

Drew comforts Willow GH

Willow explains why she kept the secret. She says she’s getting chemo now, but she still needs a transplant. She explains only Michael, TJ and her doctors know. She wants to shield Wiley from this as long as possible and makes Drew promise to tell no one, not even Carly. Drew promises her but also isn’t giving up the search for her family.

Don't tell anyone Willow Drew GH

Drew and Willow go back into the restaurant. Carly returns and asks how things are going. Willow fills her in, and Carly says she is sorry. Willow leaves, and Carly can’t believe how hard Willow is taking this. She didn’t realize finding her birth parents was that important to her. Drew responds, “Neither did I.”

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At the hospital, Maxie blasts Britt for planning a birthday party without her, and one she had to find out about from Austin. Britt hands her an invitation and says she wanted to give it to her in person. Maxie notices the quality of the invite and wonders why she’s going all out. Britt responds, “Can’t a girl throw a nice party?”

Britt Maxie invite GH

In an office, Spinelli has Austin’s results from the Society Setups algorithm on him and Maxie. Spinelli doesn’t get why he needs this, and Austin rants about how everyone including Spinelli is in Maxie’s ear about him. Spinelli wonders if this is about proving everyone wrong about him and if it’s worth it to lie to Maxie. Austin reminds him he ran that test without Maxie’s knowledge. Spinelli realizes he is right, and he is someone who would never betray Maxie. He walks out with the results.

austin spinelli results GH

Meanwhile, Maxie rants to Britt about how Spinelli is still against her and Austin, and she is starting to wonder if he is right. Suddenly Austin and Spinelli appear, and Austin tries to snatch the results from Spinelli. They slip out of his hand and land at Maxie’s feet. She picks them up, sees the Society Setups logo, and demands to know what this is. Austin admits he had Spinelli run his algorithm on them. Britt is shocked to realize Spinelli is Society Setups. Maxie knows Spinelli would never do this to her behind her back. Austin says he did because he blackmailed him.

Austin and Maxie head to an office to talk. Austin knows what he did was wrong and hopes they can get passed this. Maxie vents that for three years she was with someone who lied to her and did shady things. She ignored all the red flags, and his threatening to hurt Spinelli is a huge red flag. She gives him the results and says anyone who is meant to be with her would never do this to someone she cares about.

Maxie unhappy Austin GH

Maxie storms out of the office, with Austin following. Spinelli and Maxie leave together, and Britt walks away from Austin. Austin looks at the results, but we don’t see what they are.

Elsewhere, Liz gets in the elevator and thinks about her lie to Finn. She steps off and runs into Finn, who walks away from her.

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Alexis and Gregory meet at Charlie’s and discuss their next move in covering the hook killer. When Gregory begins talking about morals in publishing, Alexis stops him and feels for the sake of their friendship that every conversation of theirs doesn’t have to be a TED Talk.

Finn shows up and sits at the bar. The bartender asks if he can get him anything. Finn sits there in a daze when Alexis and Gregory approach him. Alexis can tell something is wrong, so she suggests Gregory go order them some food. Alone, Alexis asks Finn what is going on. He says he followed up with Liz and things are over. Alexis notes it’s understandable he might be tempted to have a drink. He reminds her that he’s not an alcoholic, but she points out that he was the one who says people in NA don’t drink because it loosens their inhibitions and they make mistakes. The bartender brings Finn a drink, and he suggests the bartender keep it on him. Finn thanks Alexis for getting through to him, and he heads out. Gregory approaches Alexis and says that his family is in her debt tonight.

Alexis Finn bar GH

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas is shocked to see Ava. She says they need to address the fate of their marriage. Ava feels they owe it to themselves to see if they can work things out. Nikolas asks if she’s suggesting moving back in. Ava wasn’t suggesting that but is surprised by the tone in his voice to the idea. Nikolas swears he wants her back but doesn’t want to rush things. He also says Spencer is home, which could cause tension. Ava says currently she isn’t able to forgive Nikolas yet, but she doesn’t want to give up either. Suddenly Liz enters.

Ava surprises Nikolas GH

Ava is surprised Liz has keys to the castle. Liz explains she’s been coming to look through family history for Aiden, who is doing a genealogy assignment. Ava says she was on her way out, and leaves.

Alone, Liz fills Nikolas in on the lie she had to tell to keep Finn from discovering Esme is here. She bought them some time, and will just tell Finn that she miscarried. She realizes that will make things worse, and she needs to tell Finn the truth about everything.

Nikolas begs Liz keep quiet GH

Nikolas convinces her not to do that and asks if she thinks Finn will tell anyone about this. Liz says the longer this goes on, the bigger the chance Ava will find out. She asks if he really thinks he can keep this secret about Esme and reconcile with Ava.

liz can't keep lying GH

Ava runs into Finn on the street, and he stammers when he sees her. He tells her to have a good night and walks off, leaving her puzzled.

Finn spots Ava GH

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