Finn shocked by Liz GH
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In Spring Ridge, Ryan tells Heather when she left him years ago that she was carrying their child. Heather is stunned he knows. Ryan asks if she really thought she could hide their daughter from him. Heather exclaims, “Yes, I went to great lengths to make sure of it.” She tells them neither of them was fit to raise a kid, but Ryan thinks they could have tried. Heather says she won’t stand in his way if he wants to try and find her. Ryan reveals, “I don’t have to find her, she’s been coming to see me for months.”

Ryan and Heather talk Esme GH

Heather asks how she knows it is their daughter. Ryan reveals she came with a piece from one of his collections that once belonged on a chain of items. Heather admits she stole the chain from him as a keepsake. Ryan notes it can get him into a lot of trouble. Heather assures him that it’s safe, but their child just happened to grab one off the chain as she was taken away by social services years ago. Ryan explains it was that keepsake that led Esme to him.

Heather and Ryan talk Esme GH

Heather asks what Esme is like. Ryan says their daughter is very sure of herself, and they’ve built a special relationship. Heather wants to meet her, but Ryan admits he doesn’t know where she is and he’s worried. He tells her a few weeks ago Ava Jerome sent her over the parapet at Wyndemere. He explains she survived, but during her last visit she claimed she had business to take care of, and he suspects it has something to do with the Cassadines. Heather swears to make them pay them if they’ve harmed one hair on her head. Ryan says, “No, we will make them pay.” Heather points out he’s stuck in that chair, so he reveals he can stand. Ryan promises together they’ll find out what happened to Esme and punish those who are responsible.

Heather and Ryan talk GH

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Ava arrives at Trina’s front door, and Trina’s glad to see her because she needs her to stop her from making a huge mistake. She invites Ava in and tells her about her dinner with Rory. Trina knows Rory is everything she should want, but Ava notes love is about following one’s heart, not what one wants. Trina asks, “Even if it leads to Spencer?”

Trina gets a visit from Ava GH

Trina tells Ava that Spencer is home now, and it’s hard to pretend to have feelings for Rory that she has for someone else. Ava says she can’t control her heart. Trina rants that Spencer hurt her, and so did his girlfriend who is now targeting those close to her. Ava explains Esme may not be the hook killer after all and tells her about Ryan’s interpretation of the hook’s letter and how it doesn’t sound like someone who is alone in the world. Trina frets because at least when she thought it was Esme there was an advantage to be had in that knowledge.

Ava and Trina chat GH

Ava tells Trina that she can’t tell her what to do about Spencer but to just listen to that voice in her heart. Trina asks Ava what her voice is telling her about Nikolas. Ava laughs her voice is loud and clear, she just doesn’t know if she’ll listen to it.

Ava departs, and Trina thinks over Ava’s advice as she looks at Rory’s gift. She grabs her phone and texts Spencer, “So happy…” She deletes it and replaces it with, “Welcome home.”

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas surprises Esme in her tower room with a plastic Christmas tree. She wanted to pick out a real tree, and Nikolas laughs that was never going to happen. Nikolas tells her to enjoy the tree and walks out. Esme ends up decorating it with a garland made out of toilet paper.

Esme gets a tree GH

Spencer returns to Wyndemere and grabs a bottle of sherry and starts swigging it. Nikolas appears in the living room, and Spencer explains Victor insists they stay here. Spencer chugs the booze and doesn’t want a lecture on underage drinking. Nikolas assures his son that he can talk to him because despite what he thinks, he still loves him. Spencer says, “You are one of the few.” Nikolas says that’s not the case, his grandmother Laura loves him as does his aunt Alexis, and so do his friends. Spencer says not all his friends love him, and Trina let him know that. He vents she doesn’t even consider him a friend.

Drunk spencer and Nikolas GH

Spencer doesn’t blame Trina given what he put her through, and now she has found someone like Rory who can admit he loves her. He worries Trina loves the cop back. Nikolas tells him not to give up hope. Nikolas says they are a lot alike in one way, they are both persistent and neither of them gives up on those they love. Nikolas can tell he loves Trina. Just then, Spencer gets Trina’s text and feels that hope. Spencer heads to his room. Suddenly the front door opens, and Ava walks in.

Back in Esme’s room, Demetrius brings her a box with a few ornaments and a string of lights. She cries that this means a lot to her. Demetrius tells her to have a good night and leaves. Esme is delighted as she thinks Demetrius is a sign sent from Ryan.

In Terry’s office at the hospital, Finn asks Liz if she’s pregnant. She admits she is, and he knows it’s not his baby. She claims it happened after she came home from Monterey, and she was struggling with what she learned. He asks who the father is, and she says it’s Nikolas. Finn storms out on her.

Liz lies to Finn GH

Liz follows Finn to his office, where he overturns a bunch of items on his desk out of frustration. Liz explains she only just found out about the pregnancy. Finn assumes Ava is in the dark, and not only did Nik get another woman pregnant, but he’s also possibly harboring a fugitive. Liz promises him Esme isn’t at Wyndemere. She knows because she’s been spending a lot of time there.

Finn and Liz argue GH

Devastated, Finn asks when she planned on telling him. Liz cries she never wanted to deceive him. Finn thinks he’s been a fool. Liz swears he never has to talk to her again after she walks out, but she needs something from him. She says her boys don’t know, and she’d appreciate it if he didn’t tell anyone. Finn says that he’d never hurt her boys and walks out.

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At the Metro Court, Carly tries to spy on Drew as he meets with Denise. She’s spotted by Willow, who calls Carly over. Willow says she’s meeting Michael for dinner. Suddenly, Michael calls to say he has a last-minute business trip and suggests she have dinner with his mom.

Carly and Willow dinner GH

Carly and Willow sit down to dinner, and they talk about her pregnancy. Willow is grateful she has the support of Michael’s family, and hopefully the family she has yet to discover. Carly tries to caution her that it might not be that easy to find her family. Willow exclaims she doesn’t have much time to waste, and not having a future with her family keeps her awake at night. Carly is confused and says she has many years ahead of her. She notices the look on Willow’s face and asks if she’s okay. Willow cries, “No, I’m far from okay.” Willow quickly covers and says she’s just worried about the baby and hoping he or she will grow up healthy. Carly assumes she’s thinking of Jonah and points out that this time she’s getting the best prenatal care she can.

Willow cries to Carly GH

In the alcove, Drew questions Denise (played by Alice Rietveld) from Arizona about the commune and Willow’s birth mother. Denise knew Willow as Callie and says she was always a sweet girl and found a good home with Harmony and her husband. Drew asks where Callie originally came from. Denise explains a woman named Joan appeared at the commune and had Callie, but soon left the commune and the baby behind. Their leader asked Harmony and her husband to adopt the baby.

Drew questions Denise GH

Drew reveals that is the story Harmony claimed about Willow. Denise notes Harmony was always true to a fault. Drew asks if Joan ever came back looking for the baby. Denise explains Joan had problems with drugs, and years later died of an overdose. Drew wonders if Willow’s birthfather was ever mentioned. Denise never heard anything about him.  Drew thanks her for coming, and tells her to enjoy her stay on his tab.

Drew finds Willow and Carly dining in the restaurant. He doesn’t want to intrude but has an update on the search for Willow’s mother. Carly leaves to give them some privacy. Drew prepares Willow and says the news isn’t great.

Drew finds Carly with Willow GH

In the alcove, Carly meets with Denise. Carly asks how her conversation with Drew went. Denise says, “Exactly as you wanted it to.”

Denise lies to Drew GH

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